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Petite Girls Guide

“Virgo is a very interesting horoscope sign when it comes to sex. On one extreme, Virgo can really be a cold fish. On the other extreme, Virgo can be on fire. The extremes are so profound that one is tempted to doubt whether these two extremes belong to the same horoscope sign.”

“The reality is that, the way Virgo personality is constructed in the horoscope and astrological emotional universe, these makes all the sense in the world. Virgo is all about intensity, but the intensity is all about ideals the Virgo has.”

“So if Virgo is sure regarding the perfect pictures she has in her head, becoming reality, Virgo can be on fire. However, if Virgo sees that even if a small detail is wrong, Virgo can really clam up and be very cold. You can read my detailed report on the Virgo female personality for a more on this…

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