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You’ve probably heard that late-night munching can lead to weight gain, but is your body really biased when it comes to what time of day you take a bite?The research is mixed. Out of eight notable studies, four are in favor of consuming the bulk of your calories early in the day, three support eating later in the day, and one study doesn’t show a difference.
Consider Men’s Health nutrition advisor Alan Aragon, MS, in the “it doesn’t matter” camp. Whether you eat most of your calories early, or you don’t chow down until later in the day, a calorie is a calorie, he saysHere’s the deal: You expend energy throughout the day in a number of ways through “active” energy, like going for a run and walking the dog, and “resting” energy—which includes involuntary processes such as bloodcirculation and breathing. Even while you…

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