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Look of the Week – January 16th 

Look of the Week – Faux Suede 


This week I feature faux suede as my look of the Week because I love this trend that started last summer, carried on into fall and is still going strong this winter. I love faux suede because it is faux. It doesn’t have the high sticker price as real suede, so I won’t feel so terrible if I get something on my faux suede! Lol. More than that reason, the material is so soft on your skin and moveable when stretch is added to the material. I have many pieces of faux suede and I have plans to continue collecting. There’s only so many colors it comes in, so if you find a beautiful raspberry or light blue faux suede, get it! Most of the time you will see shades of browns, tans, and blacks. See you next Monday! 

Faux Suede


Look of the Week – September 30th 

Look of the Week – Zippers!!!

I see zippers everywhere, this fall is dying for zippers to be apart of the fall fashion trend. There are two-piece, zip-up outfits, and zip-up dresses, but more than that, there are zippers used a lot more than you might think. I love how this fall’s colors have changed and gotten much more rich and darker. Look at these items that show off zippers all over your wardrobe. Get inspired and decide where you would wear zippers? On your shoe? On your jacket? 

And the most expensive zipper…. LOL


Gator Everything!

Gator Everything!

This post is to show off a of the great finds that are Florida Gator themed. From shoes, to phone covers, to pillows, to stools, the Gator’s have every area of marketing completed. I’m sure there’s more to come, but the Gator apparel that I put together are great classics and show all that orange and blue spirit that us Gator’s have! 

Let’s start with clothing:

There’s Gator nighties:

Gator hair pieces:

Don’t forget about the shoes!!!

Gator Watches:

Special Gator Boots:

Gator Rain boots:

Get comfy with a Gator pillow:

Gator cups and champagne glasses:

Gator purses and bags:

Gator jewelry:

Gator ties, bows and tie clips:

 Gator seating:

Eat with Gator’s:

It’s pretty clear when it comes to finding things of orange and blue, it sure is easy. I love the gators, I bleed orange and blue, and will forever be searching for my next orange and blue gator souvenir. 



I love clothes, I love shopping. And I love reading about clothes too…. That is so weird I know,but even the description of a good scarf, an intricately styled heel even a beautiful pair of earrings is enough for me.(Mostly because I can’t afford to dress like I really want to😛 ) So anyways here’s […]

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Gross! Sorry, not sorry! The Average American Woman Wears Size 16 to 18, Study Finds — StyleCaster

Source: Instagram Women in this country are, on average, wearing dress sizes between 16 and 18, up from the previous average of size 14, according to new research. The study analyzed body measurements from the most recently published National Health and Nutritional Examination Surveys. What’s more, these measurements were compared to industry clothing size standards, and…

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Fall Fashion Colors 2016 – Men and Women 

2016 Fall Fashion Colors – For Men and Women

  • Now check out a few trends this fall that are happening


Look of the Week -September 11th

Look of the Week

This weeks Look of the Week is a teal and white striped dress, perfect for any day. This color is what I am focusing on this week. Other looks that I have picked out have a mint or teal color. All of the items are perfect for wearing right now. It’s been the hottest color all year, and its continuing into fall. I hope you enjoy the other looks that go with the Look of the Week. 

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