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How an Effective PR Strategy Can Boost Brand Visibility

I went to school for Public Relations, and even though I never wound up going into the field, I have always done PR tasks at the jobs I have worked st over the years. I still keep up with my public relations knowledge from Twitter and other sources, and reading articles about PR news. I thoroughly enjoyed this article and had to share it with you. 

An effective PR strategy can help a business and its brand increase visibility.” 

“You can use a news release to tell a compelling story about your products, services, events, or to convey other company information.”

“But those news releases are only useful if they get you media coverage.”

“A news release should provide clear and honest information which makes it worth the read.”

“Businesses should use well-crafted news releases as the central part of their marketing and sales strategy.”

“Aimed at enhancing brand awareness, good PR can improve sales, and credibility.”

“Including an effective PR strategy in your brand and communications program will grow brand awareness and a loyal customer base.”

“By focusing on brand relations, you’ll create the transparency and trust necessary to forge long-lasting bonds with customers and established influencers.”

“To begin, know what your benchmarks and goals are, and then measure those against previous PR strategies to see what worked and what didn’t.”

“Measure PR By Asking Yourself What’s Not Working.”

“Now, let’s look at what is and what is not working with your PR strategy.”

“It’s important to measure this in order to learn from past mistakes.”

“Let’s say you tried to get your brand featured on some of the more popular blog sites, but no one picked up the news release.”

*Ask yourself these questions:

  • Why didn’t the plan work?
  • Is there anything different you can do to ensure your work gets picked up by industry-leading blogs?
  • Why hasn’t there been attention on your product, and why has your PR initiative seemingly failed?
  • Can you compete well with your competitor’s product?
  • Did you submit your blog for an award for which your product doesn’t qualify?

*Important Tip: “Even if you’ve written the most compelling email, it still may go unnoticed by influencers.”

“This can happen due to using a generic title in your email subject line. Enlist the help of a creative title generator to come up with an eye-catching email header which won’t go unopened.

“After coming up with a winning PR strategy, you should now concentrate on employing the best method to reach mobile customers.”

Source: Effective PR Strategy


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