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Crazy Looking Lips!

Crazy Looking Lips!

There are some crazy ass makeup artists out there, or at least crazy imagination is being taken place everywhere. I see lips with crystals on them. I see lips with many shades of color on them, and I see many lips with neon colors. I like have searched through thousands of lipstick jobs and here are the absolute coolest. Enjoy! 


Look of the Week – December 2nd

Look of the Week – Crazy Chic Coats

In this week’s look, I searched through hundreds of coats to bring you my favorite. This coat above is a winter Double Button Trench Coat, seen here in Beige or Ivory. 

See it again here in a mint color. The rest of the coats shown are the most chic winter coats around! Enjoy! 


The Infamous Roxy Theater

7 Facts About The Infamous Roxy Theater That Show How Crazy The 80s Really Were!

1. On The Rox”On The Rox was a private bar above the Roxy Theater known for celebrity parties. While today it’s been remodeled, in the 80s it was where famous people could go and get wild without the eyes of the public on them.”  

2. Heidi Fleiss                                      “The famous madam to the stars, Fleiss was known to organize private parties at On The Rox, no doubt including many of her ladies.”  

3. John Belushi’s Death
“On The Rox was the last place comedian John Belushi was seen still alive. In 1982, after drinking at On The Rox, Belushi went back to his room at the Chateau Marmont. He was later found dead from a cocaine and heroin overdose.”   

4. Rocky Horror

“The Rocky Horror Show, then a play, was first performed in America at the Roxy Theater. It later went on to become a movie that remains so popular that theaters across the country regularly run the film while fans dress up just to go see it. All that started at the Roxy Theater.”  

5. Charlie Sheen

“Actor Charlie Sheen, still riding high off the success of the original ‘Wall Street’, was known to be somewhat of a regular at On The Rox in the 80s. He was also a notoriously big fan of Heidi Fleiss’s business. After the arrest that brought Fleiss to court, Sheen admitted in court that he’d used Fleiss’s madam services “at least” twenty-seven times.”  

6. Pee Wee Herman

“In 1981, Paul Reubens introduced the world to his character Pee Wee Herman during a performance at the Roxy Theater. Reubens’ went on to have his own tv show and multiple Pee Wee Herman movies.”   

7. Party Equipment

“On The Rox was rumored to have been equipped with not one but two stripper poles on the premises. TC mark.”   



Crazy Kitties!

These hilarious cats know how to look good being so bad!





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