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Is it possible to hold all the grief in the world and not get crushed by it?

Great post! I have had to deal with much grief in my life, and I have had to work a lot on my anger management issues, to help get rid of all the grief, hurt, and anger. Thanks for showing that this is a real problem!

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

To reframe what we’ve generally  been told about mental anguish and suffering by the mental illness system is a very important part of healing. Psychiatry makes out that the individual is sick. A much more honest as well as empowering way to view much mental anguish is to see ourselves as part of the web of life. Our despair is telling us something very real and valid. We should listen to it and pay attention and learn. Feeling pain is not a weakness, it is a capacity. We can learn to let it fuel us rather than cripple us.

From the Guardian a few days ago an article on the planetary crisis:

Close up of woman cryingGrieving could offer a pathway out of a destructive economic system

More scientific data and superficial behaviour change initiatives won’t help, people need to be engaged at a deep emotional, psychological and spiritual level

Is it possible to…

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How To Get Rid of Dark Under Eye Circles Naturally and For Good:

Get Rid Of Under Eye Circles

“If you want to learn how to get rid of dark under eye circles, you need to find ingredients proven to be effective, and look away from the mainstream big name brands as they never live up to expectations, as you may have found. Here are my tips for the best to take years off your appearance.”

“Most eye gels fail to work as they contain so little of any worthwhile ingredient because they’re expensive and far too many harmful chemicals like parabens and mineral oil which harm your skin and health with long term use.

Probably the best ingredient is called Eyeliss™, to reduce any puffiness and reduce those dark circles and bags that give away your age.

In a recent clinical study of Eyeliss™, 65% of volunteers showed a marked reduction in bags under their eyes in just 28 days and 62% showed a significant reduction in wrinkles around their eyes.

The best one to combine with this is called Haloxyl™ as it helps to thicken the under eye skin up as well as reduce those dark circles to help you look younger.”

“Learning how to get rid of dark under eye circles is just a matter of knowing these ingredients in an eye contour gel which may be new to you but only because the niche skin care companies that provide them do not waste money on expensive advertizing but on using the finest ingredients possible.

There are many other excellent ones too which further enhance the anti-aging benefits for your eyes and include Homeo Age, Cynergy TK, Phytessence wakame and active Manuka honey which also deliver many essential nutrients to drench your skin in goodness and boost your overall health too.

Now you know how to get rid of dark under eye circles, you can soon look forward to fading them and looking and feeling younger as well.”



6 Annoying Facebook Status Updates Guaranteed To Make People Defriend You








Thought Catalog

Let’s get right to the point: that dreamy idea that whatever you post on Facebook, Twitter, Insta, whatever, will not in actuality be used as character judgment material by others is tragically misguided. Whatever you posted today helped to define a friend’s perception of your character.

Whether selfie, statement, or sarcasm, the way you express yourself through social media, in some ways, is more representative of who you are than in-person interactions; how you deal with conflict, whether you see the glass half-full or half-empty and how your relationship’s going can be observed by the masses. It can be easy to allow these insidious little status beasts to infiltrate your timeline.

As tempting as it is, I’m not going to give them little stereotypical persona titles because that would be suggesting that I am one of the aforementioned judgers. Which I am not. Consider this your status self-help guide.


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7 Ways To Not Get Over Someone









IMG_2900.JPG“Old Boyfriend Tee”

Thought Catalog

(500) Days Of Summer(500) Days Of Summer

1. Make a playlist of every single song that reminds you of this person. Songs from that band that you introduced them to and became their new favorites. Old jazz songs that they sang when filling the silence of an awkward pause in conversation. Favorite country songs that they played on that long car ride back to your hometown when you were switching iPods back and forth.

2. Replay the last conversation you had in your mind over and over and over and over again. Analyze it from every angle. Tell as many friends as you can to keep finding new ways to interpret what was meant by “if I was still in town, I know it would have worked out.”

3. Keep old clothing of theirs and wear it to bed on nights when you feel especially lonely. Who cares if you feel kinda creepy…

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Why Does It Take An American Contracting Ebola To Make The World Notice?





These are the faces of the two cases here in the U.S. right now!

Thought Catalog

The latest outbreak of Ebola virus erupted across West Africa sometime this spring. The symptoms are horrific: fever, diarrhea, vomiting, hemorrhaging inside and outside of the body. There is no known cure. About 60% of those who contract the virus die. The disease is estimated to have killed nearly 1,000 people since March, in its inexorable march across Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and now Africa’s most populous nation, Nigeria. The hospitals and clinics of Sierra Leone and Liberia, rudimentary in the best of times, have been overwhelmed. Doctors and nurses there are themselves becoming infected and dying, leaving few medical personnel to care for the victims.

Yet it wasn’t until two American health workers in Liberia contracted the disease and were evacuated to the U.S. for treatment that the West began widespread reporting on the outbreak. It seems the virus was now news in this country because: 1) Americans had…

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Rihanna Just Isn’t Done with MAC Just Yet

Rihanna Loves Mac!


“MAC’s signing of Rihanna last year was perhaps one of the best moves that the brand has ever made – the RiRi Woo lipstick sold out in three hours – but everybody thought that her Viva Glam collaboration this February was the final hurrah. How wrong we all were though, in fact the singer is back to launch Viva Glam II – a neutral mauve Lipstick and Lipglass in sharp contrast to the classic reds that she launched for the February incarnation of the collaboration.”



Do I make you Horny Baby? 5 Cocktails that will get you in the Mood

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