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How Antidepressants Hurt  Bipolar Disorder Sufferers

Getting rid of antidepressants, for those who suffer from Bipolar Disorder, can be scary at first, but continuing on these rapid-cycling enducing drugs harm you further and can cause your manic episodes to be more frequent and so much more intense. Stopping taking these antidepressants if you’re Bipolar and having rapid cycling. The rapid cycling will disappear slowly, everything takes time. Especially getting all of the medication out of your body. This took me weeks to recognize the difference, and within months I felt a million times better! 

“Discontinuing rather than maintaining antidepressant medications following treatment of depression in patients with rapid-cycling bipolar disorder (BD) appears to improve outcomes, new research shows.”

“Long-term continuation of antidepressants was associated with more mood episodes in patients with rapid-cycling bipolar disorder.”

“Any history of rapid cycling or antidepressant-induced mania is a very good predictor of doing poorly with long-term antidepressant treatment.”

When I was going to a Bipolar Specialist to receive my medications, (this is almost 10 years ago now) I was given antidepressants, but they made my head hurt, made my brain hurt, and gave me the worst rapid cycling in my life! In fact one day it was so bad, I had to go to the hospital due to my manic episodes I was having every 30 minutes! Can you even try to imagine your body having these incredible highs that make you want to scream from all the thoughts that are rushing through your head? It was my own misery. After that, I never saw that whack doctor again and I found myself the best doctor I have ever known to this day, when it comes to dealing with all these issues. I say that he saved me. 

“Antidepressants are the most commonly prescribed class of medication in BD. If they cause or worsen rapid cycling…this represents a major public health problem. Safely and effectively treating rather than exacerbating mood episodes in the most severely ill among this patient population is a priority.”

“Many clinicians have noted that depression is more common in patients on antidepressants. A randomized discontinuation study in a sample that appears to have benefited from an antidepressant was the best way to test the hypothesis.”

I feel that so many people are suffering with their bipolar meds, and I know half of them need to quit taking their antidepressants, and try something specifically designed for bipolar, like Abilify. That is what I take now. I am on a very low dosage because my bipolar is so well managed. I want awareness passed on. I want to help those suffering. Please make an open dialogue about this. You’ll be surprised how open people will be with you if you give them a chance. You’ll also find the amount of people suffering with a mental illness is much more than what you believe. The person you work next to might be bipolar. So let’s all be a little more sensitive and spread awareness!

“Among patients with rapid-cycling BD and those with non-rapid-cycling BD who had discontinued antidepressants, the patients with rapid-cycling BD who continued antidepressants had 268% more total mood episodes per year, 293% more depressive episodes per year, and 28.8% less time in remission compared with the patients with non-rapid-cycling BD who continued antidepressants.”

“Paradoxical as it sounds, antidepressants worsen depression in bipolar illness,” Dr Ghaemi told Medscape Medical News. “This isn’t paradoxical when we realize that bipolar illness is an illness of recurrent mood episodes, mostly depressive, and antidepressants make more and more mood episodes happen, which means that they cause more depressive episodes.”

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