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Fall Hair Trend – White Honey

The fall hair trends are in, and I see that if you’re going to be a blonde, go with the shade of White Honey. I am a natural blonde, and you see that less and less. I am a honey blonde, and have golden curls but my color is much darker than a platinum or ash blonde. My husband calls me “Goldielocks”, and it makes me feel great. If you’re planning on going blonde this season, or if you need to re-do your style, consider going white honey. It’s got the color of ash blonde, with a splash of tone to it and it really adds dimension. 

  • Check out the different shades of blonde

  • Every blonde needs a weekly deep conditioner

  • These are great tips to taking care of your blonde

  • Sometimes the bleach from highlights can make your scalp feel itchy or burned. Here is a great way to fix it

  • Madison Reed is your ready-to-order hair care system. It has virtually every color you want

If you want to order some hair color: Madison-Reed Hair Color


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