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A way to be on this earth and not shy away from the pain

Everything Matters

green earthBy Jen Peer Rich

Wow. Just wow! A wave of gratitude arriving on the shores of a radical earth based faith that is lived, a faith that is in and of itself, nature being natural. Nature engages constantly with itself like this.

I’ll share here that there is this heartbreak in me, a general sadness and despair I feel about many of the issues we face as a collective earth and as a human species. The suffering on this planet often overwhelms me. I sense along with many other animals that whether by natural events or by our own human hands, probably a convergence of both, this earth our home and everything that lives on it is in for massive changes and challenges in the next century and we will need new ways to engage on this planet if we are to make it without devolving into a big ugly…

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What Can We Learn from the Life & Death of Robin Williams?

Robin Williams


“As you most likely know, Mr. Robin Williams died by suicide on August 11th at the age of 63. He’d been battling severe depression and in the past, struggled with drug and alcohol abuse.”….



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