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Sleeping Beauty – The Russian Ballet 

I’m going to see Sleeping Beauty tonight at the Florida Theatre in Jacksonville, FL. Show starts at 7pm, but my husband and I will be there promptly at 6. I just love the ballet, and the Russian Ballet is one of the most talented and disciplined ballet’s in the world. And I have tickets! My husband is more than just a trooper, he enjoys the show himself, too. I’m so greatful for that. Most men would complain or just would not take their women to see ballets, operas or Broadway shows. I’m about to start getting ready…. I will post pictures tomorrow 

“The Russian National Ballet Theater is bringing a full-length classical performance of the classic fairy tale Sleeping Beauty to Florida Theater!”

“In 1989 Sergei Radchenko (former star of the Bolshoi Ballet) formed the Russian National Ballet Company (the parent company of the Russian National Ballet Theater). With the support of the government and Sergei’s visionary leadership, training, and experience, the Company quickly became popular in the USSR as well as abroad. As Russian National Ballet Theater’s success grew, Sergei and his wife Elena Radchenko (former premiere ballerina of the Mariinsky-Kirov Theatre and the Bolshoi Theatre) created another company called the Moscow Festival Ballet. With their combined knowledge and experience, both companies soon became famous as people got the opportunity to experience one of Russia’s great cultural heritages: classical Russian ballet. The companies’ repertoire includes many ballet masterpieces such as Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Romeo and Juliet, and many more. Sleeping Beauty has a special place in the Russian National Ballet Theater’s repertoire as it’s one of the most lavish theatrical events of all time. The first performance of Sleeping Beauty took place in St. Petersburg in 1890 and was a spectacular illustration of the Russian Imperial style at its zenith. To this day it remains the cornerstone of the Russian National Ballet Theatre’s repertoire.”

Source: Sleeping Beauty

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