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13 Calming Yoga Poses

13 Calming Yoga Poses


13 Calming Yoga Poses

13 Calming Yoga Poses


10 Weird-Looking Yoga Poses

Weird-Looking Yoga Poses  

  “Yoga and its practice is all sorts of wonderful and awesome, but we have to admit that there are some poses that if you didn’t understand or practice yoga, would look either painful, funny, or just plain weird. Here are some weird-looking yoga poses that get our vote.”
Eight Angle Pose (a.k.a. Astavakrasana)


“While we think this is one of the most fantastic arm balances you can do, you have to admit it also kind of looks like an “evil push-up” a fitness instructor would come up with to make your life harder.”

Happy Baby Pose (a.k.a. Ananda Balasana)


“Okay, we don’t have to say much on this because it’s pretty clear even just from “Happy Baby” why this pose looks funny. If you ask us though, it really does look happy and just plain relaxing!”

Ear Pressure Pose (a.k.a Karnapidasana)


“It’s the delicious back stretch with your butt in the air that (almost) always gets voted as a funny-looking yoga pose. Why? Because if not for yoga, why would anyone even get in this position?!”

Goddess Pose (a.k.a. Utkata Konasana)


“A great hip opener that can easily be made theatrical by adding or doing jazz hands.”

Embryo Pose (a.k.a. Pindasana)


“Personally, I find this pose relaxing because it forces me to focus on my breathing. However, I also remember my sister walking in on me holding this pose and the only thing she said was: “what the f*ck are you doing?!?!” So yeah….I guess it DOES look weird?”

Bound Lotus (a.k.a Baddha Padmasana)


“Don’t you hate it when you’re meditating in Lotus and your big toes start itching like crazy? Better get into Baddha Padmasana and scratch ‘em – said no one ever.”

Shoulder Pressing Pose (a.k.a. Bhujapida


“Another arm balancing pose that without the yoga perspective, kind of makes us look like frogs suspended in mid-air.”

Firefly Pose (a.k.a. Tittibhasana)


“Okay, first of all, we recognize that this takes mad skills to perform (as with most of the other poses on this list, really). That said, it’s not that hard to imagine if everyone held Firefly and walked with their hands. Maybe a step up from crab walk?”

Legs Behind the Head Pose (a.k.a. Dwi Pada Sirsasana)


“Because it’s perfectly normal and commonplace to put your legs behind your head while you eat a cupcake.”

Yogic Sleep/Sleeping Yogi Pose (a.k.a. Yoga Nidrasana)


“Yogi Krista looks so serene in this picture that we almost forget she’s folded her body into a size that would fit into a luggage. Okay so maybe this one doesn’t count as funny or weird, but it’s definitely jaw-dropping and WTF-inducing!”

“Now yoga is clearly not about being able to transform into gravity-defying human pretzels…but man, these poses sure make us want to reach that level of practice — no matter how funny or weird we’ll look to everyone else.”


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