Bipolar and Mental Illnesses are written about here.

It is so important for those with bipolar disorder, or suffering from depression, and want their stability in life to improve, then you must start charting a mood diary, or mood chart. I have been using a mood diary to check my stability for years now. After charting my mood for a few months, I became so much more insightful about myself. I gained so much self-awareness. This is because when you start tracking your moods, habits, times of day when you eat, get angry, etc., you are able to look at yourself without any transperancy. You see just how little sleep you are getting, or how your circadian-rhythm is different by noticing times you sleep, compared to most average sleepers. Once you have written down, honestly written all of the details you can remember, you have a much better time being able to assess yourself and there is no denying any of that. I have become so self-aware of my habits and times when I become manic, and so forth.

There are so many different styled mood charts, or mood diaries. They all will be different, with different information required for each chart. There are many differently purposed mood-charts also. Take your time deciding which chart would purpose you best. Ask yourself what information is useful for gaining knowledge to know yourself better? Ask yourself what your biggest problems might be, and what areas of your life need the most attention?

Here are some of my favorite, listed by most favorite as first, that I have used, and has helped me achieve the goals I had for them.



Mood Chart 2

Mood Chart 3


Mood Chart 4




Comments on: "Bipolar Mood Diary – and why you need to have one" (1)

  1. acquiescent72 said:

    Hmmm….this is really intriguing. I love data and tracking information, so I can only imagine how helpful so.watching like this might be in trying to figure out triggers.

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