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Boots everywhere! Read this if you love boots! Such great styles and ideas!

Petite Girls Guide

Short Boots are in! 

Everywhere I look, from the grocery store to on my favorite tv shows and movies, I keep seeing the same trend… short boots with short heels. In years past, it’s been all about tall boots with big stiletto heels. Well, more and more I see women switching to shorter boots that also have a short heel. Finally this trend is hot! I’ve been waiting for it to be trendy again to wear my shorter heeled shoes. They’re so much more practical, and now they’re being made by every designer and they’re all adorable. You can wear these booties to work, or walking with your kids to the playground, or just with your favorite pair of jeans. I have gathered a lot of different looks for these short-heeled boots with different colors and styles. 

Now check out some outfits that go with the boots: 

Here is a…

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