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New Year Resolutions, Or Not — boy with a hat

This is the time of year when we write resolutions and set goals. But how many of us make it a priority this year to become kind instead of rich, generous instead of well-traveled?

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New Moon December 29th 2016

New Moon December 29th 2016

“The New Moon on Thursday 29 December 2016 is at 8 degrees Capricorn. The New Moon December 2016 astrology is excellent for making your dreams come true. The December 29 New Moon will and inspire you with passion, romance and motivation. If you lack direction it will be your dream catcher.”

“New Moon December 2016 makes no fewer than ten planetary aspects with some fixed star conjunctions too. This makes for endless opportunities and possibilities but the general theme is definitely positive. Good fortune and lasting happiness can be found by taking the spiritual high road to reach your dreams.”

New Moon Meaning

“A New Moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of another new 28 day cycle. Sun conjunct Moon means all possibilities are on the table. You can rightly put yourself in the forefront of new plans for the future. Old habits, behaviors and beliefs can be questioned as you search for new and inventive ways to make progress. This is the ideal time to make a fresh start and write down a to-do list.”

“The influence of a New Moon lasts for four weeks up to the next New Moon, in this case the January 27 New Moon. The best time for making a fresh start and for beginning new projects is during the first two weeks of a New Moon cycle. This waxing phase of the Moon lasts from December 29 to the January 12 Full Moon.”

New Moon December 2016 Astrology

“This New Moon seems straightforward enough to interpret. A New Moon with Mercury means communication and transport will be the major themes for the next 28 days. Looking closer at the New Moon December 2016 astrology chart below shows Mercury in retrograde motion. Great, so you can expect recent communication and transport problems to get worse and stay around for longer.”

“The story gets more detailed with the December 29 New Moon sextile Mars and Neptune. While still sounding basic with just the sextile aspect showing in the chart, the New Moon and Mercury sextile Mars and Neptune actually includes ten aspects. Then there are some major fixed stars to consider plus that signficant looking configuration involving Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. As usual, I will start with what I consider to be the most important influences on the New Moon and drill down from there.”

“New Moon conjunct Mercury puts the focus on your thinking and communications, making this a very busy time mentally. What you say and how you say it becomes more important. Your words carry more weight, they have greater meaning and influence. Your mind will be more active than usual which favors lots of interactions, clearing paperwork and bills, and receiving and sending letters and emails.”

“You may notice more interaction with people in your neighborhood and have more short trips around town. You may seek mental stimulation through social media and internet forums, news and documentaries on TV, radio, news papers and magazines. The news, media and journalism may themselves become news stories. This is also possible with other communication and transport systems and technology.”

Mercury retrograde brings communication and technology breakdowns, nervous anxiety, travel delays and lost items. Any focus on news and transport is now likely to be about misinformation, accidents and delays. There is a feel of a difficult Mercury-Saturn aspect about Mercury retrograde, so you can also expect to dwell on things, reminisce about the past, or unexpectedly meet up with people from your past.”

“This particular Mercury retrograde phase is extreme and intense because Mercury stationed retrograde conjunct Pluto. This is ideal for deep research and uncovering secrets. For those interested in astrology or psychology, this should be a time of deep self-analysis and discovery. News stories about the news itself will now involve propaganda and hacking. Negotiations between states will be more protracted or be suspended.”

Source: New Moon December


No Muffin Top this Fall! 

No Muffin Top this Fall! 

Now that summer has officially ended and it’s fall, it’s never too early to start preparing yourself for the fall/winter months of wearing larger, thicker clothing, and it’s so easy to let yourself go without even noticing. Well, be ahead of yourself this year by starting to add these specific exercises to your routines. I have found three wonderful and different exercise workouts for your muffin top, or non-muffin top, whichever. But if you do these exercises during the months where we don’t really get to see our bodies, like in summer time when we wear short shorts and flip-flops, you will still find yourself looking hot after you take off that huge sweater you’re wearing during the coldest times! 

Here’s some great tips of what NOT to eat: 

Since everyone loves smoothies, I found these great recipes for smoothies that help you lose weight.


Solar Eclipse in Virgo – September 1st

“Get ready for a large-scale shift in energy coming your way! That’s because tomorrow, September 1st 2016, the new moon solar eclipse will be taking place in Virgo. It’s effects will be felt all over the world. That’s because both solar eclipses and new moons alike mark both the end of one energy cycle and the beginning of a new one.”

“This particular solar eclipse will effect more changes than usual because it falls in Virgo while Mercury is currently retrograde in Virgo as well. When planets are retrograde they appear to move backwards through the sky, when this happens lots of things in our lives also seem to go backwards and haywire. Combine that with the lunar and solar energy shifts and we’re in for some significant changes ahead!”

“Today, September 2nd, the solar eclipse will be annular, meaning that the moon will make the sun appear ring-like as it passes in between it and the Earth. Solar eclipses only take place when the moon is in its new moon phase and it’s lined up straight and evenly with the sun and the Earth, which is called syzygy. And while the majority of us won’t be able to witness this incredible sight in person, we will definitely feel the effects of it in our own profound way. Whether the impact turns out to be slight or completely life-altering, only time will tell. Even so, here are some of the most significant ways in which the new moon solar eclipse in Virgo may end up affecting us:”

“Some people will become much more analytical and focused on details than ever before, to the point that it may border on obsession. It’s easy for them to get side tracked and when they think too much they get bogged down. This may end up leading to a possible nervous breakdown if it’s not dealt with sooner than later. So if you find that you’re suddenly stressed over seemingly minor, meaningless types of details, do what you can to break the habit. Moving on is key because in the end all that stressing will be for nothing.”

“Some people will feel really insecure, confused, or much weaker than ever before. It’s always best to stop and relax. Take a step back when you notice yourself becoming discouraged and concentrate on switching gears. Maybe try something new to counteract and overcome those negative feelings, just don’t feed into them.”

“Some people will be emotionally sensitive and more touchy than usual. They will be quick to anger and become upset. They’ll also come out of fights unforgiving and spiteful. If you think that you have anger issues then it’s best to take extra precautions ahead of time and that you remain conscious of your words and actions. Avoid risky behavior and negativity and work hard instead. Literally do physical labor, or exercise, or throw yourself into an intensive project so that you can effectively turn your mood around.”

Read the article at:

“What is Mercury Retrograde? Three, and sometimes four, times a year, the planet Mercury appears to be moving backwards in the sky for a period of approximately 3 weeks. “Appears” is the key word here, because, technically speaking, no planet actually moves backwards in their orbits around the Sun. In fact, they don’t even slow down. Retrograde-station-direct cycles are essentially illusions that result from our point of view from Earth, simply because the Earth is also orbiting the Sun at a different speed than the other planets. Mercury turns retrograde more frequently than any other planet. It can never be more than 28 degrees from the Sun, and whenever it reaches its furthest distance from the Sun, it changes direction.”

“Mercury is retrograde from August 30-September 22, 2016. Mercury’s shadow period begins August 10, 2016 and ends October 6, 2016. Note that the shadow period begins before Mercury turns retrograde, when Mercury first passes over the degree that Mercury later returns to in retrograde motion. The shadow period ends when Mercury again passes over the degree at which it first turned retrograde. The shadow period is different than Mercury’s storm period in astrology, which refers to the period when Mercury is moving especially slowly.”

“Mercury is retrograde approximately three times a year for approximately three weeks each time. As such, retrograde Mercury is a fairly common occurrence (Mercury is retrograde approximately 18% of the time).”

“As the planet of communication, Mercury retrograde tends to breed a certain level of confusion. Mercury rules our “lower” mind–how we perceive and interpret information that we receive from our environment, and how we relay that information to others. Mercury has rulership over such things as speaking, negotiating, buying and selling, listening, formal contracts, documents, travel, the mail and shipping, and so forth. All of these areas of life are affected when Mercury is functioning in a sluggish state. Decision-making is challenged during Mercury retrograde. Needless to say, it is not advised to sign contracts, engage in important decision-making, or launch a new business. Delays and challenges are more probable with Mercury retrograde. It’s a time when being careless with money, our personal information, or paperwork can be costly.”

“Minor breaks in the mechanical aspects of communication can actually re-connect us to other means of communication, such as when there is an unexpected power outage and we’re forced off the computer and television, finding different and often satisfying ways to entertain ourselves.”

“While Mercury is retrograde, we may be rethinking a previous opinion or idea. Looking to the signs and houses its transits can give clues as to what we may be reconsidering.”

“Pay close attention to what you say and communicate in general, particularly around the days of Mercury’s stations (August 30th and September 22), as well as around retrograde Mercury’s conjunction to the Sun on September 12th (midway between the start and end of the retro period). If you are itching to make a point with someone, especially, or if you are planning on “signing on the dotted line”, try to hold off. It is likely that you will have a change of mind once the station passes, and you can do some damage in the meantime. When a planet stations, its energies are very strong in our lives. When Mercury stations, communications have more impact, so that negative ones could have long-term implications at this time. However, if you are very clear within yourself and about what you are communicating, this can be a positive thing.”

Read the whole article below at:

After you have said or done something that only Mercury in retrograde would make you say…. Leave this!



I want to share a very special toy, that is for athletics, and a lot of fun! Its called Knocker all and it’s a new sport where you are inside a bubble-sort of toy, with handle bars for stabilization. 

Knockerball is about cutting loose and doing something you never dreamt of! 

The great thing about the design is that your head will be outside the bubble suit, so you don’t feel claustrophobic. Great idea! 

Each suit costs $83 online, click HERE to read more about the company and watch a video that demonstrates how it works and how you can play with many people, as seen above, or just two and you and your buddy can take out some aggression with good old smacking each other around…. But SAFE this time! 

If you like this idea, spread it to your friends, I’d love to get two teams together in Jacksonville, FL for some team playing!!! Let me know if that sounds cool. 

New Gene for Bipolar Found

Source: New Gene for Bipolar Found



New Gene for Bipolar Found

Check out the site below to learn more:

Science Daily – New Bipolar Gene
“First on top of the world and then in the depths of despair – this is what the extreme mood changes for people with bipolar disorder are like. Two new gene regions that are connected with the prevalent disease have been discovered by an international collaboration of researchers. In addition, they were able to confirm three additional suspect genes. In this unparalleled worldwide study, the scientists are utilizing unprecedented numbers of patients.”

“First on top of the world and then in the depths of despair — this is what the extreme mood changes for people with bipolar disorder are like. Under the direction of scientists from the University of Bonn Hospital, the Central Institute of Mental Health of Mannheim and the University of Basel Hospital, an international collaboration of researchers discovered two new gene regions which are connected with the prevalent disease. In addition, they were able to confirm three additional suspect genes. In this unparalleled worldwide study, the scientists are utilizing unprecedented numbers of patients. The results are now being published in the journal Nature Communications.”

“Throughout the course of their lives, about one percent of the population suffers from bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depressive disorder. The patients undergo a veritable rollercoaster of emotions: During extreme shifts, they experience manic phases with delusions of grandeur, increased drive and a decreased need for sleep as well as depressive episodes with a severely depressed mood to the point of suicidal thoughts. The causes of the disease are not yet fully understood, however in addition to psychosocial triggers, genetic factors play a large role. “There is no one gene that has a significant effect on the development of bipolar disorder,” says Prof. Dr. Markus M. Nöthen, Director of the Institute of Human Genetics of the University of Bonn Hospital. “Many different genes are evidently involved and these genes work together with environmental factors in a complex way.”


  • Scale of the investigation is unparalleled worldwide

“In recent years, scientists at the Institute of Human Genetics were already involved in decoding several genes associated with bipolar disorder. The researchers working with Prof. Dr. Marcella Rietschel from the Central Institute of Mental Health of Mannheim, Prof. Dr. Markus M. Nöthen from the University of Bonn Hospital and Prof. Dr. Sven Cichon from the University of Basel Hospital are now using unprecedented numbers of patients in an international research collaboration: New genetic data from 2266 patients with manic-depressive disorder and 5028 control persons were obtained, merged with existing data sets and analyzed together. In total, data on the genetic material of 9747 patients were compared with data from 14,278 healthy persons. “The investigation of the genetic foundations of bipolar disorder on this scale is unique worldwide to date,” says Prof. Rietschel from the Central Institute of Mental Health of Mannheim.”

“The search for genes involved in manic-depressive disorder is like looking for a needle in a haystack. “The contributions of individual genes are so minor that they normally cannot be identified in the ‘background noise’ of genetic differences,” explains Prof. Cichon from the University of Basel Hospital. Only when the DNA from very large numbers of patients with bipolar disorder are compared to the genetic material from an equally large number of healthy persons can differences be confirmed statistically. Such suspect regions which indicate a disease are known by scientists as candidate genes.”

“The researchers are particularly interested in the newly discovered gene region “ADCY2.” It codes an enzyme which is involved in the conduction of signals into nerve cells. “This fits very well with observations that the signal transfer in certain regions of the brain is impaired in patients with bipolar disorder,” explains the human geneticist of the University of Bonn Hospital. With their search for genetic regions, the scientists are gradually clarifying the causes of manic-depressive disorder. “Only when we know the biological foundations of this disease can be also identify starting points for new therapies,” says Prof. Nöthen.”

  • ADCY2 Gene:


  •  What the Gene actually looks like: 

New Year’s Eve Outfit

It’s almost 2016, and a real fashionista should be preparing her outfit for New Year’s Eve by now! This year I’m choosing to go gold! Like Goldmember said, “I like Goooold!” And nothing could be true for this New Year’s Eve. I want to sparkle, and shine, and be seen! Here are some of the best gold dresses, along with sparkly, gold shoes, along with other hot heels! I have also chosen some accessories that match any of these outfits. Take my advice and be seen this New Year’s Eve. 



Fall Fashion Guide – Part 3

 Here are the best of the best looks that you can bet you will be seeing this fall and winter. Notice that the colors, the materials and the patterns are all flattering. Each style has its own unique feature to it, but what is really cool is that the styles in 2015 are oh so different from the next. A lot of seasons, it seems like each style is just a slight variation from the last piece. But this year every style has its own look to it. From flannel to fringe, each look can be easily recreated and can become a favorite in your wardrobe!


The 2015 shoe trends are all about “extra”. From the fun-dangling fringe, to a pop of fur on them, your shoes this season will in fact have a lot going on. And why not? These season’s shoes are exciting, bold and daring. From the bright pops of color to the lots of straps on the shoe. You can be sure you’ll have a hard time trying to decide what look to go for, because they’re all so cute!



Fall Fashion Guide – Part 1

These looks are the most interesting and most fashionable, from 2015’s New York Fashion Week. Find fashions that only look expensive and learn the best ways to wear what you already own for your most stylish you ever. It’s not hard to guess at what will be the big trends for any Fall season. You can put money on the fact that colors will be toned down, that some cozy fabric will be on every runway, that at least one — if not several — decades will be referenced, and that there will be coats. Lots of coats.

Outerwear is a crucial component to any quality Fall collection, and this season, it seemed as if every designer was set on showing some version of the cape. And why shouldn’t they? The fashion-forward street style crowd has been forgoing sleeves for years. Classic cape silhouettes abound, but also look for a few toppers — Is that cape a dress? Are those faux sleeves? — that are optical style illusions.

Looking for a hint of femininity in your workplace wardrobe? Try a pussy bow. This simple addition to the basic blouse, a delicate collar tied askew, is a decidedly romantic touch that was all over the runways, particularly in Milan, where plunging necklines are usually more common.

Dr. Seuss’ First New Book In 25 Years: Fans Go Wild


Downtown Struts Stream New Song “Bipolar”


Downtown Struts stream “Bipolar,” a new song off their EP, Hope You’re Dope, which is available November 18th via Pirate Press.

You can check out “Bipolar,” below.

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6 Hairstyles To Try That You’ve Probably Never Thought Of







New Moon in Virgo

Happy New Moon In Virgo! August 25, 2014


“NEW MOON in Virgo is here and the energy in the air is about healing and rewiring our old programming with mindful awareness, self-love and forgiveness.”

“As you might have heard, MYSTIC MAMMA was hacked this past Thursday. There is cosmic symbolism in all of this, which is reflective of the energy happening right now. Most of us have been under attack and getting “hacked” by our old thought patterns, old programming and way of thinking about our past experiences and wounds.”

“These hacking thoughts are like a “virus” that takes over our consciousness and brings us down. We have to up the security, up our mindfulness when these thoughts come in that disturb our life stream. But it is not by looking away, but rather by a direct facing that we can see what is at the root. Then it is up to us to chose and new stream of consciousness, a new way of thinking about ails us. We must be diligent in clearing, cleansing, and healing these thoughts patterns so we can move into a more positive stream of energy and aliveness.”

“When our mental realms come under attack we become exhausted and have no energy, but when our energy is cleared and flowing there is an aliveness and feeling of sheer bliss. Not an easy task to get there, especially when we are constantly getting hacked! But it begins with an owning and acceptance of what is and a dedication to healing and a knowing that there is support. There are angels at the ready if we just call upon them! (Earth angels too!)”



August New Moon in Virgo




Rubys Readings

Monday – August 25th
New Moon” in Virgo


The “New Moon” cycle is in Virgo this go around, and with the Sun’s recent shift into Virgo… this energy is potent! This transit of the Moon can be complex and cause some struggle for us, because it marks the beginning of a new phase in our lives. But it also can be exciting!

Each “New Moon” helps us experience something new emotionally, as it’s a good time to set “Intentions,” ( which is asking, through meditation or prayer, your higher-power or the Universe for anything you might like to create or draw to you), tonight or Sunday is a great time to set some powerful intentions.

However, it’s best to work within the theme of the sign the New Moon is in… and this one is in detailed, orderly Virgo. So we should be asking how we can…

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