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Floral Dresses are to Die For!

Floral dresses are so in right now, and look incredible on everyone. I’ve collected some of the best floral dress outfits to show you the colors being used this year, and how to rock them with your own style. 



Amazing Party Dresses for Petite Figures



The 3 Best Dresses for St. Patrick’s Day

These fun, flirty dresses are the three best boy this awesome green holiday! 


Look of the Week


The look of the week, this week, is a pretty pink skirt, navy blue button-up, tailored shirt, with matching hat and belt. I chose this look this week because it is one that is soft, lovely, timeless. The baby pink skirt is high-waisted and pleated all around. The pleats are soft and elegant, so I guess they’re today’s updated version of the “uptight” pleats. The soft pink compliments the navy blue, quite well. It is a very muted pink, so it’s perfect for fall. The belt is really nifty, with it’s design on the front, and exact match to the skirt and hat. The hat is a trilby hat, with a pink bow wrapped around the top of the hat, again, giving that “soft” feel to the look. The model’s shoes are black and white peep-toe heels, but there are so many options of shoe color that would look smashing! From tan, camel, off-white, navy, and more… I’m sure this outfit is an easy look to pull off! It just takes a nicely-fitted shirt, flowy skirt, matching accessories, and you’ve got my Look of the Week! Don’t forget the hat! It’s what makes the outfit POP!

 Don’t forget to wear your hair down, with lots of soft, curly locks. This is crucial for pulling off this look as “soft”, instead of just another skirt and shirt outfit. It’s all in the details! Accessorize til your heart is content!


I love Victoria’s Secret!

I love Victoria's Secret

Victoria’s Secret has been one of my best kept secrets for amazing quality clothing, that you can always find on sale, or if you’re lucky, on clearance. They have recenetly, in the past few years, gotten better and better in sizing (more petite sizes), and they truly do fit, well! I love every garment I have ever purchased, and it has been one of the highest quality made clothes for the money. What to wear, party to poolside. This off-the-shoulder dress is designed to channel your inner siren, with a curve-hugging fit, ruching in all the right places and leg-loving length. Soft and drapey in our slinky cotton and modal fabric.

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