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Fashion – Coming up Crystals and Roses

Fashion – Coming up Crystals and Roses

I love the rich colors this fall brings us, especially the dusty pink. It’s nice to see a toned-down pink, it’s been years. Dresses covered in crystals and roses are so beautifully designed. The extravagant detail is worth the high sticker price when looking to purchase pieces that look like the ones shown. Notice how each color from the coloring box has been used for each of these dresses. Although  I am biased, because I like pink the most. 


The Biggest Trend of 2016, According to the Internet — StyleCaster

Sometimes it’s easy to tell when a trend has hit its saturation point—you couldn’t log in to Instagram this summer without seeing an off-the-shoulder shirt or a skinny choker necklace, and the world’s frantic Googling of bomber jackets has translated to total domination on the streets. Certain trends, however, fly somewhat under the radar, and…

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Petites in Pink


Petites in Pink
When it comes to petite women wearing pink there is some controversy around it. there have been many short women that have been told not to wear pink because it can look too young, unprofessional and unsophisticated, but fashion designers love pink and there is a rarely a season? ?

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I love hot pink!

i’ve always been in love with the color hot pink, and I love it when fashion steals that hot pink and puts it in clothing designs and anything else that can be hot pink! 

This sexy picture shows a girl in hot pink curlers with a great hot pink Barbie necklace and some hot pink lipstick.

Here’s some of the cool is Nikes I’ve ever seen! Hot pink with sparkles! You just can’t get any better than that. 

This sequin dress shows how the color has so many different hues and tones in it. I want to wear that dress right now! 

This hot pink dress has a silver sequined belt. It helps to show off your waistline. Do yourself a favor and go hop to it, get with the trend of hot pink! 


Look of the Week


The look of the week, this week, is a pretty pink skirt, navy blue button-up, tailored shirt, with matching hat and belt. I chose this look this week because it is one that is soft, lovely, timeless. The baby pink skirt is high-waisted and pleated all around. The pleats are soft and elegant, so I guess they’re today’s updated version of the “uptight” pleats. The soft pink compliments the navy blue, quite well. It is a very muted pink, so it’s perfect for fall. The belt is really nifty, with it’s design on the front, and exact match to the skirt and hat. The hat is a trilby hat, with a pink bow wrapped around the top of the hat, again, giving that “soft” feel to the look. The model’s shoes are black and white peep-toe heels, but there are so many options of shoe color that would look smashing! From tan, camel, off-white, navy, and more… I’m sure this outfit is an easy look to pull off! It just takes a nicely-fitted shirt, flowy skirt, matching accessories, and you’ve got my Look of the Week! Don’t forget the hat! It’s what makes the outfit POP!

 Don’t forget to wear your hair down, with lots of soft, curly locks. This is crucial for pulling off this look as “soft”, instead of just another skirt and shirt outfit. It’s all in the details! Accessorize til your heart is content!


1980’s Vintage Clothing

1980’s Vintage Clothing


“The 1980s was all about extravagance and extremes. This is probably what makes it such a great theme for costume parties. The era was known as ‘the time that fashion forgot’ as almost every basic fashion rule was broken. Having said that, 80s styles have experienced a comeback in recent years, and 1980s vintage clothing allows you to authenticate your look, embracing the fun and vibrant fashion of this decade to the full!”



“Just a few years ago shoulder pads made a reappearance on the cat walks. This formal look was popularized by Joan Collins and Linda Evans in the television series Dynasty, making the power suit an outfit of choice for the career woman. We have some fantastic little numbers at My Vintage.”

“When it came to hairstyles the only rule was: the bigger the better. Hair was teased, permed, crimped and feathered whilst make-up was heavy and colourful.”






Remember these???… How tragic! 




Best Clothing Brands For Petites: Flattering Fits For The Vertically Challenged

Clothing for Petites – MUST READ20140804-174745-64065009.jpg



Let’s keep this short but sweet. It’s not easy to dress in up-to-the-minute fashion if you’re around the five foot mark.

“It isn’t for lack of available advice. Experts say shorties should steer clear of tight clothing, but also avoid overly baggy clothing. They should wear high heels, but not clunky shoes. Vertical lines, V-necks and straight pants seem to work well. Hem lines should show leg, but not cut the thigh too high. And what’s the best look — preppy petite, diminutive city hipster, mini-yet-funky, sweet and small? The many rules and options are often conflicting and confusing.”






These 4 Rompers Display all sorts of styles from casual, to sexy, to evening wear for each piece belonging in one of those categories.


      romper 3  

romper 4 romper 5


Petite Clothing Lookbook

This is a wonderful site for petite women!!! It shows you all sorts of different looks, styles, and outfits (already put together) that you can buy it straight off the website




Top 5 Fashion Tips for Petite Women

Petite Women’s Fashion

“To all my fellow petite ladies out there: have you ever felt like most clothes you try on just don’t fit “right”? It’s not in your imagination – standard retailers make their clothes for a taller than average shopper. So if you’re short, you know that means you’re short on options when it comes to finding clothes.” -Cosmo


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