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I want to share with you all about my new wrinkle cream regiment, but it’s so much more than just that! I will be 34 this September 6th, and I am so proud of what my skin looks like due to me using Meaningful Beauty since December, when I got it as a gift from my husband. Look at my photo, and if you think I look damn good, keep reading. 

I began using Meaningful Beauty, by Cindy Crawford because I wanted to try it since Cindy’s before and after pictures of her in her 20’s and now, I knew I had to give it a try. 

I started with 6 products that were in a promotional kit. There was a cleanser, Serum, Lotion with SPF, a Glowing Serum, an Ultra Lifting & Filling Treatment and Eye-Lifting Cream. That may seem like a lot, but I use only a small amount each day, and only some of the products during the day, and the others at night. My face constantly feels like I’m 20-years-old, and I am told that everywhere I go. 34, yet carded to buy a lotto ticket. Every time. 

I start with the cleanser, which is very unique, because you do not use any water to begin. You just put a little bit in your hand, wash your face dry but then rinse it off with some warm water. Odd, yes it may seem so, but the results are my skin does look younger. 

Next, I put on this serum you see above. This is not the Glowing Serum. This product makes my face feel smoother, as well as its color is more all one color. That’s a win for me! Being German and Irish, I have an uneven skin tone. 

The final product I put on in the AM is this, their Day Cream with SPF. I like how light-weight this lotion is. It moisturizes my skin with only using a small amount. My Clinique lotion takes 2 1/2 pumps for me to stay moisturized all day. With this product I only use about half of a pump. There is magic in this lotion also, because it too, makes my face look healthier and brighter. 

My PM routine uses the other products that I have. I do not use these products during the daytime because it is too much moisture for my face. That is how intense these products really are. 

I wash my face, put on some lotion, then I apply the Ultra Lifting & Filling Treatment. This product is like a mini facelift for me. It keeps me feeling fresh and my small lines or wrinkles are completely filled in by the morning.  

Next, I put on one pump of the Glowing Serum, and this product is my favorite, hands down, over any product I’ve ever used! It makes the skin color near my nose the same color and tone, almost looks like I’m blushing, but naturally. I can’t say how well this product works. If you only try one product from Meaningful Beauty, it’s this that you’ll see the most results from. 

Finally, the last thing I do before bed is put on my Eye-Lifting Cream. I put it in my crows feet, and under my eyes, and around my laugh lines. I feel like this product has turned back my eye about five years of aging. My skin was starting to fold over on the eyelid before I use this product, and now the skin is completely pulled back and you can once again see all parts of my eyelid. That’s amazing to me. I was a cheerleader and dancer my whole life, and still am a dance teacher to this day. So you can imagine the amount of laugh lines I have building up but this align really does help me stay young and turn back the time. 

When you do apply anything to your eye, always use your ring finger. It is the weakest finger on the hand, and it will be the most gentle to that part of the skin on your face. There are no pours directly underneath your eyes which is why we do not sweat under our eyes, but this is very gentle skin that can be pulled very easily which causes us more wrinkles. So applying your wrinkle cream with your index finger is doing you no good. So start using that ring finger and stop doing damage to your eye today!!! Here’s how to properly apply creams on your face:


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