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Gross! Sorry, not sorry! The Average American Woman Wears Size 16 to 18, Study Finds — StyleCaster

Source: Instagram Women in this country are, on average, wearing dress sizes between 16 and 18, up from the previous average of size 14, according to new research. The study analyzed body measurements from the most recently published National Health and Nutritional Examination Surveys. What’s more, these measurements were compared to industry clothing size standards, and…

via The Average American Woman Wears Size 16 to 18, Study Finds — StyleCaster


Look of the Week -September 11th

Look of the Week

This weeks Look of the Week is a teal and white striped dress, perfect for any day. This color is what I am focusing on this week. Other looks that I have picked out have a mint or teal color. All of the items are perfect for wearing right now. It’s been the hottest color all year, and its continuing into fall. I hope you enjoy the other looks that go with the Look of the Week. 


LGD (Little Gold Dress)

Little Gold Dress

I have been noticing the amount of little gold dresses around town, on tv, in magazines and everywhere else. I’ve gathered 15 of the hottest party dresses, or anytime dresses, when you want to feel sexy, that is. 


Look of the Week – August 26th

Shoulderless Rompers/Shirts/Dresses

This blue and white print, shoulderless dress, is what is happening! If you haven’t caught the bug for one of these dresses or tops yet, hopefully you will after seeing these great pictures of inspiration. Paired with strappy sandals, this look is so easy and very comfortable. What more could you ask for? Below are more great ideas of how to rock this look. So do well!


Look of the Week

I chose the sweater dress & tall boots combo, for this weeks “Look of the Week.” I’ve been wearing my sweater dresses as much as I can because they are so adorable on my petite frame, and I know you will feel the same if you give this look a chance! I love my long-sleeved sweater dress the most, and adding a pair of shin-high, or even knee-high boots will keep you super warm on cold days. Petite figures are sometimes (let’s face it, all the time) hard to shop for. But it’s not hard if you know what your body’s best features are. I think that elongating the torso on a petite woman is the best & easiest way to look slim. Also, the tight dress will slow you to appear much more lean. Baggy clothing is a NO! NO! As winter approaches, you are going to get bored of the same-old, same-old, and that’s why these sweater dresses are a go-to for me. Whether I’m in a hurry or just want to look adorable, this outfit will keep me looking sharp and, sexy and stylish. What else could you ask for?





Why Retailers Find It Hard To Fit Most Women


Why Retailers Find It Hard To Fit Most Women


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