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October Gave a Party…

October Gave a Party… 


Fall Nail Guide

Fall Nail Guide

The colors of fall are much darker, deeper and richer colors too. These fall nails are enticing, sophisticated and sexy. These are some tips for fall and it’s strict nail color blend. 

Now that you know what shades are appropriate for fall/winter, don’t forget to shape your nail. It’s not so much how you shape your nails that matter, just that you did them. 


Look of the Week – October 14th

Look of the Week – Faux Fur Vests

I just love this look, and you can’t go wrong with faux fur. They make so many different looks and colors in the fur, you have so many choices, and they’re sold everywhere. It’s not hard to find one you can love. 

“Not only is this cozy trend super stylish, but also gets a furry friend stamp of aproval. That right, I am talking about faux fur. From the streets to the runways, this trend has been seen everywhere. Coming in all different patterns and styles, faux fur is the trend to rock this winter season. My absolute favorite way to showcase faux fur is through different styles of outerwear. Here are a few of my favorite bloggers completely embracing this furry trend.”



Fall Hair Trend – White Honey

Fall Hair Trend – White Honey

The fall hair trends are in, and I see that if you’re going to be a blonde, go with the shade of White Honey. I am a natural blonde, and you see that less and less. I am a honey blonde, and have golden curls but my color is much darker than a platinum or ash blonde. My husband calls me “Goldielocks”, and it makes me feel great. If you’re planning on going blonde this season, or if you need to re-do your style, consider going white honey. It’s got the color of ash blonde, with a splash of tone to it and it really adds dimension. 

  • Check out the different shades of blonde

  • Every blonde needs a weekly deep conditioner

  • These are great tips to taking care of your blonde

  • Sometimes the bleach from highlights can make your scalp feel itchy or burned. Here is a great way to fix it

  • Madison Reed is your ready-to-order hair care system. It has virtually every color you want

If you want to order some hair color: Madison-Reed Hair Color


Fashion – Coming up Crystals and Roses

Fashion – Coming up Crystals and Roses

I love the rich colors this fall brings us, especially the dusty pink. It’s nice to see a toned-down pink, it’s been years. Dresses covered in crystals and roses are so beautifully designed. The extravagant detail is worth the high sticker price when looking to purchase pieces that look like the ones shown. Notice how each color from the coloring box has been used for each of these dresses. Although  I am biased, because I like pink the most. 


The Biggest Trend of 2016, According to the Internet — StyleCaster

Sometimes it’s easy to tell when a trend has hit its saturation point—you couldn’t log in to Instagram this summer without seeing an off-the-shoulder shirt or a skinny choker necklace, and the world’s frantic Googling of bomber jackets has translated to total domination on the streets. Certain trends, however, fly somewhat under the radar, and…

via The Biggest Trend of 2016, According to the Internet — StyleCaster


Short Boots are in!

Short Boots are in! 

Everywhere I look, from the grocery store to on my favorite tv shows and movies, I keep seeing the same trend… short boots with short heels. In years past, it’s been all about tall boots with big stiletto heels. Well, more and more I see women switching to shorter boots that also have a short heel. Finally this trend is hot! I’ve been waiting for it to be trendy again to wear my shorter heeled shoes. They’re so much more practical, and now they’re being made by every designer and they’re all adorable. You can wear these booties to work, or walking with your kids to the playground, or just with your favorite pair of jeans. I have gathered a lot of different looks for these short-heeled boots with different colors and styles. 

Now check out some outfits that go with the boots: 

Here is a nice chart with this fall’s styled boots:

And don’t forget to keep your shoes off the floor and put away like in these nice closets:

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