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Look of the Week – March 13th

Look of the Week – Lip Piercing 

Yup! It’s back! The lip ring has made its, I don’t know, second, maybe third comeback since the 90’s. But now it’s the middle of the lower lip that has every trend setter wanting this look. From the one and only, scandalous Kim Kardashian shows us how she flaunts hers. 

I’m not sure how I feel about another lip piercing coming back as a trend, but at least with this look, you can get a fake cuff and put it on your lip to look like a real one. And I do like trends I can take off easily, and this sure would be one. Check out these sexy lips all pierced different ways on the middle of the lower lip. Are you a trend setter? Or follower? Just be on trend!


Fairytale Makeup 

Fairytale Makeup

These makeup jobs are some of the best fairytale looks a person could do! These eyes, lips, cheeks, and faces are all unique and oh so beautiful! Wouldn’t you say? The first picture below blew my mind with the color chosen to be used for that look. It was an intense color, yet was subtly put on, matching the hair. The second picture struck me as gorgeous due to the way this makeup job was done. I love the pink color streaming down the middle of the nose and in the eyebrows. It’s so pretty! And the sequins under the eyes are muchly needed to make the make up pop. The third picture captured my heart with the almost periwinkle color on her hair, face, cheeks, eyes, and lips. Periwinkle is my favorite color, so I’m probably biased to love anything that color. I won’t go on about the rest, you decide what is the prettiest look. 


Seaside Stripes: Fashion; Men & Women

Seaside Stripes: Fashion; Men & Women

Seaside Stripes are a big fashion trend for spring and summer 2017. It’s no secret that blue and white stripes look amazing, but it is information to share with a friend to pull out your blue & white striped clothing because it’s hot right now! If you don’t own a piece of a navy and white striped ensemble, there’s so many places that sell it, it’s not just for rich folks anymore. And they make every kind of outfit in seaside stripes, like pants, tops, blouses, romoers, skirts, scarfs, shoes, hats, belts, and the list goes on. 

Here are some examples of blue palette’s that are made to go with seaside colors. This is to help give you some inspiration to wear these blue’s. And the palette’s help allow you make sure you wear colors that go together. 


Look of the Week

Look of the Week – Leather Skirts and Pants

Leather equals rock, most of the time. But today, everyone is rocking their leather and faux leather pants, and skirts like there’s no tomorrow! I love the look,  and have added leather pieces to my own wardrobe since last fall. I am wearing them more and more. The more I wear them, the more comfortable they get. Just don’t get stuck wearing those tight leather ensembles without A/C! That will be one sticky situation. You may want to keep some talcum powder with you if you do sweat a lot. It’s just a good idea to have it with you. I have found outfits, complete from head to toe for examples of some great leather looks. But only after you check out pictures of people rocking their leather goods on the streets. 


Look of the Week – February 6th

Look of the Week – Black Chokers

Choker of all colors and styles are trending and will continue to throughout the year. I wanted the look of the Week to be about black chokers, and not all chokers. There are too many different styles, colors, materials and more to go through and pick just one, because they’re all amazing, so I’m sticking with black. I see that majority of chokers sold are black. Chokers are so affordable too. They can range from $2-$30 on average. I hope you are inspired to try out a choker, and those of you from the 90’s, if you are done with chokers, I completely understand. But if you are one of those girls or guys from the age when chokers were from, please leave me a comment telling me how you feel about the trend being back and everywhere? 


Men’s Fashion Trend – Zebra Marks

Men’s Fashion Trend – Zebra Marks

I love writing about fashion, and I’m have been writing more and more about men’s fashion. I have been getting lots of good feedback about the men’s fashion trends and tips. There are a lot of trends for spring 2017, and I thought I’d focus on the zebra print Trend. It’s a hot one right now! You can get almost any zebra print piece of clothing, as shown below. Even celebs are rocking the look and loving it. 

  • Here is Drake, Kanye West and Miss Lawrence. 


Spring Trend Colors 2017

Spring Trend Colors 2017

  • These are 13 trends told by Elle magazine:

Seaside Stripes

“Ripped from beach umbrellas, weathered lounge chairs, and Nantucket awnings, one of the season’s major stripe trends fits right in for summer.”


“It would seem that every designer figured out how to make the utilitarian material work—from the ones who create pieces for ladies who lunch to the designers who are redefining street wear.”

50 Shades of Yellow

“Thought you couldn’t wear the cheery shade? Well think again. This season there’s an option out there for everyone, no matter your skin tone.”

Banker Stripes

“Inspired by Wall Street, but tweaked and tinkered with to work for Seventh Avenue.”

Single Shoulder Cutout

“Fashion’s obsession with shoulders rages on, manifesting itself in strategically placed cutouts for maximum impact.”

Flashdance Shoulder

“This season if it isn’t off the shoulder it isn’t right—at least according to some of our favorite designers.”

Sleeve Slits

“Flared sleeves were all the rage last year, but now it’s all about the slit. Might we suggest upping your bangle and bracelet game to play off of the fresh silhouette.”

White Shirt Dresses

“Interesting waistlines and unexpected hemlines add oomph to simple white shirt dresses. Pick up a bunch of these to add to your workwear rotation.”


“Surprised to see waist training makes its stylish debut on the runway? Us too.”

Foldover Waists

“Boring waistlines have been banished for the season in favor of sharp fold over options. You won’t be able to wear belts with these, though, so make sure you’ve got the best tailor on hand, just incase.”

The New Trench Coat

“Slouchy fabrics, big buckles, and extended silhouettes take your run of the mill trench coat from meh to major.”

 Boyscouts Sash

“We promise you’ll love this asymmetrical trend. Scouts honor.”


“Don’t feel like getting dressed in the morning? Toss on a fancy robe and you’re good to go.”

Source: Fashion Trends 2017 



Look of the Week – January 16th 

Look of the Week – Faux Suede 


This week I feature faux suede as my look of the Week because I love this trend that started last summer, carried on into fall and is still going strong this winter. I love faux suede because it is faux. It doesn’t have the high sticker price as real suede, so I won’t feel so terrible if I get something on my faux suede! Lol. More than that reason, the material is so soft on your skin and moveable when stretch is added to the material. I have many pieces of faux suede and I have plans to continue collecting. There’s only so many colors it comes in, so if you find a beautiful raspberry or light blue faux suede, get it! Most of the time you will see shades of browns, tans, and blacks. See you next Monday! 

Faux Suede



Hello my lovely readers🙂 How’s everything going? As you may already know I really really love Autumn, so I’ve think, that I should also show my excitement for Autumn on my nails. That’s why, today I’m going to show you some easy Autumn inspired nail art. I’m also going to show you, how to make […]



Look of the Week – October 21st

Look of the Week – Button-Up Skirts

This week’s look is highly trending and easy to find to buy. That is, if you don’t have one already. These fashionable skirts show off your waistline and give you a skinny look with it’s A-Line design. I love them in the burgundy and raspberry colors. You can match pretty much any top with these button-up skirts. They’re so versatile. You can make them look casual or dress the outfit up with a beautiful top. However you wear it, just know you’re in style. 


Look of the Week – October 14th

Look of the Week – Faux Fur Vests

I just love this look, and you can’t go wrong with faux fur. They make so many different looks and colors in the fur, you have so many choices, and they’re sold everywhere. It’s not hard to find one you can love. 

“Not only is this cozy trend super stylish, but also gets a furry friend stamp of aproval. That right, I am talking about faux fur. From the streets to the runways, this trend has been seen everywhere. Coming in all different patterns and styles, faux fur is the trend to rock this winter season. My absolute favorite way to showcase faux fur is through different styles of outerwear. Here are a few of my favorite bloggers completely embracing this furry trend.”



Fashion – Coming up Crystals and Roses

Fashion – Coming up Crystals and Roses

I love the rich colors this fall brings us, especially the dusty pink. It’s nice to see a toned-down pink, it’s been years. Dresses covered in crystals and roses are so beautifully designed. The extravagant detail is worth the high sticker price when looking to purchase pieces that look like the ones shown. Notice how each color from the coloring box has been used for each of these dresses. Although  I am biased, because I like pink the most. 


Look of the Week – September 30th 

Look of the Week – Zippers!!!

I see zippers everywhere, this fall is dying for zippers to be apart of the fall fashion trend. There are two-piece, zip-up outfits, and zip-up dresses, but more than that, there are zippers used a lot more than you might think. I love how this fall’s colors have changed and gotten much more rich and darker. Look at these items that show off zippers all over your wardrobe. Get inspired and decide where you would wear zippers? On your shoe? On your jacket? 

And the most expensive zipper…. LOL


The Biggest Trend of 2016, According to the Internet — StyleCaster

Sometimes it’s easy to tell when a trend has hit its saturation point—you couldn’t log in to Instagram this summer without seeing an off-the-shoulder shirt or a skinny choker necklace, and the world’s frantic Googling of bomber jackets has translated to total domination on the streets. Certain trends, however, fly somewhat under the radar, and…

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Poinsettia Pig (31DC2016) — Finger Candy

Books were day 24’s theme in the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge, which had me casting back to one of my childhood favourites, Poinsettia and Her Family. Written and illustrated by Felicia Bond, the 1981 children’s book, coloured nearly entirely in shades of pink, black and grey, tells the story of Poinsettia Pig, a temperamental […]

via Poinsettia Pig (31DC2016) — Finger Candy


Short Boots are in!

Short Boots are in! 

Everywhere I look, from the grocery store to on my favorite tv shows and movies, I keep seeing the same trend… short boots with short heels. In years past, it’s been all about tall boots with big stiletto heels. Well, more and more I see women switching to shorter boots that also have a short heel. Finally this trend is hot! I’ve been waiting for it to be trendy again to wear my shorter heeled shoes. They’re so much more practical, and now they’re being made by every designer and they’re all adorable. You can wear these booties to work, or walking with your kids to the playground, or just with your favorite pair of jeans. I have gathered a lot of different looks for these short-heeled boots with different colors and styles. 

Now check out some outfits that go with the boots: 

Here is a nice chart with this fall’s styled boots:

And don’t forget to keep your shoes off the floor and put away like in these nice closets:



I love clothes, I love shopping. And I love reading about clothes too…. That is so weird I know,but even the description of a good scarf, an intricately styled heel even a beautiful pair of earrings is enough for me.(Mostly because I can’t afford to dress like I really want to😛 ) So anyways here’s […]

via For the Fashionistas — In Search Of The Missing A


Gucci Fall Shoes

Gucci Fall Shoes

Wow! This season Gucci has really made some great shoes with different size heels, different styles, and so many colors available. I want them all, but I know I can keep dreaming, so I will, by looking at all the fabulous shoes they made while adding their signature G’s and signature color stripes. 


Nails – Chrome Nail Polish with Mirror powder — Beauty

I’m super excited today, because it’s my first nail post since a while ago. So, today I wanted to talk about the trend of the moment: Chrome nails with mirror powder. The process is to put a powder over a dark nail polish, or depending of the tone you want, you can use another color as […]

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The 35 Best Beauty Moments From ‘90s (and Early ‘00s) TV Shows — StyleCaster


We know that every generation probably says this and will say this about their own childhood until the end of time, but we fully assert that the ‘90s and early aughts were the best years ever. Well, at least in regard to TV and childhoods (the decade can keep their cigarette smoking, JNCO Jeans, and…

via The 35 Best Beauty Moments From ‘90s (and Early ‘00s) TV Shows — StyleCaster


Fall Fashion Colors 2016 – Men and Women 

2016 Fall Fashion Colors – For Men and Women

  • Now check out a few trends this fall that are happening


How to Get in on Turtleneck Season Before It’s Actually Cold Out — StyleCaster


Layering fans, listen up: you don’t need to wait until temperatures plunge to start pulling the old turtleneck-under-a-dress trick. Which is not to say that I’m suggesting you walk around in a thermal in 80-degree weather, however. A new crop of lightweight, long-sleeve tops let you get a bit of extra coverage under your skimpiest slips…

via How to Get in on Turtleneck Season Before It’s Actually Cold Out — StyleCaster


Look of the Week – September 17th

Look of the Week – Floral Rompers, Jumpsuits

Rompers are the easiest outfits to wear and they’re so comfy. I love them so much, I can’t stop buying them. But the trend I keep seeing, both long and short sleeved, are floral rompers and jumpsuits. I have collected the best of the best examples of what’s hot and trendy right now!

Seriously, though, what is really better than a romper on a late summer day? They’re incredibly easy to wear, and require very little maintenance. By that I mean, you can literally wear a romper and no other clothes and be set. I love it! 


Look of the Week – September 2nd

Look of the Week – September 2nd

  • Oversized Scarves

The fall look that rocks every year, will always be an adorable scarf. And oversized scarves, like blanket-sized scarves are becoming more and more trendy. And more people are wearing them all year, especially now. Check out the best looks with scarves I found for inspiration for yourself! After, are instructions to help you learn to fold different scarf looks!

Now the Tips:


Fall Fashion Guide – Part 3

 Here are the best of the best looks that you can bet you will be seeing this fall and winter. Notice that the colors, the materials and the patterns are all flattering. Each style has its own unique feature to it, but what is really cool is that the styles in 2015 are oh so different from the next. A lot of seasons, it seems like each style is just a slight variation from the last piece. But this year every style has its own look to it. From flannel to fringe, each look can be easily recreated and can become a favorite in your wardrobe!


The 2015 shoe trends are all about “extra”. From the fun-dangling fringe, to a pop of fur on them, your shoes this season will in fact have a lot going on. And why not? These season’s shoes are exciting, bold and daring. From the bright pops of color to the lots of straps on the shoe. You can be sure you’ll have a hard time trying to decide what look to go for, because they’re all so cute!



Fall Fashion Guide – Part 2

Fall 2015: An Evolving Color Landscape

This season displays an umbrella of accord that weaves earthy neutrals with a range of bold color statements and patterns to reflect a landscape of hope, fun, fantasy and all things natural.

“Juxtaposition of color from opposite sides of the spectrum emphasizes poise and confidence on the runway. The Fall 2015 palette is rooted in multi-faceted, androgynous colors that can be worn to portray effortless sophistication across men’s and women’s fashion; it is the first time we are seeing a truly unisex color palette.”

– Lee Eiseman 
Here the sesason’s Hottest Colors:   

Check out: 

Falls Fashionable Colors


Fall Fashion Guide – Part 1

These looks are the most interesting and most fashionable, from 2015’s New York Fashion Week. Find fashions that only look expensive and learn the best ways to wear what you already own for your most stylish you ever. It’s not hard to guess at what will be the big trends for any Fall season. You can put money on the fact that colors will be toned down, that some cozy fabric will be on every runway, that at least one — if not several — decades will be referenced, and that there will be coats. Lots of coats.

Outerwear is a crucial component to any quality Fall collection, and this season, it seemed as if every designer was set on showing some version of the cape. And why shouldn’t they? The fashion-forward street style crowd has been forgoing sleeves for years. Classic cape silhouettes abound, but also look for a few toppers — Is that cape a dress? Are those faux sleeves? — that are optical style illusions.

Looking for a hint of femininity in your workplace wardrobe? Try a pussy bow. This simple addition to the basic blouse, a delicate collar tied askew, is a decidedly romantic touch that was all over the runways, particularly in Milan, where plunging necklines are usually more common.

Crop it!

Oh Cecilia

If you’re petite girl or just not that tall a crop top is your new BFF, like FOR REAL!

A crop top falls at a right length, not so short or long, and helps elongate your stature. Showing a little torso creates also an illusion of curves! How cool is this?

Check out this celebs outfits with crop tops!

What do you think? Love it or hate it?

xo, M.

PS: Photos found via pinterest

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Check out these Shoes, ladies!

I just love the following shoes! The neon trend has carried over into fall, still scorching hot!!!

The next pair of “stilettos” are white, paten-leather with an sexy pattern on it. These high-heels will give you about 6 more inches…to all you petite women! “Look out,” is what guys will say as you confidently walk by.

Finally, you’ll love this next set of heels. Who doesn’t love black? It’s basically THE staple color you’re going to wear all Fall into Winter. The shoes are ankle booties that come right up to the ankle. But to make these boots so great is the back of the shoe, including the heel is gold! So hot! So stylish! Try a pair on today!



Fashion Sense!

Wonder Woman Talks

Thigh High Boots

The latest trend in boots is thigh highs! Let them take you to great heights!

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Fall/Winter Style Tip -Featuring Pink Anthropologie Coat


It’s just a step to the left and a jump to the right… over to your nearest MAC cosmetics counter

Stardate 68234.3


MAC Cosmetics is getting into the Halloween spirit this year and releasing a gorgeous cosmetics line inspired by Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Always wanted Magenta’s lipstick? Now you can own it! Follow this link:

Love Columbia’s pizzazz? MAC has you covered with a gold glitter that will get you tap dancing before you can blink.Or maybe you want a strong man with a tan in little gold shorts? Either way MAC has something sure to please. It’s also available in 3D black to add some shimmery dimension to you look.

Glitter link:

The nail polishes will have you feeling like a sweet transvestite from Transylvania: Bad Fairy is a gorgeous chromatic red with multi-changing red pearls. While, Formidable is a teal green with pink multi-changing pearls.

Want to Time Warp the night away with Riff-Raff? You will fit right in with this eye shadow set by MAC. Intense eyes…

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Contemporary Fashion at Affordable Prices

Ikrush - Women's Fashion Store

Ashling Embellished Gem Black Dress

As any girl that likes to follow fashion knows, the changing trends mean that clothes shopping can become an expensive addiction; however, keeping up to date with the latest clothing does not have to be expensive. If you are currently shopping around for ladies/women’s jackets for the colder months, it is advisable to compare prices before paying out money for your chosen item. The changing seasons can mean that you have to buy a number of clothes at once in order to keep warm. However, this does not have to be pricey if you spend some time shopping around first.

Keep up with the fashion elite
If you are looking for a new website to quench your thirst for fashion, head over to and take a look at the fantastic range of clothes and accessories they have available. With so many different retailers out there, it can be hard…

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Look of the Week


The look of the week, this week, is a pretty pink skirt, navy blue button-up, tailored shirt, with matching hat and belt. I chose this look this week because it is one that is soft, lovely, timeless. The baby pink skirt is high-waisted and pleated all around. The pleats are soft and elegant, so I guess they’re today’s updated version of the “uptight” pleats. The soft pink compliments the navy blue, quite well. It is a very muted pink, so it’s perfect for fall. The belt is really nifty, with it’s design on the front, and exact match to the skirt and hat. The hat is a trilby hat, with a pink bow wrapped around the top of the hat, again, giving that “soft” feel to the look. The model’s shoes are black and white peep-toe heels, but there are so many options of shoe color that would look smashing! From tan, camel, off-white, navy, and more… I’m sure this outfit is an easy look to pull off! It just takes a nicely-fitted shirt, flowy skirt, matching accessories, and you’ve got my Look of the Week! Don’t forget the hat! It’s what makes the outfit POP!

 Don’t forget to wear your hair down, with lots of soft, curly locks. This is crucial for pulling off this look as “soft”, instead of just another skirt and shirt outfit. It’s all in the details! Accessorize til your heart is content!


Did Kendall Jenner Get Bullied During Fashion Week?

Kendall Jenner Bullied at Fashion Week?



“An unfortunate report in the new issue of In Touch Weekly (via The Daily Mail) alleges that Kendall Jenner was bullied by some of her fellow catwalking waifs during New York Fashion Week earlier this month. Despite Kendall’s many proclamations that she hasn’t received special treatment—she says she’s even had to work harder to overcome “her name”—an apparent Fashion Week insider told InTouch that other models “didn’t think it was fair that she was there.””




View from a Rhino House: fashionistas vs fashion victims


In returning to a measure of sanity the city of Ocala (in Florida) has joined most of the developed world in deciding that “saggy pants” are a (dubious) fashion choice rather than a matter for the police, rescinding a two-month-old ban that threatened a criminal record for citizens “intentionally exposing their underwear or buttocks”.

“Putting someone in jail for 60 days and fining them $500 for wearing their pants two inches below their natural waistline, wherever that is, that’s not smart justice,” said Kent Guinn, mayor of Ocala; a sentiment that some might argue was valid back in July when the ordinance was passed. It’s worth noting, in passing, that the number of arrests, police cautions & complaints from members of the public during the 2 months that the city’s very survival was threatened by hordes of saggy-panted radicals came to exactly 0, in every category.

The Ocala ordinance banned…

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The Headache Of Petite Fashion

Petite Fashion

“Think fashion model and most imagine underweight, unrealistic versions of the female form.

There’s nothing new about the argument that fashion’s stereotypes pander to a body image that is neither common nor healthy, underlining, again and again, the bizarre notion that there is one body shape to which you, me, we should aspire.”

“But in the drive to rebalance the industry – plus-sized models, anti-airbrushing, commitments to only employ models with certain BMIs – there is a body-shape group that still finds itself somewhat ostracised by fashion at large.”

“Enter the more diminutive in stature amongst us.

Nicole Richie, standing at 152cm (5’1″) is well within the criteria for being officially ‘petite’. Referring to height only, the petite label applies to anyone who is under 162cm (5’4″).

The socialite and designer told British Elle that she avoids online shopping because she has such problems finding clothes that fit her tiny frame.”


Tips for Fall Fashion


5 Fun New Ways To Style Your Eyebrows (And The Products You’ll Need)







1980’s Vintage Clothing

1980’s Vintage Clothing


“The 1980s was all about extravagance and extremes. This is probably what makes it such a great theme for costume parties. The era was known as ‘the time that fashion forgot’ as almost every basic fashion rule was broken. Having said that, 80s styles have experienced a comeback in recent years, and 1980s vintage clothing allows you to authenticate your look, embracing the fun and vibrant fashion of this decade to the full!”



“Just a few years ago shoulder pads made a reappearance on the cat walks. This formal look was popularized by Joan Collins and Linda Evans in the television series Dynasty, making the power suit an outfit of choice for the career woman. We have some fantastic little numbers at My Vintage.”

“When it came to hairstyles the only rule was: the bigger the better. Hair was teased, permed, crimped and feathered whilst make-up was heavy and colourful.”






Remember these???… How tragic! 




The Big Idea? Catering to Booming Petite Market

Booming Petite FashionIMG_2989.GIF

“Actress Cheryl Ladd has appeared in more than 50 TV shows, series and features, and made it to the cover of multiple magazines. But when she goes shopping, she has a hard time finding clothes that fit.”

“That’s because at 5-feet, 4-inches tall, Ladd is considered petite. And her struggle to find clothes her size is a plight she shares with the 43 percent of American women who are also petite, according to data from marketing information company NPD Group.”



10 Fashion Tips for Petite Women

Fashion Tips For Petites…

“When the average height is maintained at 5’6″, most of the women in India fall under this elfin group. While obtaining an impressive height is a dream of every woman of this group, they end only blaming their fate and hating their body, only if they knew there are some fabulous fashion tricks to get rid of it.”

“While the vertically-challenged fashionista often complains about not being able to adopt the street style look, I have compiled 10 great fashion tips to overcome this serious impediment to your fashion quotient. Do have a read!”




Carrie Bradshaw’s- Top 5 Fashion Rules

“Carrie Bradshaw (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) liberated young women eager to explore their sexuality.”

Carrie Bradshaw’s Top 5 Fashion Rules20140805-023034-9034439.jpg20140805-023047-9047427.jpg

From splashing out on shoes to always having your handbag to hand…1. You can never, ever, have too many shoes. Especially when they’re made from the stuff of footwear fantasy…





What’s Your Fashion Personality?

What Do Your Clothes Say About You?

Take this fashion quiz and find out a little bit about yourself that you may not know!

Do clothes make the woman or does the woman make the clothes? Whether you love to sew your own threads or prefer to browse Rodeo Drive, your wardrobe reflects your personality. Find out what your clothes are saying about you with our fashion quiz.

Fashion Winners for July 22nd – Nicole Richie, Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian plus more)


Petite Eva Longoria Is a Fashionista




New Nails

Leah's Fashion Blog

New nails I haven’t had purple nails in years so I went for it 🙂

LaBelle Nails $35



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Off-White Shirt Dress

An Easy Guide to Cool Color Combos

“Whether it’s neon, neutral, pastel or monochrome, color conveys the tone of your design and helps visually illustrate a story by evoking mood and feelings. Combining these color combos is often the hardest part, in this post we show you how to bring together the correct hues and apply them bringing harmony to your designs.”



How To Dress When You’re Petite


“In principle these guidelines will work for anyone who is short in height, or for those who want to appear longer or leaner in their appearance. These guidelines also work well for those whose upper body is almost the same length as their lower body. In that case the aim is to make the lower body appear longer.”

“When you are short in height you will usually have the following objectives with your dressing:

-Appear longer
-Create a flattering silhouette (using the rule of thirds, so you don’t split your body in half)
-Avoid boxyness”

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