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I love clothes, I love shopping. And I love reading about clothes too…. That is so weird I know,but even the description of a good scarf, an intricately styled heel even a beautiful pair of earrings is enough for me.(Mostly because I can’t afford to dress like I really want to😛 ) So anyways here’s […]

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View from a Rhino House: fashionistas vs fashion victims


In returning to a measure of sanity the city of Ocala (in Florida) has joined most of the developed world in deciding that “saggy pants” are a (dubious) fashion choice rather than a matter for the police, rescinding a two-month-old ban that threatened a criminal record for citizens “intentionally exposing their underwear or buttocks”.

“Putting someone in jail for 60 days and fining them $500 for wearing their pants two inches below their natural waistline, wherever that is, that’s not smart justice,” said Kent Guinn, mayor of Ocala; a sentiment that some might argue was valid back in July when the ordinance was passed. It’s worth noting, in passing, that the number of arrests, police cautions & complaints from members of the public during the 2 months that the city’s very survival was threatened by hordes of saggy-panted radicals came to exactly 0, in every category.

The Ocala ordinance banned…

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Petite Eva Longoria Is a Fashionista



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