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Essential Oils for Stress

Essential Oils for Stress

Spring is on its way, well it’s already here in Florida, and it’s supposed to brighten everything up. But sometimes it’s impossible to get away from the yelling of the kids, your boss at work, your partner bickering at you, hey, things get stressful. Essential Oils are a great way to relieve stress by either wearing them or diffusing them. I am a member of Young Living, so I can get discounted prices on oils and more. Young Living is the best essential oils company that I’ve ever researched or heard about. Their bottles are filled with much more potent blends and that allows you to pour less, and make it last longer. Plus, from what I’ve experienced, their oils have have a stronger scent to them. 

Here are 15 Essential Oils for Stress:

The “Stress Away” Blend is probably the best and most relevant blend of essential oils for your stress. It’s not cheap, but it’s  not too much also.  It costs $39.14 for non-member price. Members pay just $29.75. And there are 6 ingredients in it. If you were to buy all of them, it would most likely cost that much, at least. The Copaiba is $56 per bottle, just for that one ingredient. I’d look into this one if you’re having stress. Hell, for anyone, because we all get stressed out at some point. Right? 

  • Have you ever diffused? What is a diffuser? 
  • Essential Oil Diffusers, Also Known As Aromatherapy Diffusers

Diffusion is the process of dispersing essential oils so that their aroma fills a room or an area with the natural fragrance. From the simple to the elaborate, many different methods exist for diffusing essential oils into a room. Three easy methods exist which can be done with things you probably already have in your household. In addition, there are numerous diffusers and diffusing devices available for purchase. Young Livig is just my personal preference. 


Essential Oils for Beauty

Essential Oils for Beauty

“Your skin deserves to be pampered by products as natural as your beauty. We invite you to discover the luxury of essential oils, the centuries-old secret of radiant-looking skin, lustrous hair, and an ageless-looking complexion. Our pure, carefully distilled essential oils and essential oil-infused products are free from harmful chemicals and are formulated to help you reveal your most confident self.”

“From volumizing and moisturizing hair care and orchid-infused skin products, Young Living is proud to offer advanced formulas that emphasize the healthy-looking glow you were born with.”


“Don’t let the appearance of spots and fine lines hold you back. Essential oils, an ancient beauty secret, are perfect for soothing away the appearance of spots and fine lines, the visible signs of aging, and restoring a radiant-looking complexion. Our advanced skin care formulas contain none of the harsh chemicals and all of the essential oil power that can help you rediscover your natural beauty. Find a place in your daily routine for these effective products.”

*Here’s a list of all essential oils and their ailments

Facial Care

“Our skin care products are designed to deliver all the results you want, without the harmful ingredients you don’t. Moisturize, cleanse, and nourish with essential oils that support your skin naturally:”

Bath and Body

“Start your day with the beautiful scents of natural Young Living bath and body products for the entire family. Free from toxic ingredients, and including everything from shower gel to toothpaste, these exclusive products are designed to deliver the luxury of premium products and the benefits of essential oils:”

Source: Essential Oils for Beauty


Essential Oils 101


Essential Oils for Autism

Essential Oils for Autism

 “More and more we are hearing about essential oils and the benefits of using them. Some time ago, I remember reading a thread in a private autism parents group. The gist was divided; half were for essential oils, half thought it was just another waste of time. Some parents even had the misconception that people were touting essential oils can “cure” autism.”



Essential Oils for Bipolar

Essential Oils for Bipolar


“Bipolar disorder (also known as manic depression) symptoms are severe mood shifts from periods of highs with energy and activity (manic) to lows with lethargy, sadness or hopelessness (depression). These moods swings are more severe than the normal ups and downs many experience in life.
Symptoms of this disorder usually begin in the late teenage and early adult period of life (15-25) and equally effect males and females. There seems to be some connection between having this disorder and a history of it in one’s family. Although this condition is thought to be a long-term illness many report that with proper help they are living comfortable and productive lives.”



“Types of bipolar disorder:”

“Since symptoms can vary greatly from person to person professionals use four terms to describe types of bipolar disorder. Bipolar type I, have manic episodes and periods of mayor depression; bipolar type II, have lower episodes of mania (hypomania) that alternate with episodes of depression; cyclothymia, a milder form; and BP-NOS (bipolar not otherwise specified) for those with the symptoms but do not fit the criteria for the previous types.”

“Causes and Risk Factors”

“Bipolar disorder has many different cause including, hormonal imbalance, genetics, neurotransmitter imbalance, changes to the brain (either due to injury or other factors), stress, abuse, as well a traumatic loss can also contribute to the development of Bi-polar disorder. Additional emotional, psychological, or health issues can make the diagnosis of the disorder difficult. Conditions that commonly occur with Bi-polar disorder include anxiety, ADD/ADHD, addiction or substance abuse, heart disease, thyroid disease, and obesity.”



Suggested Oils to Use
•Frankincense, Lavender, Melissa, Vetiver

•Also consider: Clary Sage


Suggested Ways to use:
•Use inhalation of Frankincense or Vetiver. Daily and as need, apply to wrists, back of neck and/or inhale.

•Recipe 1 – Can be used Topically, Internally, or Aromatic
1 drop Rose
3 drops Sandalwood
1 drop Orange

•Recipe 2 – Can be used Topically, Internally, or Aromatic
3 drops Bergamot
2 drops Clary Sage

•Recipe 3 – Can be used Topically, Internally
1 drop Lavender
1 drop Ylang Ylang
3 drops Grapefruit

•Recipe 4 – Can be used Topically, Internally, or Aromatic
2 drops Frankincense
1 drop Lemon
2 drops Jasmine or Neroli

•Directions to use the oil blends above:
•Mix all the ingredients together in a dark bottle, shake well.


“Diffuser Recipe: Use appropriate number of drops from your recipe in your diffuser by following the manufacturer’s guidelines.”

“Inhalation: Use your desired recipe and rub 1-2 drops on your hands and inhale. You can also inhale directly from a bottle, but be aware that oxygen can affect the oils, so only keep them open to the air for short periods of time.”

“Bath Oil/Salts: Add about 15 drops of your chosen recipe in your bath. Mix well and use normally. For bath salts, add 10-15 drops to 1/4 cup of baking soda or Epsom salts and allow to sit overnight, add to your bath and enjoy.
Massage Oil: Take 8 drops of your recipe and mix it with 20ml of carrier oil (ex: coconut oil).”

“Air Freshener: Fill a spray bottle with either 1.5 ounces of distilled water and or 3 ounces of distilled water. Then, add 30-40 drops of your chosen recipe. The aroma can change after the air freshener has had time to sit so it is best to make in small batches and use within 48 hours. Shake the bottle once before each use. Spray lightly in the chosen room. Be careful not to allow the air freshener mist to fall on your furniture, as some oils may stain.”

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