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Bailey’s Irish Cream Jello Shots

Bailey’s Irish Cream Jello Shots

Holy cow, these little Jello shots look and taste so incredible! I made them last night and had them today. The flavor of the Bailey’s is so delicious and the texture of the Jello shots remind me of my being a kid, or actually more like college. I found this recipe and had to share it with my readers. If they look too good to be true, then make a bunch and see for yourself!

“These cute little Baileys Irish Cream Jello Shots are so much fun! Not only do they combine caffeine and booze for that perfect pick-me-up-yet-slow-me-down feeling, they taste delightful with a thin espresso layer on the bottom and a solid Baileys Irish Cream gelatin above.”

“Top them with a little dollop of fresh whipped cream and you have a 21 and over treat all your friends will adore.”

Making the Jello Shots:

  1. Start by whisking hot espresso (or coffee) with 2 packets of unflavored gelatin and a little sugar. You can buy unflavored gelatin in the baking aisle at the market, or next to the flavored Jello.
  2. Pour the coffee gelatin into a plastic lined baking dish and chill.
  3. Next heat a portion of the Baileys Irish Cream. Don’t boil it; just get it hot enough to dissolve the gelatin. 
  4. Whisk 3 packets of gelatin into the hot Baileys making sure there are no clumps. 
  5. Then whisk in the remaining bottle of Irish Cream. Pour the Irish Cream gelatin over the firm coffee gelatin and chill.
  6. Once both layers are firm, either cut the Baileys Irish Cream Jello Shots into squares, or use a small cookie cutter to cut out circles.

*Step 2: 

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Source: Bailey’s Irish Cream Jello Shots


Five Love Languages 

Five Love Languages 

“Find out how important it is for couples to understand how each other and themselves both give and receive love. It is possible for couples to truly love each other, but to truly feel unloved because they don’t think the same about giving and receiving love.”

“Everybody generally has their own primary love languages for receiving love and giving love. It may be the same for giving/receiving, and it may be different. If a husband does not meet the primary love language of his wife, she might not sense his true feelings and start to be unsatisfied with their relationship.”

“Understanding your spouse’s love language and acting accordingly will fill their “Love Tank”. The “Love Tank” analogy is a great metaphor for describing how loved someone feels. Like a gas tank in a car, our lives run best when our Love Tank is filled and constantly being topped off. The alternative is running on fumes and burning out.”

“Meeting people’s primary love language consistently will fill up their love tank and help them feel loved like they need. But if a spouse fails to meet this primary love language, it might leave their “Love Tank” empty, which leads to feelings of being unloved and issues in relationships.”

1. Words of Affirmation

“If this is your love language, you feel most cared for when your partner is open and expressive in telling you how wonderful they think you are, how much they appreciate you, etc.”

2. Acts of Service

“If your partner offering to watch the kids so you can go to the gym (or relieving you of some other task) gets your heart going, then this is your love language.”

3. Affection

“This love language is just as it sounds. A warm hug, a kiss, touch, and sexual intimacy make you feel most loved when this is your love language.”

4. Quality Time

“This love language is about being together, fully present and engaged in the activity at hand, no matter how trivial.”

5. Gifts

“Your partner taking the time to give you a gift can make you feel appreciated.”

Source: Love Languages


Your Employee Appreciation Day Celebration: 4 Tips To Make A Sincere Impact

Your Employee Appreciation Day Celebration: 4 Tips To Make A Sincere Impact

Sometimes it can seem like employees don’t ever pay attention to employer’s good deeds. But today, March 3, 2017, it is employee appreciation day! Celebrate with those you work with and those who work hard for you. The following article tells four great ways to keep employees feeling no resentment and that their performance is appreciated. 

“We can’t help it. As humans, we’re drawn to great achievements. And we want to be part of the celebration of those great achievements—whether it’s watching 80s thrash metal band Megadeth finally win their first Grammy Award this year, to NASA discovering seven new earth-sized worlds, to Tom Brady making the biggest Super Bowl comeback in history. We all watch these achievements with amazement.”

“It’s not just the recent great achievements that capture our intrigue and interest either. Walk through your local park and you’ll likely find a dedication to a former member of the community who made an impact. Look closely at education, military, culinary arts, writing and architecture. They all have awards, trophies and medals celebrating the best and most noble achievements. We even build statues, monuments, and name buildings and bridges after people who have accomplished great things. We love to appreciate and celebrate great work.”

“So why aren’t we celebrating great accomplishments more often in the one place where average people are achieving great things every single day—at the office? Why aren’t more companies and bosses making appreciation and recognition more of a priority? Why aren’t we as leaders going out of our way to celebrate the effort our people give to their work? Why aren’t we bending over backwards to ensure the results employees create are rewarded and applauded? And, why aren’t we showing more gratitude towards the commitment employees are making to the organization, the team, and the cause? Most leaders respond to those questions with a simple answer: “I didn’t think about it.””

“Those are some powerful numbers that show the impact and importance of recognition. But, we have an even more sobering statistic. If you still think recognition is a soft skill, or just a nice practice, that doesn’t impact your bottom line, consider the following finding. When employees participate in all three aspects of recognition moments—meaning they give recognition, receive recognition, and observe recognition—companies witness a 591% increase of employees who say they are engaged.”

“If those numbers have you thinking about how you should spend more time focusing on how to show your appreciation right now, the perfect opportunity to start happens this week as National Employee Appreciation Day is Friday March 3. This means you, as a leader, still have time to show your people how much you a value them and their work—and show how much you respect the one day each year designed to celebrate them. Here are four tips that can help you turn your employee appreciation celebration into an impactful event.”

1. Communicate: “We’ve heard about many companies that will do things to show appreciation for their employees like having lunch catered, but never actually address the reason for the celebration. Take the opportunity to deliver a meaningful message to your team. Talk about the great accomplishment you’ve achieved as a group. Tell them how they play a critical role.”

2. Go Big: “A bigger budget isn’t the only way to host a celebration that will leave an impact. Make a fuss about how important the day is to show that you don’t take it for granted. We’ve seen employers hire on-site massage therapists, car washers and even “errand-runners” for their team. Other employers provided gift certificates to dinner and child-care services so employees can have a night of celebration outside of work. The goal is to do something surprising.”

3. Make It Personal: “Although all employees are being celebrated, make a point throughout your day to show your appreciation to each individual on your team. Tell them the specific impact they’ve made at work. Share with them the reasons why you appreciate them and their talents.”

4. Start Something New: “Possibly the reason National Employee Appreciation Day gets overlooked or forgotten is because it’s just one day out of the year. Use this day as an opportunity to start fresh by making a promise to your team that you will be better every day at recognizing their efforts, rewarding their results, and celebrating their career milestones.”

Source: Sincere Impact

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