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Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang

*A starting definition: Yin / Yang : Two halves that together complete wholeness. Yin and yang are also the starting point for change. When something is whole, by definition it is unchanging and complete. So when you split something into two halves – yin / yang, it upsets the equilibrium of wholeness. This starts both halves chasing after each other as they seek a new balance with each other.
“The principle of Yin and Yang is a fundamental concept in Chinese philosophy and culture in general dating from the third century BCE or even earlier. This principle is that all things exist as inseparable and contradictory opposites, for example female-male, dark-light and old-young. The two opposites attract and complement each other and, as their symbol illustrates, each side has at its core an element of the other (represented by the small dots). Neither pole is superior to the other and, as an increase in one brings a corresponding decrease in the other, a correct balance between the two poles must be reached in order to achieve harmony.”

“The concept of yin and yang became popular with the work of the Chinese school of Yinyang which studied philosophy and cosmology in the 3rd century BCE. The principal proponent of the theory was the cosmologist Zou Yan (or Tsou Yen) who believed that life went through five phases (wuxing) – fire, water, metal, wood, earth – which continuously interchanged according to the principle of yin and yang.”

“Yin is feminine, black, dark, north, water (transformation), passive, moon (weakness and the goddess Changxi), earth, cold, old, even numbers, valleys, poor, soft, and provides spirit to all things. Yin reaches it’s height of influence with the winter solstice. Yin may also be represented by the tiger, the colour orange and a broken line in the trigrams of the I Ching (or Book of Changes).”

“Yang is masculine, white, light, south, fire (creativity), active, sun (strength and the god Xihe), heaven, warm, young, odd numbers, mountains, rich, hard, and provides form to all things. Yang reaches it’s height of influence with the summer solstice. Yang may also be represented by the dragon, the colour blue and a solid line trigram.”

“In Chinese mythology yin and yang were born from chaos when the universe was first created and they are believed to exist in harmony at the centre of the Earth. During the creation, their achievement of balance in the cosmic egg allowed for the birth of Pangu (or P’an ku), the first human. In addition, the first gods Fuxi, Nuwa and Shennong were born from yin and yang. In Chinese religion, the Taoists favour yin whilst Confucianists favour yang in keeping with the prime focus of their respective philosophies. The Taoists emphasize reclusion whilst Confucianists believe in the importance of engagement in life.”

“As expressed in the I Ching, the ever-changing relationship between the two poles is responsible for the constant flux of the universe and life in general. When there is too great an imbalance between yin and yang, catastrophes can occur such as floods, droughts and plagues.”

Source: Yin and Yang


Butrans Patch has saved me from Pain Pills!

I am a bipolar woman with chronic back pain from being an ex-gymnast, ex-cheerleader, and still a dancer. So when my back went out on me at age 17, The doctors told me that you were there I would be on pain meds for the rest of my live or I could have surgery. and they said that surgery would only be necessary if I continued gymnastics. Which I didn’t, I was movi on to new things, but the pain always remained. I am 33 now, and I have been taking the Butrans patch for over a year now. My pain has been cut dramatically and half and I no longer required to take nearly as many pain pills as I used to. Somehow this amazing patch releases medication into my body for seven days. It really does stay on my body no matter what through a shower or laying out at the beach. But being able to take less pain meds means the world to me!!!! Here are some facts about the Butrans patch and why you should try it today! If you have chronic back pain, definitely speak with your doctor and see if Butrans could be right for you!

Butrans Patch
“This medication is used to help relieve severe ongoing pain (such as due to arthritis, chronic back pain). Buprenorphine belongs to a class of drugs known as narcotic (opiate) analgesics. It works in the brain to change how your body feels and responds to pain.”

“The higher strengths of this drug (7.5, 10, 15, or 20 micrograms per hour patches) should be used only if you have been regularly taking moderate amounts of narcotic pain medication. These strengths may cause overdose (even death) if used by a person who has not been regularly taking narcotic medication.”

“Do not use this medication to relieve pain that is mild or that will go away in a few days. This medication is not for occasional (“as needed”) use.”


“BUTRANS is a transdermal system providing systemic delivery of buprenorphine, a mu opioid partial agonist analgesic, continuously for 7 days. The chemical name of buprenorphine is 6,14-ethenomorphinan-7-methanol, 17-(cyclopropylmethyl)- α-(1,1-dimethylethyl)-4, 5-epoxy-18, 19-dihydro-3-hydroxy- 6-methoxy-α-methyl-, [5α, 7α, (S)]. The structural formula is:”

“Apply the skin patch only to clean, dry skin. Use only clear water to wash the skin before you apply a skin patch. Soaps or other chemicals could increase the amount of buprenorphine your skin absorbs.”

“Apply the patch to a flat and hairless area of the chest, back, side, or outer side of your upper arm. Wear the patch around the clock for 7 days. Never wear more than 1 buprenorphine skin patch at a time unless your doctor has told you to.”


Slow medicine

We need more doctors like Michael Finkelstein who understands the very basic reality that he shares in the brief video below. I use the simple meme Everything Matters to call attention to it and have written a lot about it as a concept as well.

slow-medicine-fbIn our fast-paced world, we often look for quick-fix solutions to our health challenges, not realizing that these “solutions” in fact may contribute to our problems. Most health challenges are in fact the result of an imbalance in our bodies and lives, and most quick-fix solutions actually exacerbate these imbalances. Slow Medicine teaches that to achieve and sustain good health, we need to become aware of each area of our lives and explore how to optimize our wellness, not only within each of these areas, but also through their harmonious integration. In this video, Michael Finkelstein MD demonstrates the Slow Medicine principles, guiding viewers on…

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The Tongue and Chinese Medicine

The Barefoot Doctor

Ever wondered what your Chinese Medicine Practitioner is looking for when asking you to stick out your tongue?   Here’s a great diagram that shows just that.


Pale tongue body:  This can show either qi, yang, or blood deficiency.   A pale tongue is common for people when they are feeling fatigued and for women after their period.

Bright red tongue body:  A very red tongue shows heat in the body.   A red tip may indicate insomnia. Someone with a very red tongue should probably avoid spicy foods, cigarettes,  alcohol and anything that adds extra heat into their system.

Thick coating on the tongue:  A coat is normal first thing in the morning, during Spleen and Stomach time.  After this, a thick coat shows an excess of some kind.  It may be excess heat or cold, or dampness in the body.  If you see a…

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