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19 Women Talk About The Surprising Sexual Fantasies They Would Never, Ever Tell Their Boyfriends About

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Having him finish on my face.

“I see it in videos and imagine it’d be really hot, but I’m too reserved to request it and my boyfriend isn’t the type to ask if he can do something like that.”

Rape fantasy.

“I would never tell my boyfriend this because it’s so uncomfortable, but sometimes when I’m touching myself I think about him taking me by force. Like if I said no and he kept going any way because he’s so confident that I want him and find him sexy. It would be really fun to role play, but I couldn’t handle my embarrassment if he thought I was a freak for getting off on what is for many a very tragic thing.”

Having a threesome with another woman, but having all the attention on me.

“I feel like if I told my boyfriend that we should have a threesome…

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Why Girls Don’t Care If Guys Hate High-Waisted Shorts



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The past few months my newsfeed has been overloaded with articles entitled, “Why Girls Should Stop Wearing High-Waisted Shorts,” or “The 12 Reasons Guys Hate Girls Who Wear Peplum Tops” Yeah, Hi I don’t give a shit what you think of my outfit because guess what? I don’t dress myself based on what makes you sexually aroused. I actually get up in the morning and put on what I LIKE simply because I LIKE IT. The funniest part about this is guys actually think we take their opinion into consideration on this. There are a lot of things I think about with men in mind, but when it comes to how I dress myself, absolutely not. So the influx of articles and bullet-ed lists about why we should stop dressing a certain way is not only a waste of your time it is also not going to work.


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32 Struggles Only Girls Know




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To quote Lily Allen, “It’s hard out there for a bitch.”


When you shave your legs ( finally) and get goose bumps three minutes later, ruining the perfectly smooth legs you just worked so hard for.


The constant inner battle regarding the hair on your toes. (“To shave, or not to shave.”)


Not being able to find the perfect mascara.


Having an ingrown hair…down “there.”


Constantly worrying about your manicure chipping while wondering if it’s kosher to just walk around with nail polish in your bag.


Finding a pocketbook that isn’t so big it makes your shoulder sore but isn’t so small that you can’t fit the basics in it.


Heels or no heels on a first date?


How to not have morning breath while having your hair look like a bird started…

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15 Weird Things Girls Do With Their Best Friends In Public


5 Things Girls Do Before They Have Sex With You










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Robert BejilRobert Bejil

I imagine that preparing for highly anticipated sex is a lot like planning a fancy dinner party. I don’t cook, so I may never test the validity of that hypothesis, but both involve a lot of painstaking planning, timing, and meticulous work. I’m sure some women are mature and self-actualized goddesses who don’t feel the need to shave, groom, or do anything before they get naked and touch another human being that they really, really want to touch. I am not one of them, and I’d like to formally salute the other anxious ladies in this world with this one.

1) We shave. Shave it all. If I could afford it, I would most definitely have a wizard with a laser remove all of the hair from my legs and underarms, and possibly even my bikini line if that’s a thing that we do now. I would tell…

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10 Stereotypically Girly Habits That Are Actually Amazing For Business

Great article! These are really good notions of what women do, they’re true for me!

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1. Following up with a note. The tendency to follow things up with a note — a thank you, a small review of what was learned, or just a “can’t wait to do it again” — is a hugely underrated one. It’s not just about putting a little card in the mail after a great party or event, it’s about taking the time to let someone know that you appreciate all they brought to a project or meeting. And thinking about the little things, as Martha Stewart would say, makes all the difference.

2. Looking put-together. Anyone who has worked in an office with a super-slack dress code knows two things: Women tend to look put-together of their own volition, and men tend to descend into a vague land of t-shirts, loose pants, and hoodies when it gets cold. The tendency to dress with effort and thought for work does…

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