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Hope for Mental Health

Hope for Mental Health



“Hope for Mental Health: Even if we can’t cure our disorder, we can always try to manage it.”

“Even though mental health treatments may not work consistently, there is always hope for patients. I’ve had bipolar disorder since the day I was born but I didn’t start displaying symptoms until the age of 26. So I’ve been dealing with a mental illness for nearly 11 years. As I reflect on my medical history I’ve come to accept that with any mental illness, it is only ‘manageable’ and not curable. There are limitations with what one can do to stay well and there are also barriers on what a doctor can do to help. This may sound discouraging, however, I feel that it’s important to recognize that there’s a difference between managing your illness and trying to cure it. A mental illness is not curable, despite what anti-psychiatric proponents would argue. Realistically we have to face that we may be ill for periods of time during our lifetime.”



More Hope, More Achievement







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Break Through Obstacles Break Through Obstacles with Hope

Sometimes the obstacles we face seem almost impossible to overcome. Maybe it’s fear or health issues, doubt, despair, marital problems or the many other things we encounter throughout our lives. Believe it or not, there are opportunities in those obstacles.

How, you may ask. Well, when we face an obstacle and proceed towards it with determination, we prove to ourselves the strength we possess. This in turn increases our Hope that we can actually overcome difficult situations. The next time you face an obstacle remember that anything worth achieving will probably have them.

It’s when you proceed in the strength within you that your Hope will grow and miracles can happen. And if you are currently facing an very difficult obstacle may you be encouraged to gain a new life vision so that you may be filled with Hope! ❤ 🙂

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Must We Always Move In Hope?



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Resting In Hope Resting In Hope

Must we always be moving towards our Hopes for them to be fulfilled? I think not. There are times in our journey towards whatever it we may be Hoping for that we just need to sit and rest.

Make sure you pick a good resting point, imagine one like sitting under the above tree. A place that will give you calm, relaxing, even rejuvenating feelings, surrounded by beauty. A place of rest like this allows us to renew our strength for the journey that is often uphill and at times treacherous.

If you are hoping for something and you feel out of energy, take a moment to rest. Then, before you know it, Hope will lift you off your feet as you soar towards the fulfillment of it!

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Is Hope Always Paradise?





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Hope and Bird of Paradise Hope and Bird of Paradise

Have you asked yourself, “Does having Hope create a paradise?” If so, you know it doesn’t. So one may ask, then why should I have Hope? Let me tell you why, because to Hope means everything. One of the beautiful wonders of being human is the capacity to Hope.

In the midst of hoping for something I have often wondered how I could actually have hope when the situation looked completely impossible. That is the beauty of Hope. It lifts us up above the situation and allows us to have a new perspective. When we are faced with a difficult situation or anything that calls for Hope we have a choice to make. We can choose Hope or Hopelessness.

When we choose Hope it gives us strength to continue moving forward. And although it does not create a paradise, it is a thing of beauty that makes our…

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Mental Illness- Treatment Before Tragedy


“Treatment Before Tragedy is a non-profit organization advocating for better treatment, services, research and a cure for individuals and families impacted by serious mental illness. Our vision is to promote ​a healthy and safe society for all.”


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