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15 Signs You’re An Explorer

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1. You love to get lost.

You enjoy the thrill of taking random detours and wandering around in the wilderness is one of your favorite things to do when you have a free afternoon. There’s no better feeling than disconnecting from social media for awhile and letting yourself just be still for awhile with nothing but the world around you.

2. You try to avoid tourist spots when you travel and prefer to go where the locals go.

While you can appreciate tourist attractions and understand why people go to them you’re more interested in finding undiscovered gems only the locals know about.

3. Planning the route of a trip is one of your favorite things.

Of course you love the actual act of traveling and exploring a destination but initially, after you’ve decided on a location, you enjoy figuring out the route you’re going…

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7 Things A Woman Is Never Responsible For




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1. If you have a hard time “taking her seriously” because you can see her figure

I love it when men talk about how women always claim to be victims or are inherently illogical beings or “the weaker sex.” Dudes can’t even focus on their schoolwork when a girl’s wearing yoga pants in class or figure out how to treat their female coworker as a human being because her button-up shows some cleavage one day. There’s so much struggle for a guy to figure out just to live his own life when there’s a female in the room — and it’s not up to women to coddle men. Not when the bar is set so low as “view women as human beings.” Nope. Not a woman’s responsibility.

2. Being attracted to you because you’re “one of the good ones”

I don’t care if we have the definition of “nice…

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Don’t Let Publishing Intimidate You: “You Are Your Own Best Advocate”










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Messing With The Mystique

You have the right to ask questions.

You have the right to get answers.

You have the right not to like the answers.

To see your own publisher’s jaw drop? Phil Sexton recommends you ask him or her to let you review your book’s metadata.

Then, with smelling salts ready for your book’s sales people, tell them you’d like to know which BISAC codes are being used to categorize your title at retail and distribution points — both brick-and-mortar and online.

Many publishers are terrific. Some are so terrific they’d be delighted to find their authors adept at asking serious, smart questions about how their work is going into the marketplace.

Many other publishers might be less happy to have informed, intelligent inquiries coming at them from their authors.

No one is proud of this, but particularly over decades of corporate ownership of large…

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When Hallucinations Are Your Friend




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