Bipolar and Mental Illnesses are written about here.

What is a Manic Episode? Do you know? Can you spot one? Do you know the  symptoms?

Manic Episodes are horrible experiences that people with Bipolar Disorder must live with. It’s the other side of depression that very few people get to see, so sometimes, trying to spot a manic episode is pretty easy and clear what to look for. Whenever I have a manic episode I feel as if I am riding a roller coaster with emotions and millions of thoughts all getting jumbled up in my head. Now I must say, I have come a very far way, and my manic episodes have been been getting further and further apart. 

But first I must tell you about the bad manic episodes that I had so that you can learn about them more, and recognize that it is preventable. I wish my family read up about my own condition more, because to this day, after being diagnosed for close to a decade now, they still don’t see when they are triggering my emotions and I’m showing tell tale signs that I’m about to break out into a manic episode. 

This is where things can get scary. Bipolar is a disorder where your faults are contained with curse words, put-downs, threats and maybe even physical violence. First there is screaming, for no reason. Your brain and head hurt from all the thoughts you have racing inside. Others will get rage and throw things, all because it feels good to do wrong. How wrong is that? That is why I hate Bipolar Disorder. It makes sweet, innocent people into monsters, and no one wants to stick around to see the end. I remember one night, it was so bad that I screamed how badly I wanted to break something, throw something, anything to make something break. Well I did, not thinking, I took off my most-expensive watch and threw it as hard as I could against the wall. It obviously broke. But the rage inside me told me to throw anything. 

It is incredibly hard to stop someone once they are having a manic episode. Luckily, there are so many signs to catching the breakout, and all you have to do is ask, “Are you ok?” Their answer will say it all. Whether they say they’re alright or not, you can hear it on the person’s voice if something is wrong. Next, check to see if the person is speaking very fast, or incoherently. This is a direct sign that you must help the person to sit down and breathe before things escalate to a true episode. 


The statistics say 5.5 Million people age 18+, live with Bipolar Disorder. It only affects 2.6% of the population. And there are approximately 51% that go untreated every year. I cannot imagine for one minute being without my medication. I do not know where I would be, or who I would be. 

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