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So, I have a two-door, green VW Beetle and it has done nothing but give me grief and cost more money after I bought it from a used dealer. The next day after I bought the car, the passenger side door handle ripped rift off! So now I have to close the door with my arms hand-shutting the door. 

The car gets great fuel mileage, but that’s it. Literally, that’s all it as going for it. If you are thinking about purchasing one, please reconsider and read all of horrible reviews about the car and how every little thing that can break will, because VW uses plastic instead of metal…so their parts break off if you pull it wrong! How ridiculous! 

Today, my car alarm started going off when I turned the car on. I mean come on! I had to listen to it for about 20-seconds, and people thought I was stealing my own car too. Every time I have turned on my car, the alarm goes off. I took it to an auto shop, after reading my symptoms, I read it might be my battery dying. 

Well… By the time I got it in the VW dealership, they found the problem, which was the battery in my driver’s side door, to the alarm, was dying. I asked if they could just turn it off, and here’s the answer I got…. Not verbatim, of course, but essentially I was told, “yeah, we’re gonna rape you now and charge $462 mofo dollars just to do nothing but shut something down.” Well, at least, that’s what I heard! 

Oh yeah, and VW has been caught cheating on emission tests, so read up on that and find out more about this disgraceful company and even more awful than all other car companies. 


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