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I want to share a very special toy, that is for athletics, and a lot of fun! Its called Knocker all and it’s a new sport where you are inside a bubble-sort of toy, with handle bars for stabilization. 

Knockerball is about cutting loose and doing something you never dreamt of! 

The great thing about the design is that your head will be outside the bubble suit, so you don’t feel claustrophobic. Great idea! 

Each suit costs $83 online, click HERE to read more about the company and watch a video that demonstrates how it works and how you can play with many people, as seen above, or just two and you and your buddy can take out some aggression with good old smacking each other around…. But SAFE this time! 

If you like this idea, spread it to your friends, I’d love to get two teams together in Jacksonville, FL for some team playing!!! Let me know if that sounds cool. 

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