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Look of the Week – February 14th

Look of the Week – Valentine’s Outfit: Whimsical Skirt 

I love this outfit so much! The whole ensemble goes so well together. The black and white striped bodycon top is perfectly form fitting on this model. The whimsical red skirt is the highlight of the outfit. It brings together the look of love! Worn with black stiletto pumps, with bow ties around the ankle. So adorable. If you love this Valentine’s look, reblog or like it! Thanks 


Look of the Week -September 11th

Look of the Week

This weeks Look of the Week is a teal and white striped dress, perfect for any day. This color is what I am focusing on this week. Other looks that I have picked out have a mint or teal color. All of the items are perfect for wearing right now. It’s been the hottest color all year, and its continuing into fall. I hope you enjoy the other looks that go with the Look of the Week. 


St. Patrick’s Day Outfits

 St. Patrick’s Day is coming up on the 17th! Will you be ready with a green outfit?

Take Outlook is these awesome green outfits! There’s sure to be one that fits your unique style! 


Make sure you don’t get pinched this year! Good luck in 2015, and go Irish! 


How to Accessorize Your Outfit


Some days it seems that no matter how many different outfits you try on, they all seem boring and dull. Accessories can help you make any outfit look fresh and exciting! Here’s some quick ways to accessorize any outfit!”

1. Decide on the look of your outfit, as well as get an idea of what you would like to wear. Determine the style, is it casual, dressy, athletic? There’s so many categories to choose from!


2. Determine if your accessories need to be flashy and fun? Or do they need to be more subtle, yet sophisticated?

3. Gather all your jewelry, scarves, bags, shoes, and whatever else you think could go with the outfit you have in mind. Be bold and try new combinations from your closet, put new outfits together, with different accessories that you would usually not wear with that particular piece of clothing.


4. Now experiment with different pieces of clothing and accessories that match and create some new looks to choose from!


5. If you are not happy with the accessories you already have, shop around online, or in retail stores. There’s great buys everywhere you look, and shop. I always find a bargain whenever I shop. Always.




These 4 Rompers Display all sorts of styles from casual, to sexy, to evening wear for each piece belonging in one of those categories.


      romper 3  

romper 4 romper 5

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