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10 Actually-Cool Themed Cocktails to Get Drunk on This Halloween — StyleCaster

Ask anyone in the STYLECASTER office about their feelings on Halloween, and they’ll probably say something along the lines of, “meh—take it or leave it.” (Actually, that would be one of the more positive responses you’d hear.) We’re about last-minute costumes and getting drunk on Halloween, and that’s about it. Even drinking is usually lazy domain…

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Trick or Brains…

Through Open Lens

walking dead

F/4.5, 1/250, ISO 110.

Did Hollywood walk of fame turn into walking dead?  Barely got out of there alive . HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERY UNDEAD BODY !!!!

walking dead hollywood

F/5.0, 1/100, ISO 400

Interesting Fact: Halloween was inspired by the Irish Celtic festival Samhain, which celebrates the end of the harvest season. The tradition spread to other parts of the world after the Irish fled their country following the potato famine. ( )

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DIY: Halloween Costumes

Tre Sorelle

The holidays just seem to creep up more quickly each year and as usual we are always unprepared. With Halloween just two weeks away we’re looking for easy DIY costumes with pieces that we can find in our closest or at a local party store. Buying a costume in a bag has never felt right and when you have a holiday that can allow for some serious creativity why wouldn’t you get crafty? See some costumes we put together below to get your Halloween inspiration. aw

Anna Wintour, Vogue’s Editor-In-Chief

Spend the night as fashion’s leading lady. Just don’t go all “The Devil Wears Prada” on your friends.



A simple classic with clothing you most likely already have. Just add a mask and a money bag to finish off this look.


Chiquita Banana Girl

Throw some fake fruit on a headband and wear bright colors to pull off this modern…

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Mini Pumpkin Cupcakes with Maple Cream Cheese Frosting


I have been cleaning out my apartment for what seems like weeks. I never knew I had so much stuff. I started to clean out my pantry on Sunday and came across a can of pumpkin. It needed to be used, so the hunt for a recipe began and I found a recipe for pumpkin cupcakes on pinterest. Since it’s Halloween and I had a ton of cute Halloween themed mini cupcake liners, I decided to make mini cupcakes. Besides, mini cupcakes are super cute, especially with sprinkles. Everything is better with sprinkles.


The recipe I found called for one 16 oz can of pumpkin. My pumpkin was only 15 oz, but I forged ahead and hoped for the best. The original recipe, that I slightly modified, is from Book Bound, All Things Inspired by Books. The original recipe can be found here: Pumpkin Cupcakes with Maple Frosting.

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Ebola Halloween Costumes Cause Controversy

FOX 61

With Halloween two weeks away, stores are ramping up their supply of this year’s most popular costumes. Among the “Frozen” Elsas and “Guardians of the Galaxy” Groots, you may find another costume aimed at jumping on trends. Ebola-themed costumes are now popping up at stores. It may look similar to last year’s popular “Breaking Bad” costume of a fake HAZMAT suit. The yellow suit, some complete with gas mask and respirator, are flying off shelves. Meanwhile, others are calling it insensitive.

“I don’t think they’re thinking about the families and the victims,” said Mikhael Gilmore of Dallas Texas.

For $79.99 you can get the HAZMAT suit from A search of provides cheaper alternatives.

Some costumes take the more graphic route of portraying a dramatized version of an Ebola patient, but they look more like something out of “The Walking Dead.” A google image search will offer plenty of…

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How to Avoid Death this Halloween


HALLOWEEN 2014: The WORST Candies For Your Children

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