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Exercise to Age Well, at Any Age

Exercise to Age Well, at Any Age

“Offering hope and encouragement to the many adults who have somehow neglected to exercise for the past few decades, a new study suggests that becoming physically active in middle age, even if someone has been sedentary for years, substantially reduces the likelihood that he or she will become seriously ill or physically disabled in retirement.”

“The new study joins a growing body of research examining successful aging, a topic of considerable scientific interest, as the populations of the United States and Europe grow older, and so do many scientists. When the term is used in research, successful aging means more than simply remaining alive, although that, obviously, is the baseline requirement. Successful aging involves minimal debility past the age of 65 or so, with little or no serious chronic disease diagnoses, depression, cognitive decline or physical infirmities that would prevent someone from living independently.”

“Previous epidemiological studies have found that several, unsurprising factors contribute to successful aging. Not smoking is one, as is moderate alcohol consumption, and so, unfairly or not, is having money. People with greater economic resources tend to develop fewer health problems later in life than people who are not well-off.”

“But being physically active during adulthood is particularly important. In one large-scale study published last fall that looked at more than 12,000 Australian men aged between 65 and 83, those who engaged in about 30 minutes of exercise five or so times per week were much healthier and less likely to be dead 11 years after the start of the study than those who were sedentary, even when the researchers adjusted for smoking habits, education, body mass index and other variables.”

“Whether exercise habits need to have been established and maintained throughout adulthood, however, in order to affect aging has been less clear. If someone has slacked off on his or her exercise resolutions during young adulthood and early middle-age, in other words, is it too late to start exercising and still have a meaningful impact on health and longevity in later life?”

“To address that issue, researchers with the Physical Activity Research Group at University College London and other institutions turned recently to the large trove of data contained in the ongoing English Longitudinal Study of Aging, which has tracked the health habits of tens of thousands of British citizens for decades, checking in with participants multiple times and asking them how they currently eat, exercise, feel and generally live.”

“For the study, appearing in the February issue of the British Journal of Sports Medicine, scientists isolated responses from 3,454 healthy, disease-free British men and women aged between 55 and 73 who, upon joining the original study of aging, had provided clear details about their exercise habits, as well as their health, and who then had repeated that information after an additional eight years.”

“The researchers stratified the chosen respondents into those who were physically active or not at the study’s start, using the extremely generous definition of one hour per week of moderate or vigorous activity to qualify someone as active. Formal exercise was not required. An hour per week of “gardening, cleaning the car, walking at a moderate pace, or dancing” counted, said Mark Hamer, a researcher at University College London who led the study.”

“The scientists then re-sorted the respondents after the eight-year follow-up, marking them as having remained active, become active, remained inactive or become inactive as they moved into and through middle-age. They also quantified each respondent’s health throughout those years, based on diagnosed diabetes, heart disease, dementia or other serious conditions. And the scientists directly contacted their respondents, asking each to complete objective tests of memory and thinking, and a few to wear an activity monitor for a week, to determine whether self-reported levels of physical activity matched actual levels of physical activity. (They did.)”

“In the eight years between the study’s start and end, the data showed, those respondents who had been and remained physically active aged most successfully, with the lowest incidence of major chronic diseases, memory loss and physical disability. But those people who became active in middle-age after having been sedentary in prior years, about 9 percent of the total, aged almost as successfully. These late-in-life exercisers had about a seven-fold reduction in their risk of becoming ill or infirm after eight years compared with those who became or remained sedentary, even when the researchers took into account smoking, wealth and other factors.”

“Those results reaffirm both other science and common sense. A noteworthy 2009 study of more than 2,000 middle-aged men, for instance, found that those who started to exercise after the age of 50 were far less likely to die during the next 35 years than those who were and remained sedentary. “The reduction in mortality associated with increased physical activity was similar to that associated with smoking cessation,” the researchers concluded.”

“But in this study, the volunteers did not merely live longer; they lived better than those who were not active, making the message inarguable for those of us in mid-life. “Build activity into your daily life,” Dr. Hamer said. Or, in concrete terms, if you don’t already, dance, wash your car and, if your talents allow (mine don’t), combine the two.”



How to Stay in Shape on a Vegas Vacation

How to Stay in Shape on a Vegas Vacation 

I rarely take trips that are extravagant, but my husband and I have saved up for a Vegas vacation of a lifetime! I have been preparing my trip for over a year now, and I have put in lots of months of hard work to look and feel my best on vacation. But how will I stay fit while still having fun? Well, there are plenty of tips that I will give you to stay right with your diet, your workout, and what are some of my must-have items to bring. 

So how do you stay in shape while on a Vegas vacation? Your first thought should be about food. What kind of food to eat, to prepare for the vacation, as well as, what to eat once you get there? Whether you have plenty of time to shed a few pounds,or if your vacation is only days away, these tips will help you stay hydrated, full and not eating junk food.

FOOD: Start by making sure you are  hydrated and stay that way your whole vacation. Especially if you plan on getting some sun, which most people do. Carry a water bottle with you at all times and make sure you drink ice-cold water. It fills you up when you drink a glass of cold ice-water before a meal and helps you to eat less portions. A lot of times when people think they’re hungry, they’re actually thirsty. This will cut down on intaking empty calories. 

Next, get to know what zero calorie foods are actually zero calories, and incorporate them into your diet today. 

Now that you have seen some very good food suggestions, take a look at one of my cheat-sheet guides for meal awareness. When it comes to eating your square meals of the day, these are the guidelines I use for myself. 

Even the best of us get hungry between meals, and the way I snack is what always  keeps me on track or not. So these 5 clean and healthy snack ideas are a great idea to have with you during the day, and they won’t hurt your diet. 

Taking a Vegas Vacation means eating a 5-Star dining, and catering at your fingertips. There will probably be lots of good items to choose from, but most of them will not be good for you. Here are some amazing tips on how you can substitute certain items for better, low calorie choices. This will keep the pounds off for sure. 

EXERCISE: How do you work out during a Vegas vacation? Staying fit while on vacation is a hard feat, but it can be done. When I am in a hurry, and only have a few minutes to get a workout in, here’s the workout I do:

Are you staying in hotel with a good gym? This is a workout for you to do in the hotel. This is a workout that I truly enjoy because it’s not too much cardio, and I am not a cardio fan, even though I should be. 

And when you get a chance, you should explore all the different exercise classes offered around Vegas. Here are some examples of cool classes to get fit and stay fit! From yoga, to pole dancing, it seems like Vegas has it all to have fun and still get your workout in. What a great city!

*Vegas is the place where anything is possible. It really has it all! From casinos and royal treatment, to shows, restaurants, Vegas has pretty much anything you can dream of! Make sure you check out all there is to do at You can get special deals on hotel rooms, concerts, you name it, Vegas probably has it!

Products: My final tips have to do with products that I use and will bring with me to stay looking fabulous! I would say using products has to be one of the biggest ways you can make yourself look better quickly. 

  • Sunless Tanner- find a good self-tanner and give yourself a nice glow before you step out in your bikini at the pool. Using a good brand can make or break your experience with this sunless tanner. Example, cheaper ones will be more streaky with an orange tint

  • Vitamin-E Oil – Staying in shape also means keeping your skin looking great too. I use Vitamin-E Oil all over my bottom and back of thighs, as well as most of my body. If you start using this oil before your trip, and massage it in a little, your skin will appear to have less cellulite and more toned, without any work

If you use all my tips and tricks, you will be healthy and most definitely in shape for any vacation, but most importantly, a Vegas Vacation! 


Holiday survival guide: Staying sane amid the stress

Holiday Advice & Tips
“Did you know that the average American will spend more than seven hours getting somewhere for the holidays? At least that’s what a new survey by SC Johnson suggests.”

“No doubt. Nearly 47 million Americans took to the highways for Thanksgiving this year, making it the busiest driving holiday in eight years, according to AAA. Expect more of the same for Christmas, fueled by a healthy economy and low fuel prices.”

“The skies will be crowded, too, where 45 million customers are predicted to fly during the 19-day period from just before Christmas to just after New Year’s Day, an increase of approximately 2%, says the Air Transport Association, an airline trade group.”

It doesn’t have to be seven hours of torture. Here are the most common holiday travel flash points, and how to handle them.
Pack early and light. 

There’s never enough room for your luggage, no matter which mode of transportation you choose. That’s because inexperienced travelers overpack, and they wait until the last minute to squeeze everything into their carry-on. Don’t be that person, says Tim Griffin, an airline pilot who runs a workshop that treats fear of flying. “Pack a few days early,” he recommends. “Rushing around packing the night before while you are already anxious will only add to the stress.””

•Bring toys

Leaving early or later to avoid the crush of cars remains the best advice for motorists. Dave Blackmer, who works for a health care company in Salt Lake City, offers this irreverent tip for destressing: “We have a family tradition of keeping bubbles in the car, so we can brighten our day when we’re stuck in traffic,” he says. “You’d be surprised how much fun you can have by blowing bubbles and how much people band together when they see the simplicity of bubbles floating by.” Other recommended destressing toys include Wiffle balls, coloring books (they have them for adults now) and relaxation CDs.”

•Say a prayer. 

“Yes, the airport is going to be a nuthouse if you’re flying just before a major holiday — no two ways about it. The pre-holiday strike by baggage handlers at seven major U.S. airports didn’t make anyone feel better. Maybe we should all say a prayer. At least that’s the recommendation of Ros Banks, who works for a vacation rental company in Berlin. “Find the prayer room,” she says. “If you find yourself in need of some quiet time for thinking or reflection, then go there.” Banks says you should treat these interfaith worship areas “with the utmost respect.” You will probably find serenity.”


“If you’re flying, here’s a little practical advice: Print your boarding pass, and check to make sure your flight is leaving on time. Check again a few hours before your scheduled departure. Too many inexperienced travelers forget. One more thing: Don’t forget to breathe. That’s what Micah Mortali, director of the Kripalu Schools of Yoga and Ayurveda in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts, told me. Mortali recommends the neck roll, which you can do in your airline seat. “As you inhale, roll the right ear toward your right shoulder,” he explains. “As you exhale, roll the chin back down to center. Inhale as you roll the left ear to the left shoulder. Exhale down to center, and repeat as desired.” Ah, I feel much better already.”

•Out is inn. 

“Staying with family can amp up stress levels. I know a thing or two about that. “It can be well worth the expense to have your own space by staying at a nearby hotel or B&B,” advises Hilary Stockton, the CEO of a luxury travel company. “Balance family holiday gatherings with some time to yourself, relaxing in the hotel pool or with a spa massage.””

•Take care of yourself. 

“Perhaps the best way to cope with holiday stress is to mind your behavior. Mostly, be kind to yourself. “Make healthy choices to reduce stress levels,” says Mike Kelly, CEO of On Call International, a travel risk management provider. “Don’t indulge in an airport drink or road trip latte, as flying and traveling dehydrate the body. Stay as active as possible, taking frequent breaks when driving long distances, or stretching during a flight.””

“If you treat yourself well, it’s easier to treat those around you well. When that happens, everyone has a great holiday trip.”

How to behave on your holiday trip:

Be nice. 

“Everyone is trying to see their loved ones and enjoy the holidays,” says Elizabeth McCormick, president of Uniglobe Travel Designers, a travel agency. “Kindness always prevails over rudeness.”

No yelling. 

“A recent poll of travelers by Homewood Suites and Home2Suites found one-third of respondents admitted to yelling at a total stranger when traveling. Don’t be that person. Raised voices will just ruin everyone’s holiday trip.”
Remember the four-second rule. 

“When you find yourself getting annoyed and frustrated by a situation, close your eyes, says Achim Nowak, author of The Moment (New Page Books) and interpersonal communication expert. Wait four seconds. “When you open your eyes, the world will look different to you,” he says. “Guaranteed.” Works for any holiday travel problem — except when you’re driving a car, of course.”


How To Stay Focused, Not Distracted

What To Do About Being Distracted


People everywhere seem to be experiencing an epidemic of overwhelm at work. I believe it’s a function of two things. Firstly it’s the amount of information we now process, which our brain may not be used to.



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