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These rings are untraditional, a little unusual, but a whole lot of awesome. 

Check out this ruby  Solitaire Engagement ring. It’s 10K White Gold with 15.0 Ct. ruby, that is, might I say, one of the most beautiful rubies I’ve ever seen. The clarity is unreal and it’s deep, rich color is brilliant. Would you wear it? 

This 14K White Gold and 1.0Ct. Chrysoberyl Alexanderite Solitaire Engagement ring  is to die for! Its gorgeous blues and purples sparkle while making the perfect color combination with White Gold. The contrast is making the White Gold look sharp and cold, and exact in every cut that has been made into the gold. I love, love, love this ring. What a great stone to go with if you really want an exquisite ring, but not the usual diamond. I would wear this one, for sure!   
 This Black Gold engagement ring and matching wedding band are so cool looking, but still have some incredible stones in it. The heart-shaped center stone diamond is a beautiful cut, that really shows off it’s heart shape. The pink sapphires are a great combo with the black gold and diamonds. The long shape of the pink baguette stones make the row of diamonds larger. I give this ring a huge thumbs up, and what a great job the jeweler did creating this ring set. 

Fan of “World of Warcrafts”? You should die over this re-created themed ring especially for the WOW. The spunky ring is pretty wild and exciting, but mostly a bad-ass engagement ring. Not a fan of everyday engagement rings? This is for you. The design on the sides of the ring, hold a diamond on each side and has the look of punk-rock style that is in right now. What a great job creating a piece of the world-wide phenomenon that is WOW.  

This ring is a 14K Military Green Gold and 1.0Ct. Ruby Center stone. What a great ring for those who love the militants want to celebrate the color. The ring also had rubies put in throughout it. The ruby has great, rich color to it. I would rock this ring anytime. I really like it, and I’m usually a pink girl.  

Modern Dragon 14K Black Matte Gold with a 3.0 Ct. Ruby engagement ring. The details on this ring are unreal! The tiny rubies placed below the center stone are wonderful accents. What a beautiful rig if you love black, or red, are goth, or just want something totally unique. This ring has almost too must personality for me… but not too much. I would wear this ring on any finger. It’s so beautiful. My sister Kari NEEDS this ring!  

Gemstones bloom with this amazing tension-set engagement ring. Rarely seen, this creative way to hold the diamond in place, is shown here in a very shapely manner. This would be an architect’s dream. The stone is 14K White Gold with a 1.5 Ct. purple sapphire. Wow! Who wouldn’t want to rock this ring? Well I know I do. This ring doesn’t look like a normal engagement ring, but there’s lots of people looking for different.  


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