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Look of the Week: Cont. – Celebs in Faux Leather Pants

Look of the Week: Cont. – Celebs in Faux Leather Pants

As you can see, my Look of the Week – Black Faux Leather Pants has everyone wearing them! Especially celebrities. You can see Kim Kardashian, Nicole Kidman, Kristen Cavaleri, Beyoncé and Kylie Jenner for example. They all rock this hot, sexy trend that goes with everything, trust me! You can wear this look all winter/spring long. 


Look of the Week – January 30th

Look of the Week – Black Faux/Leather Pants

It doesn’t matter to me if you like real versus faux, when it comes to your leather pants. But you have got to get yourself a pair of them now. I wear faux leather and it is so comfortable to wear, and it also keeps me warm and insulated. I am a ver naturally cold person, but when I wear my faux leather pants, I feel so much better, and am happier, just from the pants making me warm. The black, tight leather look is slimming on your body. You can’t deny that. Everyone looks great in a pair, and the stretchier the better, in my book that is. I hope you like these pictures of people wearing both real and faux leather pants. Majority are faux. Can you spot the real ones? There’s only a few. 


Look of the Week – January 16th 

Look of the Week – Faux Suede 


This week I feature faux suede as my look of the Week because I love this trend that started last summer, carried on into fall and is still going strong this winter. I love faux suede because it is faux. It doesn’t have the high sticker price as real suede, so I won’t feel so terrible if I get something on my faux suede! Lol. More than that reason, the material is so soft on your skin and moveable when stretch is added to the material. I have many pieces of faux suede and I have plans to continue collecting. There’s only so many colors it comes in, so if you find a beautiful raspberry or light blue faux suede, get it! Most of the time you will see shades of browns, tans, and blacks. See you next Monday! 

Faux Suede


Look of the Week – December 30th

Look of the Week – Faux Fur 

So, as you’ve probably already noticed, faux fur is trending pretty hard this winter. Any style will do, from a faux fur vest, to a faux fur scarf, to faux fur coats (mostly seen). Everyone is wearing them in every color and pattern around. There are long, short, oversized coats for all to be able to rock whatever style you crave! Also, the faux fur is very warm and will keep you feeling the same. The faux fur is so soft, and it’s 100% animal cruelty free. You can feel good about that. Here are my favorite picks of faux fur used in different colors, and styles. I hope this inspires you to get a piece of faux fur this winter. 

*Everything you see is faux fur, no real fur shown


Look of the Week – October 14th

Look of the Week – Faux Fur Vests

I just love this look, and you can’t go wrong with faux fur. They make so many different looks and colors in the fur, you have so many choices, and they’re sold everywhere. It’s not hard to find one you can love. 

“Not only is this cozy trend super stylish, but also gets a furry friend stamp of aproval. That right, I am talking about faux fur. From the streets to the runways, this trend has been seen everywhere. Coming in all different patterns and styles, faux fur is the trend to rock this winter season. My absolute favorite way to showcase faux fur is through different styles of outerwear. Here are a few of my favorite bloggers completely embracing this furry trend.”


These Cool-Girl Temporary Tattoos Are The Next Big Thing in Faux Ink


Inked by Dani Temporary Tattoos INKED by Dani Good Vibes, $1

If you’ve been anywhere near the beach (or the Indio desert) during the last year or so, you’ve likely spotted Flash Tattoos—those bold metallic temporary tattoos that were all the rage last summer—on the limbs of more than a few women. And you’re probably totally sick of them. But before you write off faux ink as a passing fad, let us introduce you to INKED by Dani, a brand-new line of temporary tats that’s breathing new life into the nostalgic art form.

Recent college grad Danielle Egna started selling her hand-drawn designs out of her Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority house and officially launched the company with her USC roommate Mandy Raeder last month. The brand was met with immediate success, selling out at Brandy Melville and Nasty Gal, and even spawned a collab with humor site Betches Love This.

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