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Look of the Week: Feb. 8th – Hers

Sweet, Comfy & Soring. Those are the three words that come to mind when I look at this weeks trending look. 

The beautiful model sports skinny jeans with cut-outs in the knees, which are very popular right now.

  • Check out Charlotte Russe’s jeans right now: they have so many different pairs to choose from and their prices beat Abercrombie, buckle, and other stores by over half the cost. Give it a shot! 

Back to the outfit, along with the jeans, a bright white top is worn underneath an oversized, tie-dyed cardigan. The cardigan has beautiful colors of purple, blue and green to give you a calm, relaxing feeling. The model sports bracelets and other accessories that all coordinate with the bright colors and gold. The light brown clutch is paired with criss-cross ankle wedges, and the soft browns give an earthy feel. 


Amazing Party Dresses for Petite Figures


Petites in Pink


Petites in Pink
When it comes to petite women wearing pink there is some controversy around it. there have been many short women that have been told not to wear pink because it can look too young, unprofessional and unsophisticated, but fashion designers love pink and there is a rarely a season? ?

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Crop it!

Oh Cecilia

If you’re petite girl or just not that tall a crop top is your new BFF, like FOR REAL!

A crop top falls at a right length, not so short or long, and helps elongate your stature. Showing a little torso creates also an illusion of curves! How cool is this?

Check out this celebs outfits with crop tops!

What do you think? Love it or hate it?

xo, M.

PS: Photos found via pinterest

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Shop until you drop!…Compra hasta morir!

Pretty Petite

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Remember this post? I said I had found a great online store with cool things at a great value. So, without further ado let me introduce you to Shein {and like I said in my previous post, don’t judge me if you already knew it! haha}.

I came across this store while I was stalking reading one of my favourite blogs:Stylish Petite. I fell in love with a Flamingo top she posted and I knew I had to have it. I always find great online stores but, living in Mexico, the shipping cost or the amount of time it takes for the items to actually arrive makes it almost impossible to purchase.

When the link…

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The 3 Best Dresses for St. Patrick’s Day

These fun, flirty dresses are the three best boy this awesome green holiday! 



Check out these amazing St. Paddy’s Day outfit combinations! There’s so many ideas on what to wear. There’s an outfit for everybody! I hope you enjoy these just as much as I did. 🍀 

  • 🍀How adorable were all of those it planned-out outfits???
  • 🍀Do your best and wear green today see you don’t get pinched! 

Have a wonderful night and be responsible!🍀

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