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Which Kind of Nail Art Matches Your Personality?

Go here to play the fun game that asks you questions about yourself, then gives you some insight to what kind of nails are best for you. 

I am… “The Scientist“, bright and forward thinking! 
Go on try now!



Virgo Traits, Passions, Faults, and Everything Between

I am one of the rare Virgos, who is not shy and very extroverted. I love being in the limelight and I’m such an outgoing person. I work hard and I play hard, but a Virgo will love the hardest out of any sign. Virgos have a rare personality trait that, if a Virgo gets angry, they can get extremely upset, but what they can do that other zodiac sign cannot is forgiven forget almost immediately. A Virgo is forever trying to please others, for they get pleasure from seeing others happy. Here’s some of my favorite quotes in Virgo pictures. Enjoy!!! …. Especially if you are a Virgo




Why Your Personality Isn’t Your Fault





Thought Catalog

To get away from yourself is difficult. Nature chains your body and your mind. Those that have managed it, through an out-of-body experience or a psychedelic trip, claim to have unique perspectives on life and perhaps they do. But the majority of us stay inside our heads. We view “I” as synonymous with “self.” All of those traits and predispositions, those wiggles and twists of our personalities. They are us. We see no distinction.

And who could be responsible for that self but you? We’re told from childhood to take responsibility for our actions. A plethora of books and television shows teach us that we can improve the self, if only we try hard enough. Become thinner, more intelligent, make more friends. Our politics emphasizes the individual, making choices and flaunting his agency. We are own masters.

So of course when somebody calls you rude, selfish, or ignorant, you get…

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What’s Your Fashion Personality?

What Do Your Clothes Say About You?

Take this fashion quiz and find out a little bit about yourself that you may not know!

Do clothes make the woman or does the woman make the clothes? Whether you love to sew your own threads or prefer to browse Rodeo Drive, your wardrobe reflects your personality. Find out what your clothes are saying about you with our fashion quiz.

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