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Look of the Week – March 21st

Look of the Week – Off-the-Shoulders Tops

This week, my favorite look is the off-the-shoulder top or blouse. There’s so many different styles of tops that come off the shoulders that you can wear this style for every occasion. That’s why I like the look so much. Versatility. You can dress up or down your shirt depending on bottoms and shoes. I have gathered cute outfits for work, personal life, going out on a date, and many more. Always be inspired to look your best. It reflects who you are. 


30 Hottest Spring 2017 Trends

30 Hottest Spring 2017 Trends

I can’t believe that there are 30 great different trends that are all so different, some are old trends, some are new trends, and other trends are breaking through with hybrid styling, by bringing back old styles from 80’s and 90’s but putting a modern twist on them so they can be a hit. I know there are more trends out there than what I just post, but it shows you how diverse we can all dress and still be stylish. This spring demonstrates this very much. 


18 Ways to Tie a Necktie 

18 Ways to Tie a Necktie 

Below are example pictures of each knot talked about. 

*Nicky Knot below

*Bow Ties below

*St Andrew Knot below

*TV’s “Hannibal” star wears Balthus Knot below

*Hanover Knot below

*Granchester Knot below

*Eldredge Knot below

*Christensen Knot below

Now enjoy some more fun Necktie Knots!

The Viper

Triple Trinity 


Fall Fashion Colors 2016 – Men and Women 

2016 Fall Fashion Colors – For Men and Women

  • Now check out a few trends this fall that are happening


How to Get in on Turtleneck Season Before It’s Actually Cold Out — StyleCaster


Layering fans, listen up: you don’t need to wait until temperatures plunge to start pulling the old turtleneck-under-a-dress trick. Which is not to say that I’m suggesting you walk around in a thermal in 80-degree weather, however. A new crop of lightweight, long-sleeve tops let you get a bit of extra coverage under your skimpiest slips…

via How to Get in on Turtleneck Season Before It’s Actually Cold Out — StyleCaster


LGD (Little Gold Dress)

Little Gold Dress

I have been noticing the amount of little gold dresses around town, on tv, in magazines and everywhere else. I’ve gathered 15 of the hottest party dresses, or anytime dresses, when you want to feel sexy, that is. 


Look of the Week – September 2nd

Look of the Week – September 2nd

  • Oversized Scarves

The fall look that rocks every year, will always be an adorable scarf. And oversized scarves, like blanket-sized scarves are becoming more and more trendy. And more people are wearing them all year, especially now. Check out the best looks with scarves I found for inspiration for yourself! After, are instructions to help you learn to fold different scarf looks!

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