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Spring Trend Colors 2017

  • These are 13 trends told by Elle magazine:

Seaside Stripes

“Ripped from beach umbrellas, weathered lounge chairs, and Nantucket awnings, one of the season’s major stripe trends fits right in for summer.”


“It would seem that every designer figured out how to make the utilitarian material work—from the ones who create pieces for ladies who lunch to the designers who are redefining street wear.”

50 Shades of Yellow

“Thought you couldn’t wear the cheery shade? Well think again. This season there’s an option out there for everyone, no matter your skin tone.”

Banker Stripes

“Inspired by Wall Street, but tweaked and tinkered with to work for Seventh Avenue.”

Single Shoulder Cutout

“Fashion’s obsession with shoulders rages on, manifesting itself in strategically placed cutouts for maximum impact.”

Flashdance Shoulder

“This season if it isn’t off the shoulder it isn’t right—at least according to some of our favorite designers.”

Sleeve Slits

“Flared sleeves were all the rage last year, but now it’s all about the slit. Might we suggest upping your bangle and bracelet game to play off of the fresh silhouette.”

White Shirt Dresses

“Interesting waistlines and unexpected hemlines add oomph to simple white shirt dresses. Pick up a bunch of these to add to your workwear rotation.”


“Surprised to see waist training makes its stylish debut on the runway? Us too.”

Foldover Waists

“Boring waistlines have been banished for the season in favor of sharp fold over options. You won’t be able to wear belts with these, though, so make sure you’ve got the best tailor on hand, just incase.”

The New Trench Coat

“Slouchy fabrics, big buckles, and extended silhouettes take your run of the mill trench coat from meh to major.”

 Boyscouts Sash

“We promise you’ll love this asymmetrical trend. Scouts honor.”


“Don’t feel like getting dressed in the morning? Toss on a fancy robe and you’re good to go.”

Source: Fashion Trends 2017 



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