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The Magick of Virgo

Temple of the Cosmic Spheres

The Magick of Virgo is anchored in the realms of the physical and manifest experience. Whatever we apply Virgoan energy towards is going to receive the advantage of adaptation for survival of the fittest tools and most productive outcome. Virgo’s strength lay in its analytical and precise approach to all it is applied to. This means that its energy can be directed towards matters of the mind, heart or body, all remaining under the same gaze of scrutiny that gently removes and reshapes as needed.

The caution is one of becoming overly critical and never satisfied, despite the usefulness of what may be considered less than perfect. With this in mind and the image of the symbol associated with Virgo, the Virgin we can like n this energy to the youthful maiden who finds every fault possible in every suitor and thus denies herself the opportunity for a harmonious relationship. This…

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Fact of the day: 17th September

She Moves in her Own Way

On this day in 1630, the city of Boston, Massachusetts was founded.

In 1629, the Massachusetts Bay Colony’s first governor, John Winthrop, led the signing of the Cambridge Agreement, a key founding document of the city.

Puritan ethics and their focus on education influenced its early history; America’s first public school was founded in Boston in 1635.

One of the oldest cities in the United States, Boston was founded on the Shawmut Peninsula in 1630 by Puritan colonists from England.

It was the scene of several key events of the American Revolution, such as the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, the Battle of Bunker Hill and the Siege of Boston.

Upon American independence from Great Britain, the city continued to be an important port and manufacturing hub, as well as a center for education and culture. download (1)

Through land reclamation and municipal annexation, Boston has expanded beyond the original peninsula…

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I Am Scared Of My Depression Returning





Thought Catalog

Last year this time, I was starting my first year of college. I can picture it like it was yesterday. Standing in the elevator of my freshman dorm, I though about what it would be like if I died. I had only been at school a couple days, and already I felt like I was not cut out for it. It had always been expected that I go to college, and here I was: alone, scared, and helpless. I did not want to be at college, in this elevator, by myself. Yet I could not think of anywhere I else I wanted to be. I just wanted to stop existing.

My entire first semester I felt this way. I did not enjoy college like I knew I should and I struggled with “sometime sadness;” what was later diagnosed as depression. “I’m not depressed,” I would say to myself. “That is…

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Patches of Water…





Life as Art... and a bit of nonsense...




Some days are filled with sunshine…

Some days are filled with clouds…

When the rain falls like mist it hardly matters…

But the stormy torrent catches all attention…

For a flower, every change makes a difference…

The sky’s canvas is my banquet table…

My leaves uncurl and follow the sun…

I dig my roots down for last week’s moisture…

I let the wind carry my pollen away…

and I miss the bees and butterflies today…

Some look in my face and see beauty…

They pluck my friends a place them in a vase to die…

Others see I am just one part of a pattern…

Appreciated, pondered, a part of some big “why?”…

But I’m just a flower…

with a few patches of water…

because it rained today…

Tomorrow there may be sun…

Then I will work a little magic…

and soon my job will be done.




Flowers have a lot to say…


I had a break…

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On The Wing Of A Dove

On the Wing Of A Dove


“I have the greatest of all riches: that of not desiring them.”


“We all long for something. Be it a tangible item or something that only the human heart can give…we all long for something. We won’t rest until we get what we want, even when we can’t quite describe what it is. Does that make sense? It does to me. In fact, I have finally realized that what I have been longing for is something that I have had all along…I have all that I need.”



Fact of the day: 17th August





She Moves in her Own Way

On this day in 1918 Bolshevik revolutionary leader Moisei Uritsky was assassinated.

In 1914 he emigrated to France and contributed to the Party newspaper Our Word. Back in Russia in 1917 Uritsky became a member of the Mezhraiontsy group.

A few months before the October Revolution of 1917, he joined the Bolsheviks and was elected to their Central Committee on July 1917.

download (5)Uritsky played a leading part in the Bolsheviks’ armed take-over in October and later was made head of the Petrograd Cheka.

In this position Uritsky coordinated the pursuit and prosecution of members of the nobility, military officers and ranking Russian Orthodox Church clerics who opposed the Bolsheviks.

Because Uritsky was against the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, he resigned his post in 1918, like Bukharin, Bubnov, Piatakov, Dzherzhinsky and Smirnov. On March 4, 1918, the Petrograd committee published the first number of the journal Kommunist, the public organ of the…

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How To Be a Guru Of Anything

How To Become a Guru Of AnythingIMG_2532.JPG





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