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Must We Always Move In Hope?



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Resting In Hope Resting In Hope

Must we always be moving towards our Hopes for them to be fulfilled? I think not. There are times in our journey towards whatever it we may be Hoping for that we just need to sit and rest.

Make sure you pick a good resting point, imagine one like sitting under the above tree. A place that will give you calm, relaxing, even rejuvenating feelings, surrounded by beauty. A place of rest like this allows us to renew our strength for the journey that is often uphill and at times treacherous.

If you are hoping for something and you feel out of energy, take a moment to rest. Then, before you know it, Hope will lift you off your feet as you soar towards the fulfillment of it!

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10 Skills PR Professionals Must Have


“The PR industry is ever-growing. In order to adjust to these changes and become a successful PR professional, it is important to hone your public relations skills. Whether you’re looking to break into your first entry-level position or hope to climb the PR ladder, here are 10 skills all public relations professionals must have by 2022:”



7 Items Every Vintage Girl Must Own

Thought Catalog

If I could time-travel back to the 1950s and still keep my Macbook and my women’s rights, I’d do it in a heartbeat. I don’t have a magical DeLorean, so that’s unfortunately out of the question. But I do like to incorporate small retro pleasures into my daily life. Here are a few ways I manage to feel old-fashioned and glamorous… but keep my modern luxuries, like free WiFi and Twitter.

Red lipstick.

Red lipstick is the most wearable type of vintage glamour, I think. It doesn’t necessarily scream pin-up girl or film noir star, but with the right outfit, it totally could. My favorite is by Sephora and simply called The Red. It’s soft and buttery and has really high-impact color. A red lip is an easy way to feel glam without actually putting in any effort. (My summer uniform is denim shorts, a t-shirt, and a red…

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