Bipolar and Mental Illnesses are written about here.


This is from, they actually asked me for my feedback, which I gave them. It is funny, and it takes away the catastrophizing that we intensely emotional people who have bipolar d/o do. It was a much needed reminder for me that everything isn’t always awful. It was a reminder for me to stop taking everything so seriously and take it easy! That really things are fine, only my intensely emotional brain tells me they are not. This was a very welcome reminder to laugh and have fun. There’s a novel concept. Fun! No, it really isn’t, I am a lot of fun normally, just wish that was all the time. Anyway, everyone can enjoy these cartoons and jokes, especially we who have BPD. The fun side to mental illness, that might be the real novel concept, haha. And humor really is the best medicine! And I’m still laughing…

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