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It’s just a step to the left and a jump to the right… over to your nearest MAC cosmetics counter

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MAC Cosmetics is getting into the Halloween spirit this year and releasing a gorgeous cosmetics line inspired by Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Always wanted Magenta’s lipstick? Now you can own it! Follow this link:

Love Columbia’s pizzazz? MAC has you covered with a gold glitter that will get you tap dancing before you can blink.Or maybe you want a strong man with a tan in little gold shorts? Either way MAC has something sure to please. It’s also available in 3D black to add some shimmery dimension to you look.

Glitter link:

The nail polishes will have you feeling like a sweet transvestite from Transylvania: Bad Fairy is a gorgeous chromatic red with multi-changing red pearls. While, Formidable is a teal green with pink multi-changing pearls.

Want to Time Warp the night away with Riff-Raff? You will fit right in with this eye shadow set by MAC. Intense eyes…

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Back 2 MAC Recycling Program + Free Lipstick!

I love their recycling program! A give me incentive to buy my make up from MAC!

Chic Avenue Daily

One thing I love and appreciate from MAC Cosmetics is the fact that they share a mutual commitment to the environment. By returning 6 empty primary containers of your old makeup to a MAC counter in a department store or at an actual MAC store you receive a free lipstick (department stores – lipstick only) lipgloss or single eye shadow! (any Viva Glam and other special collabs excluded). By choosing to do the right thing and helping the environment, you get a little gift too, which I think is fantastic!

 Below are some examples of what you can recycle:

  • Eye Shadow (Trio Compact, Quad Compact, or Single complete with metal pan)
  • Pro Palette Refill Pan with magnet
  • Cream Colour Base, Paint Tube, or Paint Pot
  • Pigment Jar
  • Mascara Tube
  • Liquid Liner Tube
  • Technakohl Liner (mechanical pencil with plastic)
  • Powder, Blush Compact
  • Lipstick Tube, Lipglass Tube
  • Foundation Bottle, Tube, Jar
  • Wipes packaging with plastic lid


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MAC Rocky Horror Picture Show Collection

I love this collection!

Rain Coates Beauty


The Rocky Horror Picture Show is probably my favourite musical, and I have been eagerly awaiting the release of this collection since I first heard about it!

  If you think I’m exaggerating my love for Rocky Horror, I’d like you to know that I am wholeheartedly singing along to the soundtrack whilst writing this post. (I hope my neighbours like Rocky Horror, because I plan on blasting it all night long!)

When I first saw the movie a few years ago, I didn’t understand that it was meant to be taken non-seriously. My first impression was “this movie is so weird”, and then I came to realize that is exactly what is so amazing about it.

If you haven’t seen Rocky Horror, it’s basically a musical/comedy/sci-fi/horror -it was created to be a humorous tribute to the science fiction/horror genre that was becoming super popular at the time (1975). It’s full…

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Rihanna Just Isn’t Done with MAC Just Yet

Rihanna Loves Mac!


“MAC’s signing of Rihanna last year was perhaps one of the best moves that the brand has ever made – the RiRi Woo lipstick sold out in three hours – but everybody thought that her Viva Glam collaboration this February was the final hurrah. How wrong we all were though, in fact the singer is back to launch Viva Glam II – a neutral mauve Lipstick and Lipglass in sharp contrast to the classic reds that she launched for the February incarnation of the collaboration.”



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