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Look of the Week – March 21st

Look of the Week – Off-the-Shoulders Tops

This week, my favorite look is the off-the-shoulder top or blouse. There’s so many different styles of tops that come off the shoulders that you can wear this style for every occasion. That’s why I like the look so much. Versatility. You can dress up or down your shirt depending on bottoms and shoes. I have gathered cute outfits for work, personal life, going out on a date, and many more. Always be inspired to look your best. It reflects who you are. 


Look of the Week – March 13th

Look of the Week – Lip Piercing 

Yup! It’s back! The lip ring has made its, I don’t know, second, maybe third comeback since the 90’s. But now it’s the middle of the lower lip that has every trend setter wanting this look. From the one and only, scandalous Kim Kardashian shows us how she flaunts hers. 

I’m not sure how I feel about another lip piercing coming back as a trend, but at least with this look, you can get a fake cuff and put it on your lip to look like a real one. And I do like trends I can take off easily, and this sure would be one. Check out these sexy lips all pierced different ways on the middle of the lower lip. Are you a trend setter? Or follower? Just be on trend!


Look of the Week – March 6th

Look of the Week – Editor’s Picks: Colors and Garments 


Look of the Week

Look of the Week – Leather Skirts and Pants

Leather equals rock, most of the time. But today, everyone is rocking their leather and faux leather pants, and skirts like there’s no tomorrow! I love the look,  and have added leather pieces to my own wardrobe since last fall. I am wearing them more and more. The more I wear them, the more comfortable they get. Just don’t get stuck wearing those tight leather ensembles without A/C! That will be one sticky situation. You may want to keep some talcum powder with you if you do sweat a lot. It’s just a good idea to have it with you. I have found outfits, complete from head to toe for examples of some great leather looks. But only after you check out pictures of people rocking their leather goods on the streets. 


Look of the Week – February 14th

Look of the Week – Valentine’s Outfit: Whimsical Skirt 

I love this outfit so much! The whole ensemble goes so well together. The black and white striped bodycon top is perfectly form fitting on this model. The whimsical red skirt is the highlight of the outfit. It brings together the look of love! Worn with black stiletto pumps, with bow ties around the ankle. So adorable. If you love this Valentine’s look, reblog or like it! Thanks 


Look of the Week: Cont. – Celebs in Faux Leather Pants

Look of the Week: Cont. – Celebs in Faux Leather Pants

As you can see, my Look of the Week – Black Faux Leather Pants has everyone wearing them! Especially celebrities. You can see Kim Kardashian, Nicole Kidman, Kristen Cavaleri, Beyoncé and Kylie Jenner for example. They all rock this hot, sexy trend that goes with everything, trust me! You can wear this look all winter/spring long. 


Look of the Week – January 30th

Look of the Week – Black Faux/Leather Pants

It doesn’t matter to me if you like real versus faux, when it comes to your leather pants. But you have got to get yourself a pair of them now. I wear faux leather and it is so comfortable to wear, and it also keeps me warm and insulated. I am a ver naturally cold person, but when I wear my faux leather pants, I feel so much better, and am happier, just from the pants making me warm. The black, tight leather look is slimming on your body. You can’t deny that. Everyone looks great in a pair, and the stretchier the better, in my book that is. I hope you like these pictures of people wearing both real and faux leather pants. Majority are faux. Can you spot the real ones? There’s only a few. 

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