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Is there any way to eliminate the “cottage cheese” on your thighs and rear end? No, not really. But there are steps you can take to get rid of cellulite..

Cellulite, also known as gynoid lipodystrophy, is an aesthetic condition where fat deposits are visible underneath the skin, giving a dimpled effect. It can show up in any location, but the legs and bottom are most notable. Cellulite occurs in over 80% of the female population, with much fewer occurrences in men.

There are a number of different factors that cause cellulite. Excess estrogen, caused by hormonal imbalances or excess weight, can be a factor in cellulite production. Another hormone tied to cellulite is insulin. Imbalanced blood glucose levels found in people such as diabetics and pre-diabetics can cause cellulite. Stress also plays a huge roll in the development of cellulite.

Other factors that can cause cellulite are genetic predispositions, your sex, your race, underlying medical conditions, and your lifestyle. Scientists argue that there may be no cure for cellulite, but we can battle its appearance.

“Everyone has strands of connective tissue that separate fat cells into compartments and connect fat to skin. In women, these fibers form a honeycomb-shaped pattern, so any increase of fat tends to bulge out like stuffing in a mattress. You see less cellulite in men because their fibers run horizontally, forming a criss-cross pattern that prevents bulging or dimpling.”

“Though cellulite can pop up any time, it is true that cellulite does seem to appear out of nowhere and get worse with age. That’s because our tissues change. Those strands of connective tissue thicken with age, and our skin gets thinner, making cellulite more noticeable. More importantly, we gain fat with age. The average woman loses 5 lb of muscle and replaces it with about 15 lb of fat every decade of her adult life.”

Source: Target Cellulite

*Exercises for Cellulite:

  • Side to Side

Muscles worked: Quadriceps, abductors, adductors, hamstrings, and glutes. 

  • All-Fours Kickback

Muscles worked: Gluteal muscles. Wear ankle weights to intensify the workout.

  • Lying Inner-Leg Lift

Muscles worked: Inner thighs

  • Squat and Side Lift

Muscles worked: Glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, hip flexors, and abductors.

  • V-Leg Pull

Muscles worked: Outer thighs

  • One-Legged Lunge

Muscles worked: Glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings

  • Butt Kicks

Muscles worked: Glutes, lower back, hamstring 

  • Squats with Weights

Muscles Worked: Thighs, inner-thighs, glutes

*Dry Rubbing

“When we’d heard dry skin brushing was an effective method for reducing cellulite, we knew we had to include it in our anti-cellulite road test. Sure enough, it was indeed one of the more succesful ways to smooth away less-than-perfect spots on your legs. But the more we looked into it, the more benefits we learned this relatively simple routine had to offer. Not only does it buff away dead skin, but it’s fantastic at boosting circulation and lymphatic drainage, and ultimately ridding the body of toxins. Your skin is your biggest organ, after all.”

“Dry skin brushing effectively opens up the pores on your skin. This is something you can — and should — be doing daily, even twice a day. Your skin should be dry, so the ideal time is in the shower before you turn on the water. Just a reminder, don’t get the brush wet.”

“You should only brush towards the heart. Making long sweeps, avoid back and forth, scrubbing and circular motions. Start at your feet, moving up the legs on both sides, then work from the arms toward your chest. On your stomach, direct the brush counterclockwise. And, don’t brush too hard: Skin should be stimulated and invigorated but not irritated or red.”

Benefits: “In addition to sloughing away dry skin on areas like knees, elbows and ankles, body brushing promotes tighter skin, cell renewal and blood flow. This also helps the lymphatic system release toxins and aids in digestion and kidney function. You’ll also notice a glowy, smooth complexion. We love it because it’s one of the easiest, cheapest and most effective things we can do for promoting healthy skin.”

Source: Anti-Cellulite

  • Homemade Treatments


Indoor Cardio Workout

Indoor Cardio Workout

Everyone should have some sort of cardio routine in their life. If you’re a person like me, who likes to workout in your own home, with your own equipment, but you don’t do any cardio, here is a great way to exercise indoors and do cardio. It involves many different moves that keep your heart-rate up, and you burning more calories, thus losing more weight. So many people are not part of a gym, so their home is all they’ve got. Try out some or all of these moves for your next indoor workout. And be sure you are sweating! 

*Mountain Climbers


*Air Jacks

*Jumping Lunges


7-Day Workout: Sunday 

7-Day Workout: Sunday 

*Russian Twist


7-Day Workout: Saturday

7-Day Workout: Saturday



*Bird-Dog Plank


7-Day Workout: Friday

7-Day Workout: Friday

  • Side Plank

  • Jack Knife Sit-Up


7-Day Workout: Thursday 

7-Day Workout: Thursday 


7-Day Workout: Wednesday 

7-Day Workout: Wednesday 


Yoga – Utkatasana (Chair Pose) 

Yoga – Utkatasana (Chair Pose) 

I loved being yoga! I have been studying the art for about 5 years now. And I love to share about yoga, but I like to keep it t simple and sweet. This post shares all about the chair pose and its benefits, as well as a step-by-step guide to help make sure you are doing everything with correct technique. That is truly the most important thing about yoga, to fully understand it and get something out of it, you must have correct technique or you will not work the correct muscles or areas of intent. I found some sweet articles that  will inform you on how and why you should try this pose out today. You’re never too late to start something new!

Meaning of the Word, and How to Pronounce: Utkatasana              

  • (OOT-kah-TAHS-anna)
  • utkata = powerful, fierce

  • Why do we do the Utkatasana? 

“This asana increases strength, balance and stability. The hamstrings, quadriceps, gluteal muscles, and the erector spinae muscles of the back are exercised and strengthened. The erector muscles contract isometrically to keep the normal curvature of the spine. The anterior lower leg muscles are also strengthened and developed. These include the tibialis anterior, extensor hallucis longus, extensor digitorum longus, and peroneus tertius. This group of muscles primarily extends the toes and dorsiflexes the ankle and are used for balance and stability.”

Source: Chair Pose

  • Step-By-Step Guide to do the Chair Pose:
  1. “Stand in Tadasana. Inhale and raise your arms perpendicular to the floor. Either keep the arms parallel, palms facing inward, or join the palms.”
  2. “Exhale and bend your knees, trying to take the thighs as nearly parallel to the floor as possible. The knees will project out over the feet, and the torso will lean slightly forward over the thighs until the front torso forms approximately a right angle with the tops of the thighs. Keep the inner thighs parallel to each other and press the heads of the thigh bones down toward the heels.”
  3. “Firm your shoulder blades against the back. Take your tailbone down toward the floor and in toward your pubis to keep the lower back long.”
  4. “Stay for 30 seconds to a minute. To come out of this pose straighten your knees with an inhalation, lifting strongly through the arms. Exhale and release your arms to your sides into Tadasana.”


Here is a variation of the chair pose, the chair pose twist or revolved chair pose: Parivrtta Utkatasana 


Women, Improve Your Pelvic Floor and More!

Women, Improve Your Pelvic Floor and More!

Pelvic floor muscles

“Having strong pelvic floor muscles gives us control over the bladder and bowel. Weakened pelvic floor muscles mean the internal organs are not fully supported and you may have difficulty controlling the release of urine, faeces (poo) or flatus (wind).”

“Common causes of a weakened pelvic floor include childbirth, obesity and the associated straining of chronic constipation. Pelvic floor exercises are designed to improve muscle tone and prevent the need for corrective surgery.”

What are pelvic floor muscles?

“Pelvic floor muscles are the layer of muscles that support the pelvic organs and span the bottom of the pelvis. The pelvic organs are the bladder and bowel in men, and bladder, bowel and uterus in women.”

“The pelvic floor muscles stretch like a muscular trampoline from the tailbone (coccyx) to the pubic bone (front to back) and from one sitting bone to the other sitting bone (side to side). These muscles are normally firm and thick.”

“Imagine the pelvic floor muscles as a round mini-trampoline made of firm muscle. Just like a trampoline, the pelvic floor is able to move down and up. The bladder, uterus (for women) and bowel lie on the pelvic floor muscle layer.”

“The pelvic floor muscle layer has hole for passages to pass through.There are two passages in men (the urethra and anus) and three passages in women (the urethra, vagina and anus). The pelvic floor muscles normally wrap quite firmly around these holes to help keep the passages shut. There is also an extra circular muscle around the anus (the anal sphincter) and around the urethra (the urethral sphincter).”

“Although the pelvic floor is hidden from view, it can be consciously controlled and therefore trained, much like our arm, leg or abdominal muscles.”

What do Pelvic Floor muscles do?

“Pelvic floor muscles provide support to the organs that lie on it. The sphincters give us conscious control over the bladder and bowel so that we can control the release of urine, faeces (poo) and flatus (wind) and allow us to delay emptying until it is convenient. When the pelvic floor muscles are contracted, the internal organs are lifted and the sphincters tighten the openings of the vagina, anus and urethra. Relaxing the pelvic floor allows passage of urine and faeces.”

“Pelvic floor muscles are also important for sexual function in both men and women. In men, it is important for erectile function and ejaculation. In women, voluntary contractions (squeezing) of the pelvic floor contribute to sexual sensation and arousal.”

“The pelvic floor muscles in women also provide support for the baby during pregnancy and assist in the birthing process.”

“The muscles of the pelvic floor work with the abdominal and back muscles to stabilise and support the spine.”

SourcePelvic Floor Muscles
*These are just a few examples of how you can help tighten your Pelvic Floor 

*12 Great Pelvic Floor Safe Exercises

Along with strengthening the Pelvic Floor, women we must also exercise our Kegel muscles. These are the muscles that help you be able to achieve orgasm during intercourse, but also, gives you a much better control of your bladder and vaginal muscles. Ladies, if you haven’t tried kegels, you must start. Pick up a toy intended for your kegel muscles and get to work! You will feel rejuvenated (down there), by tightening the vagina. 


Flat Belly Tips for Women

Flat Belly Tips for Women

This a great workout that is easy to do because it requires no equipment, and it shows real results immediately, when done correctly. 

Do you want to have abs like these? Put in the time and effort and these exercises will leave you with a flat Belly and more, muscle, tone, and a core. 

It’s 2017, no matter what your New Year’s resolution is, we can all be healthier. Having a flatter belly will help you live a longer life and that goes for any workout or exercise you do, it will keep you healthy and happy, too! 


Lose That Pooch! 

Lose That Pooch! 


Lose Your Love Handles

Lose Your Lovehandles

Are you tired of your love handles making you feel “not your prettiest”? 

Try these great workouts that target only that area of your body: 




Here’s the skinny on more about your love handles:

*So what else can you do? Be smart with your diet! Good luck! You’ll soon start to see those love handles no longer being “handles” anymore! 


Strengthen Yourself!

Strengthen Yourself!

Just like the quote above says, “work for strong not skinny”, and that is what this post is about, getting strong. I collected the best exercise plans that I rotate to get a full body workout. Take this advice and study the body, with which muscles you need to work. Then try out some of the exercises offered. Try it for 5 days, tell me you won’t see a difference, even a little counts!


Squat On

Squat On

Everyone knows that squats are the best way to firm and heighten your butt, but do you know how to squat properly? I present you with my favorite squat variations workout, as well as, some pointers to having the best technique to get the most out of your workout. Try all of the different variations to see which ones you like best. 


Stretching to become Flexible 

Stretching to become Flexible 

Being flexible is so important to your body. It helps you stay in shape and keep healthy. When you’re flexible, you have a better range of motion and can do more exercises and stretches than most people can do. You don’t have to worry as much about tearing a muscle or ligament when you are flexible. Also, once you stretch and become limber and flexible, your brain will remember it and your exercises because of muscle memory. That’s memory that’s banked in your brain from doing repetitive stretches and exercises. One day you will be able to do so many more things than you ever thought imaginable. That’s why I stretch every single day. I’m 34 and I have been doing my stretching routine for dance since I was in 7th grade. So you can imagine my flexibility. Start stretching today and feel so much better tomorrow and forever! 


6 Tips for Finding Happiness, Peace, and Good Mental Health

6 Tips for Finding Happiness, Peace, and Good Mental Health

“Sometimes life can throw us so many challenges, everything can start to feel overwhelming. It isn’t always easy to find the positive among the negative and keep smiling, and that’s OK. The good news is that there’s hope. There are countless ways to find the joy in life if you know how. Here are a few tips for finding inner peace and happiness:”

  • Play to your strengths

“When we’re feeling down we tend to focus on the negative, often on our own personal weaknesses. Don’t! Consciously identify your strengths and build on them. Maybe you wouldn’t be able to run a major corporation, but you’re a star at running your kitchen as head chef. That would make you an excellent candidate to help out at a local community kitchen — you’d have the chance to excel at something you enjoy and for an amazing cause. Find rewarding ways to use your abilities and you can build your self-confidence and happiness.”

  • Get outside

“Getting back to nature can do wonders for the human spirit. Make it a point to spend a little time outside each day, even if it’s only for a 15-minute walk. Better yet, break out of the ordinary, everyday, and take a day or weekend to visit a wildlife reserve, nature trail, or national landmark to completely immerse yourself in the natural world. It can be humbling to stand in the enormity of wilderness, and sometimes offers greatly-needed perspective.”

  • Be positive but realistic

“Practicing “realistic optimism” can be an effective way to keep positive without giving ourselves unrealistic expectations and setting us up for disappointment. Sometimes constant positive thinking is counterproductive, giving us the false idea that if we simply tell ourselves something, it will eventually happen. The truth is, some things are beyond your control. Good or bad, some things happen because they just do and others will never happen no matter how positive we stay. Brace yourself for the possibility that things could go wrong, but instead of being frustrated focus on how you’ll overcome it and move forward.”

  • Focus on the present

“Don’t let me scare you off, but here’s a fact: there are an infinite amount of things that could go wrong at your business dinner tonight or on your date next Thursday. But why worry about the future right now? Is fretting over the possibilities going to make any of them less likely to happen? Not a chance. So instead, keep your mind on the present moment because there are quite a few things you can do and control right now. For example, right now you can make sure you get your work done so you have plenty of time to prepare for your presentation. Right now you can grab some floss and get to work so that you have a charming smile for next week’s hot date. Focus on the present, and you’ll feel more in control.”

  • Get some exercise

“A sound mind requires a sound body, so keep yours in shape. Get your heart pumping with some exercise at least a few times a week. Seek daily opportunities to stay active — taking the stairs instead of the lift is an easy one — and do so with others when possible. Swimming in particular can boost your mood and even help manage depression. But even taking a 20-minute stroll around the neighborhood can be a great way to clear your mind and keep you fit.”

  • Communicate

“Relationships of every kind depend on clear, consistent communication. But being a strong communicator isn’t a skill that all of us have, and struggles with it can cause problems at home, work, and within our circle of friends. Be straightforward and say what you want to say; don’t talk around it. Be tactful, but if you aren’t happy about something, speak up! Whether it’s an unreasonable workload at the office or an argument with your spouse that’s still bothering you, find a way to calmly, reasonably approach your intended audience and talk to them about a solution. You may often find situations turn out in your favor: your boss genuinely didn’t realize he was overloading you and stops, for example.”


Here are some food tips on what foods to eat to make you more happy: 


50 Reasons to Exercise

50 Reasons to Exercise

*Want to be sharper at work? Feel less tired at home? Spend some quality time with your spouse? How about enjoying a cookie without guilt?
*If you answered “yes” to all of these questions (and who wouldn’t?), exercise is the answer.
*Being physically active offers benefits far beyond the obvious. (Of course, an improved physique and a clean bill of health aren’t too shabby, either.)

Exercise controls weight

“Exercise can help prevent excess weight gain or help maintain weight loss. When you engage in physical activity, you burn calories. The more intense the activity, the more calories you burn. You don’t need to set aside large chunks of time for exercise to reap weight-loss benefits. If you can’t do an actual workout, get more active throughout the day in simple ways — by taking the stairs instead of the elevator or revving up your household chores.”

Exercise combats health conditions and diseases

“Worried about heart disease? Hoping to prevent high blood pressure? No matter what your current weight, being active boosts high-density lipoprotein (HDL), or “good,” cholesterol and decreases unhealthy triglycerides. This one-two punch keeps your blood flowing smoothly, which decreases your risk of cardiovascular diseases. In fact, regular physical activity can help you prevent or manage a wide range of health problems and concerns, including stroke, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, depression, certain types of cancer, arthritis and falls.”

Exercise improves mood

“Need an emotional lift? Or need to blow off some steam after a stressful day? A workout at the gym or a brisk 30-minute walk can help. Physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that may leave you feeling happier and more relaxed. You may also feel better about your appearance and yourself when you exercise regularly, which can boost your confidence and improve your self-esteem.”

Exercise boosts energy

“Winded by grocery shopping or household chores? Regular physical activity can improve your muscle strength and boost your endurance. Exercise and physical activity deliver oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and help your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. And when your heart and lungs work more efficiently, you have more energy to go about your daily chores.”

Exercise promotes better sleep

“Struggling to fall asleep? Or to stay asleep? Regular physical activity can help you fall asleep faster and deepen your sleep. Just don’t exercise too close to bedtime, or you may be too energized to fall asleep.”

Exercise puts the spark back into your sex life

“Do you feel too tired or too out of shape to enjoy physical intimacy? Regular physical activity can leave you feeling energized and looking better, which may have a positive effect on your sex life. But there’s more to it than that. Regular physical activity can lead to enhanced arousal for women. And men who exercise regularly are less likely to have problems with erectile dysfunction than are men who don’t exercise.”

Exercise can be fun

“Exercise and physical activity can be a fun way to spend some time. It gives you a chance to unwind, enjoy the outdoors or simply engage in activities that make you happy. Physical activity can also help you connect with family or friends in a fun social setting. So, take a dance class, hit the hiking trails or join a soccer team. Find a physical activity you enjoy, and just do it. If you get bored, try something new.”

The bottom line on exercise

“Exercise and physical activity are a great way to feel better, gain health benefits and have fun. As a general goal, aim for at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day. If you want to lose weight or meet specific fitness goals, you may need to exercise more. Remember to check with your doctor before starting a new exercise program, especially if you haven’t exercised for a long time, have chronic health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes or arthritis, or you have any concerns.”


Make Your Calves Pop!

Make Your Calves Pop!


The Yoga for Your Lower Back

Yoga for Your Lower Back

I know after a long day, gravity has compressed my back and I get terrible back pain. The following three pages of exercises are the best way that I alleviate pain. Especially the first set of workout exercises. I swear by it! Try them today. 

*Try these exercises at the office to take some pressure off your lower back.


Exercise to Age Well, at Any Age

Exercise to Age Well, at Any Age

“Offering hope and encouragement to the many adults who have somehow neglected to exercise for the past few decades, a new study suggests that becoming physically active in middle age, even if someone has been sedentary for years, substantially reduces the likelihood that he or she will become seriously ill or physically disabled in retirement.”

“The new study joins a growing body of research examining successful aging, a topic of considerable scientific interest, as the populations of the United States and Europe grow older, and so do many scientists. When the term is used in research, successful aging means more than simply remaining alive, although that, obviously, is the baseline requirement. Successful aging involves minimal debility past the age of 65 or so, with little or no serious chronic disease diagnoses, depression, cognitive decline or physical infirmities that would prevent someone from living independently.”

“Previous epidemiological studies have found that several, unsurprising factors contribute to successful aging. Not smoking is one, as is moderate alcohol consumption, and so, unfairly or not, is having money. People with greater economic resources tend to develop fewer health problems later in life than people who are not well-off.”

“But being physically active during adulthood is particularly important. In one large-scale study published last fall that looked at more than 12,000 Australian men aged between 65 and 83, those who engaged in about 30 minutes of exercise five or so times per week were much healthier and less likely to be dead 11 years after the start of the study than those who were sedentary, even when the researchers adjusted for smoking habits, education, body mass index and other variables.”

“Whether exercise habits need to have been established and maintained throughout adulthood, however, in order to affect aging has been less clear. If someone has slacked off on his or her exercise resolutions during young adulthood and early middle-age, in other words, is it too late to start exercising and still have a meaningful impact on health and longevity in later life?”

“To address that issue, researchers with the Physical Activity Research Group at University College London and other institutions turned recently to the large trove of data contained in the ongoing English Longitudinal Study of Aging, which has tracked the health habits of tens of thousands of British citizens for decades, checking in with participants multiple times and asking them how they currently eat, exercise, feel and generally live.”

“For the study, appearing in the February issue of the British Journal of Sports Medicine, scientists isolated responses from 3,454 healthy, disease-free British men and women aged between 55 and 73 who, upon joining the original study of aging, had provided clear details about their exercise habits, as well as their health, and who then had repeated that information after an additional eight years.”

“The researchers stratified the chosen respondents into those who were physically active or not at the study’s start, using the extremely generous definition of one hour per week of moderate or vigorous activity to qualify someone as active. Formal exercise was not required. An hour per week of “gardening, cleaning the car, walking at a moderate pace, or dancing” counted, said Mark Hamer, a researcher at University College London who led the study.”

“The scientists then re-sorted the respondents after the eight-year follow-up, marking them as having remained active, become active, remained inactive or become inactive as they moved into and through middle-age. They also quantified each respondent’s health throughout those years, based on diagnosed diabetes, heart disease, dementia or other serious conditions. And the scientists directly contacted their respondents, asking each to complete objective tests of memory and thinking, and a few to wear an activity monitor for a week, to determine whether self-reported levels of physical activity matched actual levels of physical activity. (They did.)”

“In the eight years between the study’s start and end, the data showed, those respondents who had been and remained physically active aged most successfully, with the lowest incidence of major chronic diseases, memory loss and physical disability. But those people who became active in middle-age after having been sedentary in prior years, about 9 percent of the total, aged almost as successfully. These late-in-life exercisers had about a seven-fold reduction in their risk of becoming ill or infirm after eight years compared with those who became or remained sedentary, even when the researchers took into account smoking, wealth and other factors.”

“Those results reaffirm both other science and common sense. A noteworthy 2009 study of more than 2,000 middle-aged men, for instance, found that those who started to exercise after the age of 50 were far less likely to die during the next 35 years than those who were and remained sedentary. “The reduction in mortality associated with increased physical activity was similar to that associated with smoking cessation,” the researchers concluded.”

“But in this study, the volunteers did not merely live longer; they lived better than those who were not active, making the message inarguable for those of us in mid-life. “Build activity into your daily life,” Dr. Hamer said. Or, in concrete terms, if you don’t already, dance, wash your car and, if your talents allow (mine don’t), combine the two.”



No Muffin Top this Fall! 

No Muffin Top this Fall! 

Now that summer has officially ended and it’s fall, it’s never too early to start preparing yourself for the fall/winter months of wearing larger, thicker clothing, and it’s so easy to let yourself go without even noticing. Well, be ahead of yourself this year by starting to add these specific exercises to your routines. I have found three wonderful and different exercise workouts for your muffin top, or non-muffin top, whichever. But if you do these exercises during the months where we don’t really get to see our bodies, like in summer time when we wear short shorts and flip-flops, you will still find yourself looking hot after you take off that huge sweater you’re wearing during the coldest times! 

Here’s some great tips of what NOT to eat: 

Since everyone loves smoothies, I found these great recipes for smoothies that help you lose weight.


Yoga Ball Chair For Health — atkokosplace

Switching out a “chair” for a yoga ball! What?! Yep, that’s exactly what I did. I use a yoga ball daily for not only exercise but to “sit” on! I’m always looking for ways to be kinder to my body and I’m always looking for ways to exercise while not “exercising” if that makes sense. […]

via Yoga Ball Chair For Health — atkokosplace


How to Stay in Shape on a Vegas Vacation

How to Stay in Shape on a Vegas Vacation 

I rarely take trips that are extravagant, but my husband and I have saved up for a Vegas vacation of a lifetime! I have been preparing my trip for over a year now, and I have put in lots of months of hard work to look and feel my best on vacation. But how will I stay fit while still having fun? Well, there are plenty of tips that I will give you to stay right with your diet, your workout, and what are some of my must-have items to bring. 

So how do you stay in shape while on a Vegas vacation? Your first thought should be about food. What kind of food to eat, to prepare for the vacation, as well as, what to eat once you get there? Whether you have plenty of time to shed a few pounds,or if your vacation is only days away, these tips will help you stay hydrated, full and not eating junk food.

FOOD: Start by making sure you are  hydrated and stay that way your whole vacation. Especially if you plan on getting some sun, which most people do. Carry a water bottle with you at all times and make sure you drink ice-cold water. It fills you up when you drink a glass of cold ice-water before a meal and helps you to eat less portions. A lot of times when people think they’re hungry, they’re actually thirsty. This will cut down on intaking empty calories. 

Next, get to know what zero calorie foods are actually zero calories, and incorporate them into your diet today. 

Now that you have seen some very good food suggestions, take a look at one of my cheat-sheet guides for meal awareness. When it comes to eating your square meals of the day, these are the guidelines I use for myself. 

Even the best of us get hungry between meals, and the way I snack is what always  keeps me on track or not. So these 5 clean and healthy snack ideas are a great idea to have with you during the day, and they won’t hurt your diet. 

Taking a Vegas Vacation means eating a 5-Star dining, and catering at your fingertips. There will probably be lots of good items to choose from, but most of them will not be good for you. Here are some amazing tips on how you can substitute certain items for better, low calorie choices. This will keep the pounds off for sure. 

EXERCISE: How do you work out during a Vegas vacation? Staying fit while on vacation is a hard feat, but it can be done. When I am in a hurry, and only have a few minutes to get a workout in, here’s the workout I do:

Are you staying in hotel with a good gym? This is a workout for you to do in the hotel. This is a workout that I truly enjoy because it’s not too much cardio, and I am not a cardio fan, even though I should be. 

And when you get a chance, you should explore all the different exercise classes offered around Vegas. Here are some examples of cool classes to get fit and stay fit! From yoga, to pole dancing, it seems like Vegas has it all to have fun and still get your workout in. What a great city!

*Vegas is the place where anything is possible. It really has it all! From casinos and royal treatment, to shows, restaurants, Vegas has pretty much anything you can dream of! Make sure you check out all there is to do at You can get special deals on hotel rooms, concerts, you name it, Vegas probably has it!

Products: My final tips have to do with products that I use and will bring with me to stay looking fabulous! I would say using products has to be one of the biggest ways you can make yourself look better quickly. 

  • Sunless Tanner- find a good self-tanner and give yourself a nice glow before you step out in your bikini at the pool. Using a good brand can make or break your experience with this sunless tanner. Example, cheaper ones will be more streaky with an orange tint

  • Vitamin-E Oil – Staying in shape also means keeping your skin looking great too. I use Vitamin-E Oil all over my bottom and back of thighs, as well as most of my body. If you start using this oil before your trip, and massage it in a little, your skin will appear to have less cellulite and more toned, without any work

If you use all my tips and tricks, you will be healthy and most definitely in shape for any vacation, but most importantly, a Vegas Vacation! 


Workout to Lose 10 Pounds in a Week

Lose 10 Pounds in a Week!

Looking to lose a little weight, quickly. Most of the time that is hard to do, but with these easy tips you can guarantee at least a few pounds will come off with ease.

*Before Breakfast





*After Dinner

Dose tea from 6:00 pm until bedtime. Do not drink a liter of water before bed! 


Time for Summer Bodies

It’s June now- time to kick it up a notch or two… Or three! Time to tone those abs and start showing muscle definition quick. Summer is right around the corner and it’s a lot more fun when you’re not worrying about if your stomach looks good or not. Instead, just shrewd those abs and show them off instead of being standoffish. I know we’ve gotten a late start -i.e. It’s June 4th, so we missed a few days, but if you start tomorrow, and workout abs for all of June, by July you’ll want to be showing off your mid-section! 

Dont forget that core!!!

“Core exercises improve your balance and stability.”


“Core exercises train the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen to work in harmony. This leads to better balance and stability, whether on the playing field or in daily activities. In fact, most sports and other physical activities depend on stable core muscles.”


Bipolar Disorder, Exercise and a Healthy Lifestyle 


Bipolar Healthy Lifestyle
“Living with bipolar disorder involves seeing your doctor and therapist and taking your bipolar medication. There’s also a lot you can do to take charge of your health. Here are some suggestions.”


  • Exercise. Studies show that regular exercise can help improve mood whether or not you have bipolar disorder. It can also help you sleep better. Talk to your health care provider about what kind of exercise routine you should try. Start slowly. Take walks around the neighborhood with a friend. Gradually, work up to exercising on most days of the week.

Eat a healthy diet. No, there isn’t a miracle diet for bipolar disorder. But a good meal plan can help you feel better and give you the nutrients you need. Avoid fad diets that force you to cut out food groups. Instead, focus on the basics: Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, and grains, and less fat and sugar.”


Get a good night’s sleep. Being sleep-deprived can trigger mania in those with bipolar disorder. So get into good sleep habits. Go to sleep and get up at the same times every day. Relax before bed by listening to soothing music, reading, or taking a bath. Don’t sit up in bed watching TV. In fact, experts recommend you make your bedroom a calming space, and only use it for sleep and sex.”

Relax. Anxiety can aggravate mood symptoms in many people with bipolar disorder. So make a real effort to relax. Lying on the couch watching TV isn’t enough. Instead, try something more focused, like yoga or meditation.”

Reduce stress at home and at work. Ask for help with some of the stressful things in your life. See if your spouse, family, or friends will take care of some of the housework and other hassles. If your job is proving to be too much, think about ways of scaling back some of your responsibilities. Do what you can to simplify your life and make it easier.”

Minimize caffeine and avoid alcohol and drugs. Caffeine is a stimulant, which can keep you up at night and possibly exacerbate your mood. So cut back — or cut out — soda, coffee, and tea. Alcohol and drugs can affect how your medications work. They can also worsen bipolar disorder and possibly trigger a mood episode.”

Get onto a schedule. Many people with bipolar disorder find that sticking to a daily schedule can help control their mood. Incorporate all of these things — exercise, healthy meals, relaxation, and sleep — into a pattern that you more or less stick to every day.”


Bye Bye Saddlebags


No More Saddlebags!“Women should definitely rock their curves, but sometimes the body goes a little overboard and gives women a bit more than they ordered in the thigh department (we’ve all been there!). But before you decide to pull out the baggy shirts and sweatpants, take a shot at this workout routine that just may be the solution to your saddlebag dilemma.”

1. Standing Fire Hydrant with Medicine Ball:


  •  You’ll need a sturdy chair and a soft ball for this move. Do it for 30 seconds, switch legs and perform the movement on the opposite leg for another 30 seconds.

2. Crossover Step Up: 


  • “Grab your dumbbells and get to work! Repeat the move as many times as you can for 30 seconds and then switch, so you’re stepping up and crossing over with your other leg for another 30 seconds.”

3. Resistance Band Clamshell: 


  • “Wrap your resistance band around your thighs and prepare for the burn!”

4. Resistance Band Kickback Pulse: 


  • “This move requires strength and stamina from your glutes in order to get all the way through! For a less intensity, ditch the resistance band.”

5. Side Lunge Row: 


  • “Grab a pair of dumbbells and get to work! You’ll feel this move all over your body. Do the move as many times as you can for 60 seconds.”

6. Weighted Leg Circles:


  •  “You’ll feel this move in your oblique abs and hamstrings. To decrease the intensity a little bit, ditch the ankle weights. Do the exercise for 30 seconds on each leg.”

7. Squat Step with Resistance Band: 


  • “Tone your quads and glutes with this killer move. Do it quickly in a controlled motion back and forth as many times as possible in 60 seconds. For more details, click here.

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Yoga for Love Handles


The perfect morning routine for energy!

Yoga & Joyful Living

I’ve had a long stretch where I was just feeling depleted even though I had made it only halfway through the day. No matter how health-conscious I was trying to be, the afternoons only advanced at the oh-so-gruelling sloow pace.

Clearly, things could not go on that way. But then, implementing a healthy morning routine that gives energy for the entire day (and, if needed, night!) just seemed very daunting. How was I supposed to make time for an additional routine if my mornings were already packed with duties?

So here’s what I’ve worked out (over months, by trial and error!), realising that actually all that’s needed is to reverse the order of a few things that were part of my morning already. I’ve also added one or two routines that – literally! – take a few seconds.

Give yourself the means to make today really count! Give yourself the means to make today really count!

Here’s my step-by-step guide to an easy, more energising morning (please…

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No More Muffin Top



Sweating: Why It’s Good For You

Sweat, baby sweat!
Sweating: Why It’s Good For You

“Sweating is very cleansing for your body. Various cultures throughout time have embraced this fact as demonstrated by the prevalent uses of sweat lodges, bath houses and steam rooms in numerous traditions. When you sweat, your body undergoes a series of processes that allow for the release of toxins and an increase in metabolism.”


What Is Sweat?

“Sweat is made up mostly of water but also contains minerals, urea, lactic acid, ammonia and sugar. Sweating is your bodies way of regulating its temperature. When you run long distances or exercise in hot weather, for example, your muscles exert themselves and your body overheats. Sweating is your body’s way of bringing your temperature back to normal.”


The Benefits Of Sweating

“When you sweat, you breathe faster, your heart works more, your circulation improves and your metabolism accelerates, all in an effort to resume your normal body temperature. Because your circulation is increased during sweating, many of the toxins and impurities are able to exit your body by way of your open skin pores. This is a good reason to exercise to the point of sweating or to sit in a steam room regularly.”

“Your skin also benefits from sweating. Your skin pores open and any dirt or impurities on the surface layers of the skin have a chance to exit. Sweating regularly, if followed by proper cleansing, will help you to achieve softer and smoother skin.”

“It is believed that the immune system also benefits from sweating. When your body heats up, your body generates more white blood cells. This strengthens your immune system.”

Sweating For Stress Relief

“Sweating can also be very relaxing for both your body and your mind. When you sweat, your body’s muscles are warmed up by humidity and heat. This helps to release the stress and fatigue brought on by muscle tension.”

“Sweating is healthy and cleansing. It helps your body get rid of toxins. It cleanses your skin. Sweating gets your circulation going and increases cardiovascular activity. It increases your metabolism, leading to calorie burning. It boosts your immune system. Sweating is also an effective stress reliever. To enjoy the health benefits of sweating, include activities in your daily life such as regular exercise, working in the garden on a warm day or sitting regularly in steam rooms and saunas.”


Squatting Yoga Pose (Malaasana)

Squatting Yoga Pose  
“Squatting yoga pose (Malaasana) is considered as one of the basic yoga pose offers many health benefits. It can be performed by anyone who feel comfortable seating in this pose without facing any issues. Malaasana helps to get relieves from lower back pain and tones the abdominal muscles. This yoga pose also helps to open pelvis and loosen the muscle of hips and can also tone chest muscles.”

“You can hold in this Squat yoga pose for 1 to 2 minutes (if feel comfortable) and breathe deeply.”



Core Stability vs Core Mobility – The Building Blocks

North Coast Conditioning

A few weeks ago I posted an article written by Grey Cook and Mike Boyle called ‘The Joint by Joint Approach”. It’s a great little read about the purpose of our joints and the relationship stability and mobility have to chronic pain. If you have not read the article you  should check it out!

This week I am going to elaborate on what the article discussed, specifically focusing on the lumbar region of the spine and the core muscles surrounding it.


First of all we have to dispel a myth that marketing companies wish to keep over you for as long as they can. No amount of crunches, plank, or machine abdominal exercise will give you a six-pack or make your waist look thinner. The only thing that will get those abs popping is reduction in body fat. Doing an exercise in one area (otherwise known as spot training) will do nothing…

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Exercise and Bipolar

Exercise is Essential for the Bipolar Person


Exercise, in my opinion, is one of the biggest factors for Bipolar sufferers, that is an absolute MUST DO, that is, if being stable is their main goal. Most people suffering from Bipolar Disorder are depressed and exercising does nothing but help a person feel better inside and out, as well as, help every aspect of their illness in a positive way. Exercising is CRUCIAL for remaining a clear-headed, relaxed, not manic nor depressive person. Exercising is doing so many good things to your body, and all over, too! It helps you release stress and tension, leaving you to feel calmer, more peaceful, and without feeling any anxiousness, that Bipolar sufferers are always feeling or fighting. Exercise clears our heads from all of the (extra thousands) of thoughts that run through our heads. It allows you to lose calories, therefore, losing weight, which makes you happy, too. Your stamina is increased when people are more active than those who are not; and for some of us who suffer from depression, it helps take the depression away, leaving you able to feel emotions again, and set goals for youself. It also helps with your sleep pattern because a good workout will allow you to sleep like a baby. Gettng regular sleep is so important for staying stable. A rested bipolar person has a much better chance at making it through the day without an episode or mood swings. Makes you wonder why you haven’t been exercising??? I only mentioned a few things exercising improves in your life, and I didn’t even make a dent. There is too many positive attributes, to come from getting a good workout, so I won’t even try to go any further.

Read the discussion and add what you do for exercise and what positive effects have you seen improve in your life? And if you ARE bipolar, GREAT! That’s just even better data to help others understand that a lot of their fears and angers derive from lack of exercising the body. It will only help! So pass this on after you read the discussion and post how you de-stress, from cleaning the house, to yoga, to gardening. Exercise is exercise. As long as you are exerting yourself and being preoccupied, you are less likely for a mood swing to come on.

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