Bipolar and Mental Illnesses are written about here.

Normal (top) and osteoporotic bone architecture (bottom). Image source: Tim Arnett, London College Univeristy

It is no secret that regular, moderate exercise is great for health and well-being. It only takes a brisk, daily walk to significantly improve physical, as well as mental health. Our cardiovascular systems become more efficient and resistant to disease, the blood itself becomes more potent and ready for action, we lose that stubborn fat that can slowly bring about ailments and failing overall health, and our bones and joints become stronger and better supported. So that’s that then, exercise is great, no point in investigating any further?

Absolutely not! Aside from simply gaining a better comprehension on the way our magnificent bodies work, understanding the mechanisms behind exercise-induced, beneficial adaptations is a vital tool in the development of treatments and medicines. For instance, studying the various ways that exercise causes glucose to be uptaken…

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