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Soul Mate Poem 

Soul Mate Poem

They say love is blind, but I saw you coming from miles away. 

I have seen you in my dreams, and wondered who you were. 

Now we are together, and soul mates are just what we are. 

No matter how much time has gone by, I’ll never forget the first time you looked at me, and we fell in love. 


Five Love Languages 

Five Love Languages 

“Find out how important it is for couples to understand how each other and themselves both give and receive love. It is possible for couples to truly love each other, but to truly feel unloved because they don’t think the same about giving and receiving love.”

“Everybody generally has their own primary love languages for receiving love and giving love. It may be the same for giving/receiving, and it may be different. If a husband does not meet the primary love language of his wife, she might not sense his true feelings and start to be unsatisfied with their relationship.”

“Understanding your spouse’s love language and acting accordingly will fill their “Love Tank”. The “Love Tank” analogy is a great metaphor for describing how loved someone feels. Like a gas tank in a car, our lives run best when our Love Tank is filled and constantly being topped off. The alternative is running on fumes and burning out.”

“Meeting people’s primary love language consistently will fill up their love tank and help them feel loved like they need. But if a spouse fails to meet this primary love language, it might leave their “Love Tank” empty, which leads to feelings of being unloved and issues in relationships.”

1. Words of Affirmation

“If this is your love language, you feel most cared for when your partner is open and expressive in telling you how wonderful they think you are, how much they appreciate you, etc.”

2. Acts of Service

“If your partner offering to watch the kids so you can go to the gym (or relieving you of some other task) gets your heart going, then this is your love language.”

3. Affection

“This love language is just as it sounds. A warm hug, a kiss, touch, and sexual intimacy make you feel most loved when this is your love language.”

4. Quality Time

“This love language is about being together, fully present and engaged in the activity at hand, no matter how trivial.”

5. Gifts

“Your partner taking the time to give you a gift can make you feel appreciated.”

Source: Love Languages


Lose Your Love Handles

Lose Your Lovehandles

Are you tired of your love handles making you feel “not your prettiest”? 

Try these great workouts that target only that area of your body: 




Here’s the skinny on more about your love handles:

*So what else can you do? Be smart with your diet! Good luck! You’ll soon start to see those love handles no longer being “handles” anymore! 


12 Men Describe The Sexy Thing Their Girlfriend Does Without Even Realizing How Much It Turns Him On — Thought Catalog

st.nothing1. “My girlfriend’s a funny person, but once in a while a joke is bound to fall flat, right? Happens to anyone who tries to make other people laugh regularly. Anyway, that’s when her brow furrows and she sticks her bottom lip out to pout and I get horny because she looks so adorable—and fuckable.”…

via 12 Men Describe The Sexy Thing Their Girlfriend Does Without Even Realizing How Much It Turns Him On — Thought Catalog


Twin-Flame Relationship

Twin-Flame Relationship 

My husband and I met in the 3rd grade. We dated in 8th grade, and started dating in college, and close to 10 years later, we’re married and going on 8 years of marriage. I remember playing the game “freeze tag” in elementary school, and I also remember being the fastest girl at my school. The first time Bryan, my husband, took notice of me when I was in the 3rd grade on the playground. Bryan liked me because I was the fastest girl and he couldn’t catch me. I guess that’s why I don’t remember him from 3rd grade… I was running and looking straight forward.We went to the same elementary, middle and high school. We dated for about 4 months when we were 14, and the school voted in our superlative’s that we were the “best couple”. I felt so proud and have always felt extra close to my husband. We’ve always, since college, had an amazing connection between each other. So close of a connection that we finish each other’s sentences before we start talking. He knows exactly what I’m doing, what I’m up to, just by looking at me. I do the same with him. We are soulmates and I am 100% sure of it. Soulmates don’t just come around for everyone, so we know just how important it is to love one another for eternity. It feels so good to be so open to someone. I share everything with my husband. And same goes for him. We enjoy each other’s company so well, we can enjoy ourselves on a Friday or Saturday night with just each other, no company. All because we love being around each other. We both are athletic. So exercising together is one hobby of ours. We are also very creative, and also have ADHD, so when we feel in the creative mood, we can create some amazing art together. I know that Bryan and I are twin flames because it is told that twin flames are stronger than soulmates, and I know how rare a couple like me and Bryan are. Just read a little about twin flames and see how their relationships go farther than any other. 


“Throughout the course of your life you may have had unusual or powerful dreams, visions, or fantasies of a mysterious person. You get a particular feeling and the energy of the individual feels familiar, as if it is someone you have already met in the past or someone you will meet in some unknown future. You have a vague feeling that this person is real even if you can not see a face or invent their physical appearance in your mind. You have a feeling as if this person is ‘out there somewhere’ and may even know who you are on the same level.”

“There may be an unusual synchronicity or event that surround the initial meeting between first flames. Often you have a feeling or ‘knowing’ of something that you just can’t quite put into words. Twinflames often encounter each other for the first time (whether in person or online) in an unusual way. The twinflame comes into our life in an unexpected way out of the blue and usually there are synchonicities and strange occurances or major shifts in energy the same week of the initial meeting.”

“Most twinflame couples are physically at a distance or live in different countries. Often there is something that prevents the twinflames from being physically together in the beginning. This is usually because there is much energetic work to be done on the mental and emotional levels before the physical meeting can occur. If the physical meeting were to occur too soon the energy can often be too intense.”

“The relationship is immediate, as though no time had been lost since you were last together. You feel comfortable with them and you feel you can truly be yourself with them. Sometimes conversation seem to last forever and there is not much that twinflames are not willing to talk about. It’s as if you could share your entire life with this person and there is a level of openness and understanding between you that brings a comfortable yet intruiguing sense of familiarity.”

“You feel an overwhelming sense of love and attraction. This love is genuine and heartfelt and you feel magnetically drawn to their energy. This is not to be confused with lust or an obsessive love. Twinflame love is unconditional and transcends the ego. If you have found your twinflame it does not mean that the relationship will necessarily be free from issues or personal conflict. There may still be lessons and healing that must take place between the twin souls. Twinflames are still human beings on the physical level.”

“You feel a sense of completion that goes beyond words. This feeling is about wholeness on a soul level that is beyond the physical. Each twinflame is still an individual and is not ‘the other half of your soul’ as if you are a complete soul now that you have found them. You are meeting an energetic mirror of your own soul. You share a vibration and you resonate with them. You even feel an attraction to the sound of their voice and it may even sound familiar to you.”

Source: Twin Flame Soulmate


10 Ways to Make Your Soul Ready for True Love

10 Ways to Make Your Soul Ready for True Love

“…and when one of them meets the other half, the actual half of himself, whether he be a lover of youth or a lover of another sort, the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy and one will not be out of the other’s sight, as I may say, even for a moment…”

– Plato, The Symposium

“Soul memories run deep within us but only some of us will yearn for love that is divine and pure. Finding true love may be the most remarkable, invaluable and indefinable thing that can happen in one’s life and only a lucky few will find the one meant for them. This person will be just right for you and you will experience a connection of the soul that cannot be broken by problems of the material world. Nothing can stand in the way of true love but for this to materialize; one has to prepare the soul for such an extraordinary experience.”

“Most people spend their lives resolving their karma and the process of rinsing your soul of karmic debt may be delayed because of the lack of spiritual enlightenment. Karmic relationships are often confused with soul mates but they are extremely different. The love shared by twin flames shouldn’t be confused with soul mates either, as you may have many soul mates but there is only one twin flame. Your twin flame is your direct counterpart and will be a reflection of you. Those who are waking up to the power of positive thinking, and aspiring to change for the better by seeking spiritual truth, have much to look forward to in life. Blessed will be their existence!”

“Here are some things that you can do to put an end to Karmic Relationships and to attract the love of a Soulmate or in some cases, the love of a Twin Flame:”

1. Believe in Self-love – “Loving yourself doesn’t mean you become obsessed with yourself and indulge in excessive self-praise. Loving yourself, as you actually are, and not what you would like to believe requires effort and a critical look at your actions when nobody’s around to observe you. But, if you remain true to yourself, you will accept your follies and work on these issues that need to be sorted instead of brushing them under the carpet. Identify your weaknesses and things that you would like to do differently in your life. Be what you’ve always wanted to be and stop pretending to be what you are not.”

2. Discover Contentment – “If you aren’t content with what you have and follow the path of greed, your life may never bring you the satisfaction that you so deeply desire. There is no end to things that you can acquire in your lifetime, so it’s important to reflect upon what it is that’s most important to you.”

3. Be Generous– “All acts of kindness are important in order to make the world we live in a kinder and a happier place. Never hesitate to help someone. Human generosity can make miracles happen!”

4. Say ‘Yes’ to Honesty – “Honesty is the highest of all virtues and those who are bereft of this will rarely find divine love. Be honest to yourself and only then can you be true to the one you love. Make sincere efforts to avoid leading a convenient life built on a foundation of lies.”

5. Practice Kindness – “Be kind, not only to those you are close to, but with everyone you come in touch with. Your soul will truly remain at peace when you indulge in acts of unselfishness and are willing to fight all petty emotions that hinder your growth.”

6. Find Hobbies and Interests– “Some people may call it a waste of time but it’s actually not. Interest and passion make you feel alive and you live your life in a constructive manner. Reading, travelling, painting, sculpting, gardening, playing a sport, cooking – do whatever brings you joy. You will be too busy to crib about things or people.”

7. Keep Negativity Out – “Embrace all things positive in your life and surround yourself with people who don’t actively belittle others or enjoy mocking others. Be with people you identify with, value and are worth your admiration. Protect your mind from the influence of those who have the ability to fill it with doubts and miserable thoughts.”

8. Think – “Thinking is the best thing you can do for yourself. There’s a lot of stress on positive thinking and it’s all for a reason. Focus on improving your mind and the way you think. Positive thoughts will help you break away from chains that bind you to a mediocre life. Spend time reflecting upon all the things that can make life an adventure for you. Do good things for yourself and others as well.”

9. Release the Past – “Many of us live in the past and refuse to actually move on. Do you still look up an ex-boyfriend online? Do you still crib about how things didn’t end well with an ex? Do you sulk and refuse to talk about what’s holding you back? If yes, then you certainly have not moved on. How can anyone walk into your life when there’s no space in your heart and life for a new relationship? It’s a choice that only you can make, if you wish to see your life change for the better. When you truly forgive and forget someone, the hurt goes away too and you realize it was never worth your time.”

10. Unconditional Love – “When you love without any limitations, chances of attracting the love of a Soulmate or a Twin Flame are much higher. Love between two soul mates is no ordinary love and you may need to go to great lengths to win the affections of the one who’s meant for you. It may even require sacrifice and in some cases, especially when you are in a Twin Flame relationship, you may have to wait a long time for love to happen. It does not fade away with time and if it does, it was never true love to begin with.”


Love Poem – When I saw you first

Love Poem – When I saw you first

*When I saw you first, it took every ounce of me not to kiss you

*When I first heard your laugh, it took every ounce of me to not marry you

*And when I met your soul, it took every ounce of me


A Life Without You -Poetry

This is one of the shortest poems that I have read, that captured a lovers feelings with such a small amount of words. I hope you enjoy this short poem. Reboot if you feel this way about someone. 

“A Life Without You”


Husband Poem

Husband Poem – Once in a Lifetime

Once in a lifetime, if you are truly lucky, you meet someone whose presence ignites a burning fire within you. Someone whose warm smile and sensitive nature captures your heart. And you know… In an instant, that the two of us were meant to be together. You are my soulmate. That’s exactly how I feel about you. You are my “once in a lifetime”, and even though I may not show it as much as I should. I know how blessed I am to have you. You are everything to me, and I will spend my lifetime loving you. 

This is how I feel about my husband….


Love Poem for Bryan

I Will Love You Always

“I never really knew you were just another friend.

But when I got to know you I let my heart unbend.

I couldn’t help past memories. That would only make me cry.

I had to forget my first love, and give you another try.

So I’ve fallen in love with you. And I’ll never let you go.
I love you more than anyone, I just had to let you know

My feelings for you will never change.”

Just know my feelings are true,

Just remember this one thing,

I will always love you.

Love Poem


Yoga for Love Handles



Happy Valentine’s Day!!!



“Have I told you, Valentine,
That I’m all wrapped up in you?
My feelings for you bring to me
A joy I never knew.”

“You light up everything for me;
In my heart you shine;
Illuminating my whole life,
My darling Valentine.”




Love Poem



Love Poems speak about the passion, desire and vulnerability of being in love. When you can share your life with another, your whole world is completely different. Falling in love may be one of the greatest feelings ever. Romantic relationships are the spice of life. They make us feel alive in a way that nothing else can. Genuine romance exists when two individuals show that they care for each other by doing small acts for each other that demonstrate love and affection. It makes us feel loved and cared for when we know that our significant other is thinking about how to give us the most pleasure. Romance is the key to keeping the sparks flying. Without it, any relationship will soon lose its shine.



You’re My Man

You’re my man, my mighty king,
And I’m the jewel in your crown,
You’re the sun so hot and bright,
I’m your light-rays shining down,

You’re the sky so vast and blue,
And I’m the white clouds in your chest,
I’m a river clean and pure,
Who in your ocean finds her rest,

You’re the mountain huge and high,
I’m the valley green and wide,
You’re the body firm and strong,
And I’m a rib bone on your side,

You’re an eagle flying high,
I’m your feathers light and brown,
You’re my man, my king of kings,
And I’m the jewel in your crown.




Yoga Poses That Will Improve Your Love Life

Yoga to Improve Love Life

Wide Leg Strattle
“The wide leg straddle is one of the best yoga poses to help improve your love life. This pose is great because it helps to increase and improve the flow of blood, especially in the pelvic area. This is a pose that will definitely help improve your love life because it increases energy and also blood flow.”


Child’s Pose
“Child’s Pose is a yoga pose that helps you center your thoughts on one thing and, most importantly, relax completely. This pose will relax you and will definitely increase your love life with your partner because you will learn to stay in the moment. It is a great pose to try!”


Shoulder Stand
“The Shoulder Stand pose is another excellent yoga pose to help make your love life better. This position helps pump blood to your heart, which is a great thing! You will find that it improves digestion, reduces anxiety and stress, and just helps you focus better. It also helps to improve your love life!”


Goddess Pose
“This is one of the best poses to help improve your love life and just your life overall! The goddess pose helps you with symptoms of PMS. Your reproductive organs will function better as well.”


Click on the link above to read the full article.


My Blessing In Life

I love My Husband


“Every morning I wake up and see,
The most handsome man lying next to me.
He’s the one I cherish and love,
A blessing sent from Heaven above.
I will love him as a faithful wife should,
And do everything for him I could.
I would let him know every day,
That I love him more than words can say.
It will keep our love for each other strong,
And the Lord will guide us away from all wrong.”



Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning September 15th, 2014

Astro-Week Sonnyscopes ! Beginning September 15, 2014 This week Mars the planet of aggression, action, and arguments will enter free spirited, philosophical, and big picture thinking Sagittarius. This means we’ll all feel a shift in our active energy from “behind the scenes” & “controlling” Scorpio to a more jovial and outwardly expansive Sagittarius.


20 Zingers That Remind Us Why We Love Joan Rivers


How I’ve Grown To Love Autumn









Love Changes Everything






The 3 Love Mantras that Open Your Heart

3 Special Love Mantras…

Article From:

“The first time I fell in love I couldn’t believe what happened to the world. The sky had never been that blue before! The trees looked like works of art! The most annoying acquaintance was suddenly adorable, and the morning traffic jam became a delightful chance to sit and dream.”

“We’ve all been there, haven’t we? But of course, in the years since, I’ve learned that it’s not that the world that changed; it was my own heart. When we’re in love, our hearts open up like flowers, making the whole world seem like paradise. Wouldn’t it be great to live this way all of the time?”



A Miracle called Love





The Fickle Heartbeat


Frankly speaking,
this thing you and I call love is nothing short of a miracle.

The moment when we met each other,
looked into each other’s eyes,
our brilliant minds intertwined,
and began to love every inch of each other’s soul and body is a perpetual memory I relive everyday.

I sometimes wonder how the word “we” became to define you and me. We could’ve so easily grazed each other by, become nothing more than a friendly stranger, and moved on to make another lovely soul to be happy or miserable.

But the world we live in is a funny, funny place.

Because in that moment of brevity,
Isn’t it amazing how we stopped at each other a little longer,
how our hearts beat a second faster, and now we make something so ordinary as everyday to be a miracle called love?

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Affirmations to Activate Complete Love 07/18 by Heal Your Trauma Drama Show | Self Help Podcasts

Affirmations to Activate Complete Love by Heal Your Trauma Drama Show | Self Help Podcasts.




Beach Story





In the midst of hate, I found there was, within me, an invincible love

Everything Matters

camusIn the midst of hate, I found there was, within me, an invincible love.In the midst of tears, I found there was, within me, an invincible smile. In the midst of chaos, I found there was, within me, an invincible calm. I realized, through it all…that in the middle of winter, I finally found that within me there lies an invincible summer. And that makes me happy. For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there’s something stronger–something better, pushing right back.  – Albert Camus

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