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Chrome Diopside

Chrome Diopside

I bought my first piece of chrome diopside a few years ago. It is a pendant with tanzanite on top. It was a birthday gift from my parents, and I was so excited to have what I thought was a “newer” stone. As in, it hasn’t been mined for ages like sapphires, emeralds, and rubies. But this gorgeous green gem has been around the block longer than thought, even thought it took until a few years ago to start becoming more and more popular. Even today, on Jewelry Television, or JTV, under the drop-down list of gemstones to look through, chrome diopside now has its place with all the other popular and known gems. Anyways, I came across this article with such good information about the stone. I knew I had to share it with my fellow jewelry lovers! 

Russian Chrome Diopside – What Is It? Where Does It Come From?

“In 1988, rumors of a momentous new green gem from Russia started circulating in the trade. Dealers who saw this material when it first surfaced in Europe raved about the resemblance of its color to that of tsavorite and chrome tourmaline and raved as much about its price: only a fraction of these gems. After the wall fell and dealers began exploring the new possibilities for marketing Russian gems, the rush was on. Since then, Chrome diopside has been granted class one export status among Russia’s mineral resources, a ranking that includes Diamond, Emerald, and Alexandrite.”

“Chrome Diopside Mines are found near kimberlite shafts near the mountains in Siberia. The mining of Chrome Diopside can be very tough to do. In sub-zero temperatures, a man’s strength is diminished greatly. That is one reason why it is only mined three months out of the year, July – August.”

“Chrome Diopside forms in basic and ultrabasic igneous and metamorphic rocks. Most Chrome Diopside is mined in a remote area in Eastern Siberia known as Inagli, which is in the state of Sakha. The area is better known for its impressive diamond deposits. In Siberia, there isn’t much green to admire for most of the year. Perhaps in compensation, nature placed rich deposits of a vivid green chrome diopside in this snowy region to delight the eye during the long and hard winter months. This challenging landscape is home to the world’s major deposit of chrome diopside.”

“Chrome Diopside makes an excellent substitute for other green gemstones, mainly Emerald and Tsavorite, as it exhibits a similar color at a fraction of the cost. In fact, Chrome Diopside is the most affordable of all the rich green colored gemstones. Chrome Diopside is not treated. Unlike most other gems, which are heated, irradiated or oiled – there is absolutely NO treatment given to Chrome Diopside.”

“Chrome Diopside is a beautiful green stone. It is highly refractive which gives it great sparkle (nearly twice the refraction index compared to emerald). It is rare! Diopside is found all over the planet, but the rare top-gem-quality chrome diopside is found in Siberia. In Siberia, it is too cold to mine during the winter, making an extra task of keeping production levels even throughout the year. On the MOHS scale of hardness, it is rated a 6-6.5, and is suitable for jewelry.”

“It is best to cut the diopside in shapes with rounded corners — such as oval or round. It has two planes, so you have to be extra careful when you facet it. This is also why there is approximately 90% loss on the rough. (So to cut 10 carats of polished Chrome Diopside will require 100 carats of the rough.)”

This chrome diopside ring here is shown with blue and white diamonds 

“The name Diopside is derived from the Greek word ‘di’ meaning two, and ‘opsis’, meaning vision.”

“Diopside is believed to be a creative stone, increasing creative visualization and helping to manifest desired goals. It has also been said that it can improve the wearer’s intellect, particularly with regards to mathematical and analytical abilities. In addition to this, Diopside is believed to alleviate aggression and stubbornness, and is said to be related to love, commitment, and the inner heart.”

“Chrome Diopside is believed to protect the wearer from all the evil and bad memories. It is even associated with healing of a few chronic diseases.”

This chrome diopside ring is made from tanzanite, diamonds and London Blue Topaz

Physically, Diopside is believed to heal the heart, lungs, and the circulatory system. It is also believed to aid with psychological disorders and weaknesses.”



5 treasures I found in my Yoga Teacher Training — Estelea’s Blog


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Selena Gomez Takes A Tumble Onstage During Tulsa Show — hollywoodhourscom

Selena Gomez Takes A Tumble Onstage During Tulsa Show, Celebrity gossips, hollywood news.Check out the Selena Gomez tumble onstage show Selena Gomez Takes A Tumble Onstage During Tulsa Show

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Hollywood Doppelgängers — ASSHOLES WATCHING MOVIES

Hollywood has absolutely no faith in audiences. If they think you liked something, they’re so overanxious to play it safe that they’ll sell it to you twice. We’ve had twin movies as far back as memory serves: movies that have near-identical plots and are essentially the same right down to their release dates. Wyatt Earp […]

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Bipolar, Rage & Violence — Kitt O’Malley

Sure, having a mental illness does not mean that you will be violent. Still, some of us with mental illness, myself included, do have or have had violent thoughts and impulses. For the most part, I have not acted on mine, at least not the worst of them. I have raised my voice, flipped the dinner table […]

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Look of the Week – September 17th

Look of the Week – Floral Rompers, Jumpsuits

Rompers are the easiest outfits to wear and they’re so comfy. I love them so much, I can’t stop buying them. But the trend I keep seeing, both long and short sleeved, are floral rompers and jumpsuits. I have collected the best of the best examples of what’s hot and trendy right now!

Seriously, though, what is really better than a romper on a late summer day? They’re incredibly easy to wear, and require very little maintenance. By that I mean, you can literally wear a romper and no other clothes and be set. I love it! 

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