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How To Create Engaging Contents For Your Social Media

Mohamed Khan

The first rule of social media marketing is that you don’t push advertisements and contents that people wouldn’t enjoy or entertain.

It is a social network and your contents should be created according to that. The contents should be balanced between marketing and generic. It should keep your target audience engaged and create a meaningful relationship with them.

If you create only marketing content (about yourself and your product) alone and pay a large sum of money for advertising them, it would still be spamming and not marketing.

Some tips for creating social media marketing contents

1. Make it visual

An image speaks more than thousand words.

2. Posting in after hours and weekends

In the working hours people mostly will be occupied  with their works. Generally people will be occupied with their office works during this hours. So, the probability of sewing the posts during this time frame will…

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News Flash: You Can’t Fake Being Authentic

You Can’t Fake Being Authentic

“A lot is being said and written about being authentic these days because so many people aren’t. Think about a police chief who fudges his department’s response to a crisis. Or, government and corporate leaders that promise one thing and then do another.”

“What is Authenticity?:

Authenticity means being real or genuine, and telling the truth. You can’t tell someone you’re being authentic. You have to demonstrate it by your behavior. You have to be who you say you are.

Employees value a CEO who is honest and not afraid to open himself up and show some emotion. We coached a senior partner of a law firm for several years. One day he was asked to speak to the partnership about what the firm meant to him.

When talking about the firm in rehearsal, he was overcome with emotion and had difficulty getting the words out. He kept practicing because we knew that once he was able to manage his emotions, he could hold his own on stage.

On the day of the meeting, Jim got through his remarks with a catch or two in his voice and just a few tears in his eyes. His ability to show emotion may have surprised some of the partners, but they were very touched by his authenticity and his love of the firm.”

“Mingling With Employees:

When your name is on the door, you can never be just “one of the guys.” It’s a delicate balance between being aloof and developing a genuine rapport with employees.

Bill Hewlett and David Packard, the founders of Hewlett Packard, practiced management by walking around , a concept popularized in the blockbuster book In Search of Excellence . This means making spontaneous visits to employees to learn first hand what’s really going in the company and getting valuable feedback from employees. These visits are a great morale booster.

But you can’t just drop into the company cafeteria once a year and pretend that you’re interested in your employees. That’s just going through the motions. It’s not authentic.”

“Good leaders meet with their employees regularly. One CEO we work with invites a different group of employees to dine with him in the cafeteria every other week. He learns more than he would by sitting in his office and it demonstrates his genuine commitment.

The founder and now retired CEO of Costco, Jim Sinegal, was labeled a “retailing genius” in a CNBC special about the retailer (below). A shirtsleeves leader, he spent most of his time on the road visiting his warehouse stores. He wanted to know from store managers what was working and what wasn’t. Sinegal could then apply what he learned to the entire network.”




8 Frightening Ways Social Media Is Molding Us









Why You Should Share The Positive, Not The Negative (Especially On Social Media)






How to Align Your Social Media Presence with Your Brand


Align Your Social Media…

“At its best, a firm’s social media presence should be a major component of its voice in the world. A platform by which your audience can relate with your brand, one-on-one.”




“But to be at its best, a firm’s social media presence needs to be closely aligned with its brand. When social media and brand identity are out of sync, brand chaos can ensue. It may seem to your audience that a rogue Tweeter has gotten a hold of your account. So how can you make sure your social media efforts send the right message?”





How To Deliver Outstanding Customer Service with Social Media

Customer Service & Social Media20140805-141549-51349538.jpg


  • “Are you responding to customers with social media?”
  • “Do you customize your interactions with them?

Your brand and online reputation depend on how you provide social media customer service.

In this article you will find four ways social media conversations create an extraordinary customer experience that inspires loyalty and word-of-mouth recommendations.”





Key Social Media Trends to be Looking Out For

Petite Girls Guide

Social Media Focus20140804-162010-58810026.jpg



Twitter and Facebook have transformed from simple tweets and wall posts into full-fledged communications platforms, offering more services and tools than most users know what to do with. Snapchat and other private messaging services are changing the way young people communicate. And LinkedIn, once little more than a repository for out-of-date resumes, is evolving into a virtual agora for professionals.



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