Bipolar and Mental Illnesses are written about here.

Petite Girls Guide

The lessons learned about mental illness should transcend every day. These are a few points we should always be mindful of — if we vow to keep them close, they’ll make us more empathetic and understanding.

People who suffer from mental illness are more than just the “sad” or “anti-social” stereotypes. There is no face of mental illness — your friend might be depressed, a parent or even yourself.

1. People with mental illness are more than what meets the eye. There are so many layers to these individuals, some with more baggage than others, but none the least, these people have so much going on in their lives. We cannot stereotype mental illnesses because every person, every case is different. Just like a diamond, no people are the same, nor do they have the same exact illness. People are born with mental illnesses, and then there are people…

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